Don’t Take Life For Granted Meaning and Inspiration

Life is short yet amazing, life is hard yet beautiful, life is a mystery yet fun and interesting and that is why you must appreciate it when you can, you must not take it for granted because within a split second, it can turn and be gone.

Dont take life for granted

“You don’t have value what you have until it’s gone”, life is not an exception because your life flashes before you when you are dying, tragedy can strike at any time and that is why you must not take life for granted, you must not take your loved ones, friends and family for granted too. So, when you still have life, it is important to make the best out of it, live it to the fullest, care for people, lend a helping hand and be happy

Don’t take life for granted means that life is something you should value, appreciate and cherish while you still have it, don’t take it less seriously by living anyhow, without purpose and goal. Not taking life for granted implies living purposefully, being intentional about the gift of life, and making every moment spent memorable. Don’t take your friends for granted, especially the ones that got your back, and don’t take your parents for granted. Life is precious and it is important to live it in a precious way.

How to make living valuable and meaningful? 

  • Start expressing gratitude and do things that make you happy: There is so much noise in the world and so many expectations from parents and society. If you don’t live with the consciousness of expressing gratitude for the things you have, you will get frustrated and not realize that the things you hope you had are already your reality. The expectation is a continuous cycle till death and if you don’t express gratitude for that gift of breath, you will not see the good things you have around you. Have a gratitude journal 
  • Become more disciplined: All your dreams, goals, and aspirations can be achieved when you are focused and disciplined, discipline helps you to be consistent even when it is not easy, it keeps you on track when you are derailing. 
  • Spend time with friends and family: Friends and family are priorities, they are what makes the world a happy place to be in. Irrespective of the net worth of your parents, you can make yourself happy, spend time with them, laugh, gist, and chat with them
  • Make happiness your priority: make yourself happy, engage in fun activities, try grounding, go swimming with friends, and try solo dates. There are so things that can help your energy
  • Go after your dream: All your dreams and aspirations, don’t be afraid to go after it and don’t allow your 
  • Fight for what you want 

People and moments that you should never take for granted 

  • Your Parents: Your parents are the first people you should not take for granted in life, have deep conversations with them, ask them what their aspirations were, their experience, and what they have learned so far in life, and be intentional about your relationship with your parents.
  • Friends: These sets of people are the people that have made your high school, or college fun at some point in time, appreciate the beautiful memories you created the last time you went for a picnic, and appreciate the get-together party you had with them. They are not perfect and they will never be, so look beyond their imperfections and focus on creating more beautiful memories
  • Siblings: Your siblings are another set of humans you should not take for granted. Trust me, they can be a pain in the ass but create memories that you can have a conversation about in years to come and laugh over it
  • Boss, a colleague at work, neighbors, etc: Your boss can be authoritative and principled, but that doesn’t mean you should start hating on him/her, in as much as the work is not toxic. You are in a position to learn while you are still under him. It is only for a while

The things that make life a fun and interesting place to live in

  • Hobbies and passion
  • Good health
  • Purpose
  • Holidays
  • Knowledge
  • Decision making

Inspirational quotes on don’t take life for granted

  • Appreciate what you have, while you have it, or you’ll learn what it meant to you after you lose it.” -Frank Sonnenberg
  • Life is beautiful, the earlier you see the beautiful aspect, the better for you
  • Live your life to the fullest, live for yourself, don’t try to please everyone, and pursue your purpose passionately
  • Don’t give in to the expectation of society and how you should be, determine how you want your life to be, and be responsible, your life is a project, work on it. It gets more beautiful with time


In conclusion, don’t be that person that doesn’t see anything in life worth living for. Take control of your life, be kind to yourself and those around you, don’t try to please everyone or be like everyone because you will lose yourself in the process, be the firsthand version of yourself and not the second version of someone else, love yourself, express the love to those around you, smile, make mistakes, learn from it and explore your purpose and passion and don’t take this beautiful thing called life for granted 

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How do I make living valuable and meaningful?

  • Start expressing gratitude and do things that make you happy
  • Become more disciplined
  • Spend time with friends and family

Q2. Who are the people and things you should never take for granted?

  • Your family, parents, siblings, and cousins: Conversations, get-together parties, etc
  • Good health, wellness, and ability to make good choices
  • Friends, colleagues, and people around you

Q3. Inspirational quote about not taking life for granted?  

Appreciate what you have, while you have it, or you’ll learn what it meant to you after you lose it.”

Frank Sonnenberg

Don’t Take Life For Granted Meaning and Inspiration

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