History of Instagram – Know More

Instagram is a phenomenal social media platform. Let us know about the ‘History of Instagram’ in this article.

History of Instagram

History of Instagram

Instagram was established on 6th October,2010. Kevin Systrom had launched such an amazing app which has evolved and gained popularity with year’s.

Instagram is owned by an American company called meta platforms. When Instagram had laid its foundation in the world within 3 weeks it had gained 1 million users when compared to Facebook, in 1995,15th august was when the internet was launched and embraced.

But the internet was taking its baby steps wherein they were trying to analyze how they could make the internet reach to mass audiences. Facebook was nearly growing and coping up with making its name known to a mass number of people. Facebook nearly took a year to gain 1 million users.

Instagram has grown immensely and it has reached a high level of success in a minimum amount of time. It takes an enormous amount of time and patience and hardwork to work on different features. Instagram has always evolved and it has some positive as well as negative aspects. 

Positive and negative aspects of Instagram:

Instagram has caused a severe change where in the beginning Instagram was only a source of connecting with people and sharing information across the world. A good thing about Instagram is that by a single click you can contact people who are miles away. In the initial years Instagram has changed drastically wherein a lot of fun features have been added to it. Instagram has become a source of entertainment in this era. Wherein people are more into knowing which celebrity is getting married,which celebrity is eating what,etc. 

Instagram definately has a positive light wherein Instagram has become a source of entertainment (it is a stress buster),it is also a source through which we are educated about various happenings around us, we can get job opportunities through Instagram, big brands and products are known through Instagram promotion.The negative side of instagram is that Genz people are very engaging towards this Social media platform. They like to connect with unknown people and they like to make new friends.

Which can be harmful in certain cases, connecting with unknown people can lead to misuse of your information, their study life losses balance as they are spending more of their time on Instagram that they don’t like to invest their time into studying which is a bad influence that Instagram creates intentionally or unintentionally. Instagrams working and features are unpredictable. It can change for the better or can affect people in a very negative manner. 

Negative and positive sides are like the two sides of a coin. 

Features of Instagram:

Instagram has played around with alot of features and has always gained positive response from the people. Instagram has a story option wherein you can add a photo by making use of various filters which are available. Instagram is like a mask of filters.

Filters are literally ruling the entire world. You can even add songs to your photo, you also can make use of different emojis, you can add birthday poppers in the story photos or videos. You also have an IGTV option wherein big influencers can share on some make-up tutorial videos, cooking videos, recipe sharing videos and what not. IGTV provides a bigger option then reels and the time limit of this video also is more. 

Instagrams toughest Competitor Tik tok:

When the pandemic had hit on the entire world. People have free time and nowadays people don’t have time so use to enjoy watching short videos which only tik tok use to offer at the beginning but later on as corona happened china related everything thing was banned in India wherein Instagram took a lead by dropping the coolest feature of making reels and the hashtag used was#reelkarofeelkaro, this feature made Instagram reach the greatest level of success. Reels are a great medium of receiving quick entertainment.

Instagram paved the way for influencers:

They have influence over millions of people. Influencers are people who make trendy and creative content. Instagram legit opened a earning medium for influencers to make money. They become great personalities with the number of followers. 

Brands approach social media influencers:

Big brands like caffeine,lakme, Maybelline, clothing brands like Urbanic,mesho, h&m, etc approach influencers to wear their clothes and tag their brand name so that it could reach larger audiences. If a particular brand has approached 10 influencers at a single time, those 10 influencers will make the brand appear in 10 unique and different techniques which helps to reach wider audiences in a creative manner which is beneficial for the influencers and Instagram. Each tag can open a window to reach many audiences. Instagram has always been raising and achieving each stepping stone. 


Instagram had taken a slow start but the levels of success that it has reached is impactful, inspiring and very motivational. Instagram has always been upgrading and innovating new mediums to make the audience satisfied. Instagram has a slightly tough aspect towards safety. When you are sharing anything it doesn’t become personal but your data is being recorded by the system.

So safety purposes are not guaranteed. You yourself are responsible for your safety and nobody else. There are two options that you have: keep your account private or public. When you are keeping your account private it means that you people have to wait to connect to you but when you are keeping your account public it means that anybody can follow you. You can even block people who don’t have a nice aura and you can even restrict people.

While chatting you can even mute a particular chat,so that no notification pop ups can come. There is a era coming where people can live without food and water in the coming future but they won’t be able to live without Instagram or social media platforms in general as people are so obsessed with Instagram that life doesn’t mean more to them.

History of Instagram – Know More

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