AutoZone Dress Code- Know More

AutoZone is the largest retailer of automotive parts and accessories that are sold in the aftermarket. They are based in the United States and have several stores across all of America, the approximate number is 64,000. It also has stores in Puerto Rico and Brazil. Its base headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee. The company does not have a very structured policy about their employees although there is a dress code and a few other rules that anyone working there already or just joining needs to keep in mind. Let us know about ‘AutoZone Dress Code’.

AutoZone Dress Code

AutoZone Dress Code: 

It is always a good idea to already to call the company you are planning to join. In case you are going to join AutoZone, you should know what does AutoZone allows or not allow when it comes to their employees. One thing about AutoZone is when it comes to their dress code they want their employees to be able to work as comfortably as possible. Down below is given information about all the policies in the stores of AutoZone. 

AutoZone Dress Code:

The AutoZone dress code is professional as well as comfortable for the employees to wear during their work hours. The dress code is as follows:

  1. They have to wear a red t-shirt or a black t-shirt or a Grey t-shirt all of these options are considered appropriate to wear at AutoZone. 
  1. To go with the 3 colors of t-shirts AutoZone has a policy of wearing black pants.
  1. In footwear, black shoes are allowed preferably formal black shoes. Black socks are to be worn with these shoes.
  1. The T-shirts that they wear have to be tucked in and a name tag is given to each employee, it should be worn at all times, during their shift at AutoZone.
  1. A black belt is advised to be worn with the whole outfit.

AutoZone Policy about Casual Outfits at Work:

As per their guidelines, an employee has to wear black jeans with a red t-shirt, a black t-shirt, or a Grey t-shirt. No other color option is allowed to be worn during work hours. The t-shirt should be plain with no designs or graphic text. The jeans cannot be distressed or washed they have to be simple black jeans or pants. Any other colored jeans or t-shirt is strictly prohibited at AutoZone.

They have a policy that stated that employee should be comfortable while working but there should be a level of professionalism to be maintained at the workplace and since clothes are the first thing a customer notice about the company and their employees they have to be in a certain order and within the highlighted guidelines.

AutoZone Policy about Tattoos:

AutoZone has no such strict rules regarding tattoos and any employee that may have visible or large tattoos are allowed at their workplace. Although it depends upon the tattoos that they may have if it is anything offending to a certain religious community or any other community in the society, the employee would be asked to either cover the tattoo (if it is visible) or they may not get hired in the first place. 

If you have tattoos that are not offending or obscene to anyone the tattoos are permitted and there will be no restrictions as per the rules. 

Q. Can AutoZone employees wear shorts in their outfits?

A. No, AutoZone does not allow employees to wear shorts during work hours. Since they want their employees to maintain a level of professionalism and wearing shorts becomes too casual for such settings, it has been noted that even employees are not comfortable wearing shorts to work and recommend to not wear them to other employees considering the environment they work in, shorts may not be a good idea from a labor safety point of view.

AutoZone Policy about Hairstyles:

Since AutoZone makes their employee feel comfortable and a part of the company, there are no strict rules till now about how they should style their hair. They can have any type of haircut and color on their hair as they want but they should keep in mind that it does not make them look too unprofessional. Otherwise, the company doesn’t have a problem with its hairstyles and is free to be however they want to be.

Official AutoZone Outfit:

AutoZone has the dress code listed in their policy and anyone who understands the rules can buy those clothes from any brand that they might prefer. 

If an employee wants to buy the clothes from elsewhere they can but AutoZone does provide them with the uniform which is made by AutoZone long and has the official company merchandising on them. 

You can get a red t shirt or shirt, black pants, black socks, black belt  if you get it from the company. 

It does not matter if the outfit is from the company itself as long as it is in line with the guidelines of AutoZone dress code there would be no issues for the employees.

AutoZone Policy about Accessories and Make-up:

As mentioned earlier AutoZone does not have many strict rules about an employee’s lifestyle and what they choose to wear with the official dress code. Any accessories such as rings, earrings, or necklaces are allowed at work. The accessory should not become a hindrance on their work. Employees should be able to work and be comfortable while wearing any kind of accessories. Anything that symbolizes something violent or offensive to any community or person should be avoided in the workplace.

As for the rules about makeup, there are no rules about how much and what kind of makeup should be worn at the workplace. An employee should keep in mind the professionalism that AutoZone wants them to convey during their work shifts and should use makeup accordingly, using too much of it may not be a good idea although there will be no issues with the company.


AutoZone has very few rules about employees and their dress code. With the line of work, the company wants their staff to be as comfortable as possible giving them room to move around freely and focus more on their work rather than not being able to function properly due to any discomfort caused by their work uniform. The company also targets a level of professionalism that is needed to be maintained by the staff that works at their establishments. 

AutoZone Dress Code- Know More

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