Longs Drugs Career – Job Opportunities, Benefits, and More

Longs Drugs Career-Job Opportunities

Longs Drugs Career – Longs Drugs is a chain of drugstores situated in America. It was established in 1938. They have about 500 drugstores that are located in the states of Hawaii and the USA continental. It was founded by brothers named Thomas and Joseph Long, and the store was initiated as Long’s Self-Service Drugs. The first store was opened in Oakland, California. Later they expanded their stores in Alaska, Oregon, and Nevada. In the year 2008, it was announced that CVS Health acquired the company.

Longs drugs are now a part of CVS Health. They provide equal opportunity at the workplace. The recruitment, training, hiring, benefits, promotion, and compensation are done free of discrimination. They participate in fairs for careers, conferences, recruitment organizations, universities/colleges, which help connect with job seekers. They have about 15 colleague resource groups with about 23,000 colleagues working across the state and representing a wide range of professional and personal interests.

They are strict with the protocol of accepting job applications only via the company’s site. They provide accommodations for disabled individuals. They have been awarded the best place to work for employees with disabilities. They support the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community, as everyone is open to join hands with the company. They support women empowerment, leadership, and networking skills for women through providing education, volunteering, and mentoring opportunities. They hire new employees regularly for various job positions.

Longs Drugs Career

Available Positions-Longs Drugs

Beauty 360 Consultant, Sales Associate, Beauty Care Associate Pharmacy Service Associate, Customer Service Representative, Pharmacist, Shift Supervisor, Pharmacy Technician, Assistant Pharmacy Manager, Shipping and Receiving Associate, Distribution Center Associate, Truck Driver, and Forklift Operator.

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Minimum Age–Long Drugs

The applicants aspiring to work at Longs drugs must be of minimum 18 years old.

Working Hours

They are open throughout the year and are open from 8:00 am-10:00 pm.

Job Prospects-Longs Drugs 

The name indicated the strong presence of Hawaii. They offer job positions for entry-level, part-time, and full-time candidates. The candidates must be excellent with customer service, team player, flexible with availability, while most of the job positions are either full-time or part-time. The entry-level job does not require any educational background, whereas the management and full-time jobs require certification, schooling, and prior experience.

The entry-level jobs include customer service positions within the pharmacy chain on the retail side. They must interact with the customers and must provide service to their customers. The job positions for entry-level include clerk, cashier, and stock person. The pharmacy technicians at mid-level are often available for hire. They are assistants to the pharmacist, interacting with the customers and providing the required information, filling a prescription per the physician’s instruction. For the managerial positions, internal and external candidates are considered and will qualify for the position after the training program. Managers maintain the sales operation, performances of the employees, and daily goals.

Job Opportunities

To work in the pharmacy retailer shop, the applicants must be aged 18 years to apply the various roles, including entry-level positions. In contrast, other positions may require additional credentials. The commonly available positions are:

  • Customer Service Representative

They primarily serve as stockers and cashiers in the retail business. They interact with the customers, merchandising the products as and when needed, unloading the deliveries, and billing the purchase of medicines. They should address the customer’s complaint and address them immediately through phone calls or emails, responding to the inquiries promptly. They must possess great organizational skills and interpersonal skills as well. They must keep records of the customer interactions, comments, or any transactions. Usually, the employees work part-time jobs, where the working hours are between 15-30 hours a week. They are paid $9.00 per hour.

  • Pharmacy Technician

They must ensure that the customers receive proper care and the safety standards are followed as per federal health. Sorting the medications accordingly, creating labels accurately, reviewing side effects, and handling customer purchases. They must have completed a diploma in high school or equivalent educational background. Most of the pharmacy technicians obtain additional certificates with the support of the company. They earn about $12.00-$13.00 for an hour. 

  • Pharmacist

Their major role is to ensure that patients receive proper medication prescribed by the physician based on their medical conditions. They develop pharmacy programs as per the regulations and policies. Reviewing records of the patients and determining appropriate medication, and evaluating the patient’s condition. They must develop effective plans for medication by minimizing the side effects of the medicine. They consult dosage regarding the medicines, substances in the medicine and provide proper advice on drug intake. They are paid about $57.02 per hour.

