How To Install Go On CentOS 7?

Unraveling the Path to Installing Go on CentOS 7

In the ever-evolving landscape of programming languages, Go has carved its niche as a powerful, statically typed language designed for simplicity and efficiency. If you’re treading the CentOS 7 terrain and seeking to harness the prowess of Go, embarking on the installation journey is your gateway to unlocking its capabilities. Let’s traverse this path together, unraveling the intricacies of installing Go on CentOS 7, empowering you to wield this language adeptly.

How To Install Go On CentOS 7?

Understanding Go:

A Brief Prelude

Before diving headlong into the installation process, acquainting oneself with Go’s essence lays a robust foundation. Created by Google luminaries in 2009, Go, with its clean syntax and emphasis on concurrency, beckons developers into a realm of streamlined coding. Its compilation speed and native support for concurrency mechanisms like Goroutines and Channels foster an environment ripe for scalable and performant applications.

As CentOS 7 serves as your platform, ensuring prerequisites align harmoniously with Go’s requisites becomes paramount. Check CentOS 7’s current package repositories and ascertain the presence of necessary elements such as wget and curl, indispensable companions facilitating seamless downloads and transfers.

Preparing the Ground:

Essential Prerequisites

To usher in Go’s prowess, a preparatory ritual involves the procurement of essential components. Begin by updating your system’s package index, invoking a harmonious synchronization of available packages. A command dance of sudo yum update ensures CentOS 7 unfurls its freshest offerings, prepping the canvas for the upcoming installation.

Once CentOS 7 is adorned with the latest updates, fortify its capabilities with the installation of indispensable packages. Secure the realm with sudo yum install -y wget curl tar, ensnaring these utilities in CentOS 7’s arsenal, amplifying its prowess to retrieve and unpack archives, a necessity for the impending Go installation expedition.

Venturing into the Go Installation Odyssey

With the terrain groomed and tools at the ready, commence the odyssey of installing Go on CentOS 7. Traverse to the official Go language website, where the coveted treasure trove of Go awaits. Select the version suiting your needs, wielding the powers of wget to grasp the tarball delicately, bringing it home to CentOS 7’s embrace.

The arrival of the tarball beckons the unboxing ceremony. Unleash its contents into the designated bastion within CentOS 7’s precincts, navigating through the realms of tar -C /usr/local -xzf go<version>.linux-amd64.tar.gz. This ritual bestows Go upon your CentOS 7 landscape, ensuring its binaries and commands echo through the corridors of your system, ready to be invoked at your bidding.

Pathway to Empowerment:

Configuring Go Environment Variables

As Go finds its abode within CentOS 7’s domain, configuring the environment to beckon its powers becomes the next rite of passage. Traverse into the realm of /etc/profile.d/ to craft a dedicated script, a beacon guiding CentOS 7 to acknowledge Go’s presence. Infuse this script with the elixir of Go, setting environment variables like GOROOT and GOPATH, unveiling the pathways for your endeavors in Go programming.

Invocation of source /etc/profile.d/ echoes these configurations across CentOS 7’s expanse, ensuring Go’s presence becomes an inherent facet of your programming escapades. The symphony of settings harmonizes CentOS 7’s environment with Go’s requirements, enabling seamless interaction and invocation of Go’s tools and binaries.


Installations are voyages of empowerment, weaving disparate elements into a symphony of functionality. Navigating the installation of Go on CentOS 7 enriches your programming landscape, ushering in a realm of efficiency and streamlined development. May this guide serve as your compass, guiding you through the labyrinth of installation, illuminating the pathways toward harnessing the prowess of Go on CentOS 7’s fertile grounds.

How To Install Go On CentOS 7?

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