How much do Disney actors get paid? Know More

You must have probably heard of Disney in your life. Disney, better known as The Walt Disney Company, is a multinational mass media company famous for its movies and shows. After giving us several hit movies, both live-action and animated, Disney is now a big name also in the Television industry. You can find that most of your favorite TV shows are Disney production. Disney works with several actors for its TV shows and movies, some of which may also be your favorite. But, have you ever wondered how much Disney get paid actors for movies and shows? 

How much do Disney actors get paid?

The average salary of a Disney actor is $15.01 per hour. However, it can go as high as $32 per hour and as low as $6.99 per hour. It doesn’t mean that Disney paid all its famous stars hourly. Most famous Disney stars make big money with only one season or movie. 

Some Famous Disney Actors 

Let us look further at some of the highest-paid actors at Disney. 

  1. Miley Cyrus: You may know Miley Cyrus. She is famous for her role as Miley Stewart in Disney’s show Hannah Montana, a girl living a dual life of a pop star and also a normal teenage girl. When Miley was doing this show, she was paid $15,000 per episode. And with a total of four seasons, she earned about $1.47 million in total. This wasn’t the highest someone was paid at Disney. But it did raise Miley Cyrus’s popularity a lot. Which later helped in her career a lot. 
  1. Selena Gomez: Selena Gomez is an inspiration for many people worldwide. Now a globally known actress, singer, and songwriter, Selena once started her career with an acting role in Disney’s show Barney & Friends, for which she earned about $3,000 per episode. She also did several side roles and cameos at Disney. She got her first lead role in Wizards of Waverley Place and was paid $30,000 per episode. This show was the turning point in Selena’s life, and it is also a show that she’s the most famous for. 
  1. Zendaya: the next name on this list is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman or simply known as Zendaya. She also started her career at Disney with her role in the show Shake It Up. The show went on for three seasons, and Zendaya was paid $140,000 in total. Although it isn’t confirmed what her pay per episode was, we can confirm the total amount she earned from this show. She’s also famous for her role in Euphoria, and she was paid $50,000 for every episode during the show. 
  1. Vanessa Hudgens: famous for her role in High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Vanessa Hudgens is now an Actress and also a Singer. The film was a hit and earned about $253 million at the box office. How much was Vanessa paid for the role? Vanessa, who was playing the role of Gabriella Montez in the film, earned about $2 million from the film. Not only that, this film gave her international recognition and also helped in rocketing her career. Vanessa also worked in another Disney show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. She played the role of Corrie in this show. 

Factors which determine the pay of its Actors: 

Disney’s method of determining the pay of its actors is quite simple. In most cases, this is done through negotiation between the actor or their manager and Disney’s staff. The pay also depends on the type of role and some other factors. Some of these factors are listed below. 

  • The type of role the actor is expected to play
  • Duration of the role
  • The reputation of the actor.
  • Previous work of the actor. 

In non-union cases, the money one is to receive is predetermined and paid before the shooting begins. But some actors are also paid after the movie or show is released for union work. They can be paid weekly or after 1 or 2 episodes. 

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In conclusion, you cannot determine the exact remuneration an actor may receive at Disney. The pay for every role is not the same and different actors may also be offered different fees for one role. This all is done through a meeting where the fees and some legal things are sorted out before they start shooting with the actor. Therefore, we can say that Disney pays the actors the amount specified in their clause beforehand. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. Do Disney actors get paid well? 

It is hard to say whether the actors are paid well or not. This is because there are no uniform data on the fees of actors. However, some reports claim that the hourly pay for a Disney actor is approximately $13.70 on average. 

  1. How do you become a Disney actor? 

If you are a new actor thinking to work with Disney on one of their projects, then you must make sure to look out for any Disney auditions happening now and then and you must prepare yourself for the audition in advance. Most Disney actors are chosen through a selection process, but only if you pass the audition. Which is not easy. 

  1. Do Disney stars get into Disneyland for free? 

No, even if you are a million-making Disney star, you still need to pay for a Disneyland ticket if you want to pay a visit there. There is no such thing as a free Disneyland ticket for actors that work for Disney. 

  1. How old do you have to be a Disney actor? 

There are no age criteria for becoming a Disney actor, most of the roles are given to people within the needed age group. But they do have an age category for every age group. So, when you audition for Disney, make sure to apply in the age category where you fit. 

How much do Disney actors get paid? Know More

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