What is Chipotle’s Dress Code?

Nearly 1,000 Chipotle workers are based in the United States, and their duties should be recognizable to anybody who has worked in a restaurant: taking orders, completing those orders, handling payment transactions, as well as cooking food, cleaning the space, and replenishing supplies. Le’s know more about what is Chipotle’s dress code.

What is Chipotle's Dress Code

What Is Chipotle’s Dress Code

At Chipotle, business casual is the preferred attire. The majority of the dress code is determined by what is hygienic and food-safe, therefore no facial piercings or jewelry is permitted (stud earrings are the only exception), and staff members with long hair must tie it up or wear it in a bun. 

Wearing a chipotle shirt and hat is mandatory. Additionally, you must always wear non-slip footwear. There cannot be any holes in pants above the knee, and they must extend past your fingertips.

Dos And Don’ts Of Dress Code In Chipotle

  1. Hair Dye

You can have hair with unusual coloring. Hair dye is acceptable. You can express your hair color whatever you like as long as you cover it up while working.

  1. Hair

If you have long hair, pull it back; wear little jewelry; and, for men, consider shaving your facial hair if you want to appear like someone who can serve meals.

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  1. Tattoos

People with tattoos are welcome at Chipotle as long as they are neither obnoxious nor obtrusive. Yes, tattoos.

  1. Earrings

 Depending on the piercing. You can wear as many earrings as you wish, but face piercings must be visible. When working at Chipotle, nails are acceptable.

  1. Long Nails

At Chipotle, long nails are not permitted. 

  1. Jeans

Any kind of jeans, as long as they are in good condition and don’t have any holes or other damage. 

Do you receive a uniform from Chipotle?

No-cost uniform and you get your free Chipotle uniform, which includes shirts and hats. The quantity of uniforms you receive, incidentally, is based on the typical number of hours or shifts you work. For morning/AM workers, the shifts are often from 6:30 to 4, whereas for night/PM workers, they are from 11:30 to later. 

Hiring Process

Chipotle may or may not hire each individual in that group. They will contact you for a second interview if they feel you have the features they are looking for. They won’t consider you if you only have 10 out of 13. Dress for a Chipotle interview At the absolute least, wear business casual or formal attire.

Issues Concerning Dress code At Chipotle

Despite recent occurrences in which some Chipotle employees claimed to be the victims of discrimination, the fast-casual company appears to be a typical place to work in the food service industry, at least in terms of attire. The Chipotle clothing code isn’t particularly embarrassing, and many bosses don’t mind when employees express themselves. An employee at a Texas Chipotle says that employees only need to wear a business shirt, cap, slacks, or shorts that come at least to their fingertips, and non-slip shoes in a comment on Indeed (safety first). Local laws seem to differ concerning hair color, tattoos, and body piercings.

There is one additional dress code requirement, though, and as clients, we all value it: According to a screenshot of a Chipotle document posted on Reddit, employees with long hair are required to tie it back beneath their hats. Chipotle tried to accommodate its talent in the hair department staff with what Reddit thought was a very interesting piece of headwear because this isn’t always simple for people with full, lengthy locks. The hat has a huge hole in it.

Views about New Dress Code at Chipotle

Reddit caps help keep restaurant staff hair out of diners’ food, which is a good thing. However, a new hat for Chipotle employees that was revealed in a Reddit thread titled “The new headwear… why not just a visor” amused some readers. It has a large bill that resembles a baseball cap.

Others commended the idea for what it was: a bid to create “better hats for persons with dreads or braids!” 

Some with thick curls think that while a cap alternative is needed, this specific hat falls short. As someone with type 4 hair, one Redditor pleaded for visors. Others believed that this addition would at least keep workers’ heads well, no matter their hair kind. 


Chipotle is a great place to work, the management, coworkers, and overall atmosphere all contribute to a great work environment for benefits and compensation. For an environment like that, a good dress code is required and it was put in place to make things orderly.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Can I go to Chipotle in leggings?

Leggings are not permitted at the workplace. You must wear solid-colored trousers and non-slip shoes, and you receive a complimentary cap and two black Chipotle shirts to wear.

  • Can you dress casually at Chipotle?

Well, you are to dress in business casual and also in uniform.

What is Chipotle’s Dress Code?

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