Truck Dispatcher Course Online Free

Whether you want to achieve a great career or just wondering to add something to your knowledge, free online courses can help you achieve your goal. True, there is no denying the fact that this latest trend in education can’t replace the value of traditional methods of learning. However, these types of online courses are offering various advantages to everyone. Let us know about Free Truck Dispatcher Course Online.

Truck Dispatcher Course Online Free

Truck Dispatcher Course Online Free

Although different courses can help you ace your career journey but learning a truck dispatcher course can prove to be a very fruitful experience for you. Truck dispatchers (also known as freight dispatchers) need to consider everything – from navigating a load board to creating a customized website that can enable you to get more clients. Nevertheless, success never comes overnight. You need to give your every single effort to become successful in this journey.

1. Udemy

Course name: Freight dispatcher training course

If you want to find an easy as well as a convenient platform to get command on truck dispatching online course, then the Freight dispatcher training course by Udemy should be your top priority. Apart from providing you with an economical solution, this course provides you with the best knowledge you should have on this subject.

On Udemy, many courses are free and those that come with a price tag are very pocket friendly. The course provides every single piece of knowledge- from truck dispatching to driving.

For this course, you just need to pay a meager amount of $13.99 only.

Details of this course

The course has 6 sections and 22 lectures (time of each lecture: 1h 55m total length). The details of the course include 

  • Introduction
  • Transport Business in the USA
  • Knowledge about the trucking industry
  • Cargo search boards
  • Dispatcher documentation
  • Dispatch 

What you will learn?

This course will help you to get through the following things:

  • Safety of cargo during transportation
  • Learn to agree with a factoring company
  • Tips to find a driver
  • Hot Shot Loading 
  • Negotiations with a broker
  • Use of Omnitracs Sylectus so that you can find loads
  • Truck Dispatch
  • Safety FMCA

2. Logistical Forwarding Solutions

Course name: Freight Dispatcher/Broker Online

This platform is yet another platform that gives effective tips on how to become a truck dispatcher and a truck broker.

The course has a proper freight training course which is followed by the learning of logistical development program. This will ultimately help you learn how to become a professional in this field. Also, you will learn how to negotiate with brokers.

The duration of this course is 3 months.

The course is taught by professionals who know everything about this business. There are videos, audio lessons, PDFs, and practicals on this platform.

The course comes with a fee of only $510.00. This also includes a free dispatching course.

Details of the course

The training system includes:

  • Online Skype classes for 3 nights a week 
  • Timings are 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. 
  • 2 months duration

What you will learn?

  • Mastery over the course
  • Negotiations with broker
  • Tips to find a driver
  • Hot Shot Loading
  • Working as a freight dispatcher

3. Dispatch42 School

Course name: Truck Dispatching and Safe Loading Techniques

Another important online platform for learning truck dispatcher courses is Dispatch42 School. It’s best for those who want to become professional in this course.

Apart from providing an opportunity to learn online courses, this platform provides detailed yet easy-to-understand videos from professionals. This course is also suitable for job-going individuals as they don’t have to worry about leaving their daily activities to take classes.

For this course, you need to pay only $1490. 

Details of the course

The course has 12 themed modules and 84 video lessons on the following subjects: 

  • Introduction 
  • Logistics Industry
  • Basic Knowledge
  • Market Analysis
  • Cooperation with Drivers
  • Route Planning
  • Find Loads
  • Negotiations
  • Processing
  • Transit
  • Completing Transportation
  • Resolve Conflicts

What you will learn?

  • Full mastery of the Truck Dispatcher profession
  • A detailed examination of all the ambiguities and difficulties of this profession
  • Exclusive knowledge on the subject along with practical assignments


Course name: Fleet Dispatching and Dispatch Brand Management

An authentic database platform, allows you to learn basic as well as secondary courses on how to become a truck dispatcher. If you are a newbie, this website provides a feasible course for you. Alison has in-store options for newcomers, intermediate, and experts. Here, the professionals will teach you everything about truck dispatching.

On this website, you will first learn the basics so that you can get yourself familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of this course. However, when you get to hold on to that, you will get to know the deeper knowledge about this course.

Then, there comes the technical knowledge with the help of which you will get the slight ability to handle this business. 

As the timetable is flexible, you can manage your schedule and get the classes at your ease.

You can buy this course for free.

Details of the course

The details of the course include 

  • 200 courses
  • 600 notes

Benefits of learning from online courses

1. Provide a step-by-step guide

The process of becoming a truck dispatcher starts with a single question – “How can I become a freight dispatcher?” However, before answering this question you need to know whether you are looking to work under a company or want to run your independent business.

If you want to work for the company, the process is entirely the same as looking for a new job. You can search websites and other businesses that have the vacancy. Moreover, you can also contact individuals’ carriers and let them know that you are interested in this kind of business. You can simply ask them to give you an entry-level position or simply guide you through the whole process.

