Longshoreman Careers- Duties, Salary, Benefits

A longshore man perform various tasks, it’s very hardworking job, they work in docks, they have to unload and organise cargo shipment such that, they are delivered on their destination securely without any damage. Let us know about that the Longshoreman Careers- Duties, Salary, Benefits.

Longshoreman Careers- Duties, Salary, Benefits

Duties of a longshoreman

  • When the ship reached the port, it’s the duty of a longshoreman to operate big equipment’s such as crane, hoists to move the big containers from the ship and placed them on the port, and load them on rail or car and transport them. 
  • Longshoreman have to ensure all the government regulations and practices of the government with regards to record keeping, security, work place, storage etc. 
  • He has to monitor and maintain various parts of diesel pushes, welding part and conveyor belts. 

As a longshoreman, his primary role involves utilizing equipment’s like cranes to load and unload cargo container. The containers which come from rail or cars, longshore have to carefully load the containers on the cargo ships and transport them carefully to the destination place. Longshore has to work carefully with his team, which include many people and all have to do hard work. They have to track the containers which moved from one place to another, by using production logs. Also, a Longshoreman Careers has to check various things like, whether any shipment is damaged or destroyed while transporting the container. Longshoreman has to maintain record of every single thing, either in books or in computers. Some of the parts have to send for service for their proper functioning which are used to ship cargo goods. They have to face lots of difficulties and obstacles in their job, sometime they have to work on ship with their teams. 

Application Process

Get your transportation worker ID card

Before start working on a rock, one must have to obtain proper credentials. Like identification card, which allows you to access to secure places on vessels, longshoreman has to perform various steps:

  • Fill an application online, or at the office manually. 
  • Call for an appointment with an agent. 
  • Pay necessary fees for the process. 
  • Provide various details like, licence details, passport etc. 
  • Mailed the card to home or pick from the office. 

Meet the physical requirements

For working as a longshoreman, one must have physical strength and stamina, because this is a field work. They also have to undergone from physical test. Some points which managers have to ensure to hire as a dock worker. 

  • Ability to load and carry packages. 
  • Ability to manage the situations during adverse weather conditions. 
  • Ability to work and for how long. 

Get relevant work experience

Many hiring managers want longshoreman to have some relevant experience in the same field of work. They also have some experience in jobs like hand labourer, brick Mason etc. 

Search for non union jobs

Some unions want from longshoreman to work for some hours on the dock before joining the job, to gain experience and to create more professional connections. Methods to find non union positions are:

  • Browse on internet for dock positions
  • Get help from various job agencies in particular area. 
  • Search for dock position in local newspaper. 

Apply to a union

Its important for a longshoreman to apply for union membership in dock work. Once a longshoremen received the membership, they get eligible for health insurance, paid vacations and paid holidays. Steps to apply for union membership are, research unions, enrol early etc. 

Work as an identical casual

After applying un union, union official gave a title of identified casual. After working many shifts as an identified casual, union official invite longshoreman to become a member, which means you get eligible for more job assignments. 

Salary of a longshoreman

Professional Longshoreman Careersearns an average salary of about $50000 per year, they get increase in their salary of about 5 % every year. Starting salary of a longshore man in $25000 per year, all the workers working on the dock earn good money because it is a very necessary job field, employment also get increased due to some factors like increase in online orders, use of modern technology and machines and proper maintains of equipment’s. They also get increased in their salary of around 1-2% every year. They also get bonus for their work. Salary of a longshoremen is less then a supervisor. 

Skills required for a longshoreman

  • Following all the necessary work like safety, security, storage and government regulations. 
  • Using reflexes like hearing, eye-hand movement. 
  • Check machines and their functioning after some time. 
  • Walking, lifting, balancing etc. For long period of time. 
  • Communicate clearly with other team members. 
  • Operating vehicles and machines such as sweepers, yard jockeys etc. 
  • They have to ensure that the work area must be clean and clear of other obstruction. 
  • They know how to secure cargos and other containers very carefully. 
  • They don’t get nervous if something happens on the port and inform the supervisors about any injury, illness or property damage related issues. 

To work as a longshoreman, minimum age should be at lest 18,below that no one can become a longshore, at the age of 30 they get enough experience of their work and they get retired at the age of 60 or 65 depending on their health conditions and physical strength. 

Benefits of longshoreman

Medical benefits

It include all the medical benefits like, if any longshore get injured or get sick then all the expenses would be given by the company, longshore does not have to give any amount. Also medicines and other medical equipment’s are also covered under this benefit. Longshore can decide their doctor and can select their previous physicians who know their condition better. 

Vocational Rehabilitation

It means those who get injured they need time to get recovered, during that period, all the expenses occurred during rehabilitation, covered under the benefits. Longshoreman also get $25 per week; till the time they get recovered. 

Disability Benefits

A company also give disability benefits, in which if any Longshoreman Careers get disabled during the work, so company make disability payment, to cover the lost wages which happens because of inability to work. Disability wages are depended on injuries. 


A Longshoreman Careers works in harbours, where they have to load or unload the containers from the ships, they are also called Docker workers. They have to do their work with safety and have to ensure that no damage should take place and everything should do smoothly, it is a very hardworking job which require physical strength and lots of patience. This is a very famous and reputed job. There are various companies who give good salaries to the longshoreman all over the world, because it is a world wide work. Longshoremen have to work under supervisors, they have to report to their supervisors everyday and need to share basic details with him. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are longshoremen well paid?

Ans. Salaries of Longshoreman Careers is quite good all over the world, the average salary of longshoremen is $20000 per year. More experienced longshoremen get more salary as compared to fresher. 

Is it hard to be a longshoreman? 

Ans. Job of a longshoremen is very tough, they have to face problems everyday, to be a good longshoremen, they have to physically strong. Lots of patience is required in this job. 

What skills do we need to be a longshoremen? 

Ans. Ability to speak, good physical strength, should know how to operate tractors and other vehicles, experience in transportation industry. 

What are the benefits of being a longshoreman? 

Ans. There are various benefits, that a longshoremen get with the job, benefits are medical benefits, compensations, sick leaves, vacations etc. 

Do longshoremen work at night? 

Ans. Yes, longshore have to work both in day and night depending on their shifts, they have to work in all weather conditions. Usually they have to work during day time because most of the ships come in day rather than in night. 

What is another name for a longshoreman? 

Ans. We can also call longshoremen with other names like a Docker or a dock worker. All the names have the same meaning. 

Who employs longshoremen? 

Ans. The international warehouse and longshore union is responsible for recruiting people for longshoremen job. 

Why are dock worker called longshoremen? 

Ans. Longshoremen word was adopted in United States of America, it means a man along the shore. 

How long are longshoremen shifts? 

Ans. Average hour that any longshoremen do is about 7 to 8 years and sometime, they have to do overtime to unload or load the containers on the ship. They also get breaks during their shifts. 

Is a longshoreman a good career? 

Ans. Yes, Longshoreman Careers are a very good job, patience is the key skill that every longshoreman must have, this job can be stressful sometimes but overall, this is a very impressive job. They also get promotion after some years of experience. 

Longshoreman Careers- Duties, Salary, Benefits

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