What to wear to a tech interview?

What to wear to a tech interview

Prepared for a tech interview yet puzzled about What to wear to a tech interview? You don’t have to be concerned; we’ve got you covered.

Imagine wearing your wedding gown to sleep or wearing a bathrobe for morning walks, funny isn’t it? We wear clothes according to the situation and your attire plays a major role which affects your activity levels as well as confidence.

The tech industry isn’t really concerned about your attire rather it focuses on what skills you possess. The culture in this industry is cool and as we look up to the giant techies like Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, it is quite evident that the tech industry is casual. Employees are even allowed to bring their pets.

Yes, the norms we have had known for so long about dressing well for an interview are kind of opposite here but showing up in some old clumsy clothes isn’t a good way of acquiring a job.

All of this depends majorly upon the culture of the particular company you are about to give an interview for. For example, if you are applying for a company that has an informal culture like Google or Facebook, then you can definitely opt for casual jeans and a t-shirt. Just make sure, they are in place and of the correct size otherwise if they turn out to be baggy then your first impression might lead you to get rejected.

If the firm has a particular dress code or does not allow casual attire, then you should stick to the formal dress code. You can get the idea about their culture and the type of dress code they follow from their company websites having photographs of their workers at work, and on websites like Glassdoor and other newsgroups. You can even have a look at the company’s social media pages.

The job level you have applied for also impacts the dress code you should follow. If you are to be interviewed for a senior-level job then you should dress more formally.

All you aim to do is to create a good first impression. So, we have compiled few tips for you to follow:

  • Speaking with the recruiter is one of the greatest ways to get an idea of how to dress for a tech interview. They should be able to advise you on the suitable dress as well as business culture. They might even give you the information before you ask, but if not, send them an email.
  • You’ll feel more at ease during your interviews if you’re physically comfortable. Also, continuously altering or mending an item of clothing is irritating and will detract from your discussion. So, if anything in your attire bothers you then leave it at home. The more you are comfortable the more confident you are. You probably already know what materials, shapes, and clothes make you feel the most at ease. Consider how you may maintain your own comfort while smashing it with “professionalism.”
  • You want to seem professional throughout your interview, regardless of how informal the office setting is. The most essential element is to wear something that makes you feel good!
  • Being overdressed is preferred to being underdressed because it’s critical to establish the tone for excellence right from the start. Even if you’re wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, attempt to make it a little more interesting by adding a jacket that gives you more power. Just be fashionable.
  • Most companies prefer the dressed-down appearance to avoid getting tangled up in fashion politics. Companies are mostly concerned with a candidate’s qualifications and talents than with their appearance. Tech companies look forward to hiring confident candidates and even advise them to forego the suit and inform them that they’ll most likely be interacting with workers wearing jeans and T-shirts.
  • Along with the skills you possess, it’s crucial to be genuine and allow your individuality to come through in your style. It’s all in the details when it comes to standing out without trying to stick out. When putting together an ensemble, always consider the quality of the fabric and the fit of your items.  Add a standout piece, such as a striking collar or a bracelet, or a colorful skirt or shirt. Do you prefer to keep things simple? Wear a silk scarf or your favorite set of patterned boots that you usually save for special occasions. You’ll get a mood and confidence boost that will help you ace the interview.
  • You need to choose the colors of the attire you will carry in a wise manner. The color blue is linked with power and trustworthiness. Unless you’re looking for a management position, black might be excessively formal. Try to choose plain colors. Unless you want to add a flash of color, such as red, to a scarf or accessory, stick to neutral tones. This provides some individuality without being too much.
  • The goal of your interview attire should be to blend in while also sticking out. Regardless of the wardrobe choices you choose, you should strive to appear nice in general. Styling your hair, shaving or grooming your beard, using perfume, and anything else that will make you feel full and satisfied are all examples of this.
  • Wear something that makes you feel good. Decide on your outfit a few days ahead of time and start wearing it all the time, whether at home, at work, or even out shopping. This will make you feel more at ease in them, especially if you’re wearing something you wouldn’t typically wear.

Also, it’ll be interesting to watch how other people react to you in this attire.

  • Dress appropriately for a video interview as well. Even if it’s an online interview, you should appear prepared and professional. Choose a background that is devoid of distractions and dress correctly from head to toe. Make sure to put your phone on silent before starting with an interview as if it rings in between then it might distract you or lead to a bad impression on the recruiter.

The type of attire that can be advised for a tech interview is as follows:

  • Types of tops

The top’s objective is to give you a sophisticated casual style, so it should be comfy without being too outlandish.

For men:  A traditional white shirt, like with any other interview setting is an excellent choice. Your shirt should match with the pair of jeans you opt for.

For women:  A neutral-colored long-sleeved blouse or sweater works well. Your top should complement or match the color of your slacks, skirt, or dress.

Except for the colors, shirts should not be short-sleeved or have an excessively plunging neckline.

  • Types of bottoms

For men:  Pants look best in neutral hues. For an interview, a pair of black straight-leg pants or jeans are appropriate. Pants that are loose and comfy are okay, but make sure they fit well. 

For women:  You can also opt for straight pants but if you wish to wear a skirt or dress, make sure it’s knee-high and that you’re wearing stockings below.

  • Types of shoes

For men:  Wear a pair of well-fitting formal shoes, laced or not. Candidates typically wear black shoes. Brown shoes, on the other hand, are acceptable if they complement the outfit. Don’t forget to clean your shoes because a well-kept shoe reveals a lot about your personality.

For women:  You may select from a variety of casual walking shoes, as well as flats or low-heeled shoes. It’s generally a good idea to wear neutral colors that blend with your attire. If your natural style is more exquisite than casual, a pair of leather or high-heeled shoes might work if the rest of the ensemble is coordinated.

Even if you see colleagues who already work there wearing bright and casual shoes, keep in mind that you are not yet a member of the company and should maintain a professional attitude.

  • Types of jackets

The purpose of a jacket is to complement your clothing and give it a professional appearance. A well-tailored smart casual blazer is an excellent pick for a tech interview. Depending on the remainder of your clothing, you may select the precise style. A more casual shirt, for example, should be matched with a more professional-looking jacket.

  • Types of accessories

For men:  You can accessorize your linen or cotton collared shirt with a tie that matches your shirt.

For women:  You can accessorize your attire with a brooch if you wish to put on one. 

For accessorizing your attire, you may wear a watch which will leave an impression of you being a candidate who isn’t only fashionable but values time.

Some LGBTQ+ individuals value a certain type of dress as part of their identity, and it’s OK to wear it to interviews. You don’t have to try to hide the identity you have unless it helps you feel more comfortable or may be perceived as an attempt to use sex as a form of control.

What to wear to a tech interview?

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