On the contrary, the results will be amusing for those who want to start their businesses. If you are also one of those who want to run their own company, then you need to get an education first. Here online free course comes in handy. However, go for the courses that not only guide you about getting the basic knowledge about truck dispatching but also give you tips as to how you can promote your company.

Once you know the basics as to how you can run your own company, follow these steps to become an independent freight dispatcher:

Step One: Get Your Business Registered

While starting this business, first you need to decide on the official name of your business. In this regard, keep one thing in mind – the name of your business should be precise and to the point. Add the word dispatch in your company name as well such as “dispatching services”. This will make it easier for people to understand the services you provide. Having a proper name also help business people to know and propagate about your company as well. Many companies have names like “trucking” which fail to provide any clear information to the people.

After you decide on the name of your business, the next step is to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) along with the IRS. Then decide about your business structure. There are four options in this regard

• A sole proprietorship

• Corporation

• Limited liability company (LLC)

• Partnership

Afterward, drafts of the contracts need to be created to smooth the working of your business. This includes

• Service agreement

• Dispatcher-carrier agreement

A service agreement will tell the people about the company. On the other hand, a dispatcher-carrier agreement will give you legal protection if something gets wrong between you and the freight you ask for. If you have drafts of these documents, it means you can start your business without any delay.

Step Two: Present yourself online every time

If you show yourself online every time, it is an indication of a clear marketing strategy. This can be achieved by making a proper website and creating accounts on various social media channels. Moreover, give a name to your website that is easy to memorize. Check on the websites such as GoDaddy to seek if the name is already registered or new.

After creating a domain name, make a Facebook and Instagram page that has the same name. Make your Youtube channel so that your customers will get to know more about you. You can also guide individuals who wish to start their own business as it can help enhance your business.

Step Three: Get your business a Load Board Subscription

Giving a service like truck dispatching means finding relevant and quality loads for your career. To do this, you need to find a good-quality load board where you can easily find a variety of freight listings from your country. Although there are some freeloads available but you should go for paid subscription. The latter will help you find credible freights.

Step Four: Develop your social connections

While load boards are very helpful in finding loads for your carriers, the real success lies in enhancing your social connections. So, apart from finding carriers, develop your connections with brokers as well as shippers. So start your journey by registering at the online directory; here you can find the partner you wish. These types of directories help you find the business partners of your choice.

2. Learning important terms and differences

Although the responsibilities of a truck dispatcher and a freight broker are somehow the same, they are two different positions when it comes to performing their roles. A broker acts as a middleman, making a legal connection between the shipper and the carrier. On the other hand, a freight broker is legally allowed to present both the carrier and the shipper simultaneously.

A truck dispatcher is linked with the carrier, working everything as per their directions. So, even if you have your own business, you are still an employee of the carrier you are doing business for. Unlike brokers, it is not the responsibility of the freight dispatchers to represent shippers or manufacturers.

A freight brokerage business needs to register through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA); other requirements include a freight broker bond (the surety bond).

3. Tips to find carriers and loads

1. Use directories and tell potential partners about the services you provide

2. Run paid ads on social media websites such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Google. This way your message will be shared with targeted audiences.

3. A factoring company can also help develop your social circle by sending emails about telling others about the services your company provides. If a carrier and the factoring company are doing business with each other and the former needs the services of the truck dispatcher, then getting that email can help you become his partner.

4. There are many customized groups on Facebook that can help you enhance your business without any costs. You can join them and comment on the posts. This will eventually others to contact you and this is all that you need.

5. After you find your carriers, you can start looking for loads. If you have already subscribed to the load board of your wish, start finding loads right away. Here, you can either perform a search or type about the trucks that you have to find the loads. Insert all the information about the truck, its lane, destination any other specifications that can make things easier for others to comprehend.

6. You can also save your information in case you want to use it shortly. This way, you don’t have to write about your specifications again and again. Use the option of ‘alert on’ to find the perfect match. This way, you will get notifications when you find the true match.

7. After finding a load that suits the need of the carriers, start negotiations with the broker.

In conclusion

All in all, online truck dispatching courses gives you a great idea as to how you can develop and grow your business from scratch. The above-mentioned platforms are a great way with the help of which you can excel in the e-commerce industry.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are some of the major roles of a Truck Dispatcher?

The job of a truck dispatcher is to find quality freight as per the directions of the carrier. The main responsibilities include:

• Loading boards

• Making personal connections

• Manage freight

• Speaking to brokers

Being a Truck Dispatcher how can I find Carriers and Loads?

After you develop your business, start looking for carriers and loads. To find carriers and small trucking companies you need to use directories and run paid ads.

  • How to become successful in this business?

Giving successful dispatching services is a hard nut to crack. However, if you follow the above steps, you can easily grow your business. Here are some important tips for growing your business as a truck dispatcher – search for a mentor or invest in your education.

Truck Dispatcher Course Online Free

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