  • Management

To be successful, the managers have to maintain the store teams and demonstrate initiatives by leading examples. They must maintain the overall supervision, ensuring that the policies are implemented as per the company’s policy, hiring, and training the new employees. Customer service must be the forefront responsibility of the manager. They must focus on the sales strategy, satisfaction of the customer and should be able to handle the team. Through the leadership program and the initiatives for management trainees, the entry-level associates may get promoted to the management level. Managers should have a minimum of one year of prior experience in retail management and a college degree, which will be beneficial during hiring. Assistant store managers earn up to $45,000.The salary varies based on the location of the store and work experience.                                                                                           

  • Store Manager

The individual managing the store’s overall operation is called the store manager; they take care of daily activities and ensure profit. They must ensure the cleanliness of the store; racks and shelves are stocked properly with the products. They recruit employees in the store and hire candidates for roles like floor manager, cashier, and department manager. They must be a great support to the team and motivate the members working under them. They must keep checking about the stocks and know the products that are out of stock. Store managers earn about $67,454 per year.   

  • Shift Manager

They are responsible for solving the issue and must ensure the tasks are completed within the shift. They assign tasks to the team members that are to be completed within the shift. They review the overall performance of the employees. They write a report based on the employees’ behavior and record the complaints from the customers. Ensuring the work premises are kept clean. Addressing the complaints from customers and resolving them. They earn about $14.82 per hour.

Application Tips-Longs Drugs

The interested applicants looking for job positions in Long’s drugs must utilize the company’s portal for applying. Firstly, they have to create a profile; the aspiring applicants may apply for the preferred role. Before applying, the applicants must ensure that it’s free of mistakes and the provided information is true enough. Few may wish to apply through paper forms. While you visit the store personally, make sure to get dressed in business wear. The genuineness of the applicant’s desire will result in employment opportunities.

Application Status

The process of application may take about one or two weeks for the entry-level positions. The management-level positions will take a long time comparatively, as it requires further check on educational background and certification. To gain employment, the job seekers must make calls to verify the application process or even visit the store personally, which might be beneficial. To find out the job status, the applicants must be aware of the schedule and the duty time of the hiring officials. Also, they must be respectful during the conversation. Please do not arrive at the store without making a prior call regarding their work schedule. Always learn to remain during the process.

Benefits of Working – Longs Drugs

The pharmacy store offers a benefits package along with competitive pay. It includes a flexible working schedule, balance between life and work. They also cover medical, dental, vision expenses, drug prescriptions, wellness programs, free screening for health, and immunization. The employees working at a higher level may receive various benefits, including a 401k retirement plan and stock purchase programs for the employees. The other benefits include paid vacation and time-off, assistance for education programs and adoption, discounts on merchandise.

More Information-Long Drugs

Being the subsidiary of the largest drugstore chain in the country, it offers its customers advantages that CVS Health offers. Though the company was under new ownership, the pharmacy had retained their old employees, the prescriptions were recorded, and they also accept major health plans. The coupons are offered to the customers to access the new services by the company, which includes an extra care program and a Minute clinic. The customers can make use of the online accounts to order the medicines from prescription.

Interview Process-Longs Drugs

 The applicants who aspire to seek employment opportunities with Longs Drugs have to go through a simple interview process based on the preferred positions. Post the submission of paperwork or the application form. It takes a few days to hear from the managers. Few applicants have to wait for several weeks as it depends on the number of applications.

Interview Questions – Longs Drugs

The interview process takes about 15-20 minutes; it also includes the discussion with the hiring officials for the availability, employee’s prior history, and relevant skills for the job role. The common questions include, “Discuss your best experience with the customer?”, “Are you available for rotational shifts?” Always express your availability, and emphasize your abilities for customer service, which increases the chance to gain employment in the company.

The job hunter for the manager role requires educational certificates, personality traits, and motivation for work. While most applicants and managers have to participate in a series of interviews, sometimes the managerial positions require panel interviews with the face-to-face interview process. The hiring officials use the credentials submitted in the application form, acting as a base for the questions asked during the interview. It requires organizational skills and knowledge that outweighs the candidate’s attribute in search of a job in the company.

Ensure to provide informative and innovative answers in the interview. Try to be courteous, friendly and demonstrate customer service. Maintain proper eye contact and retain your posture straight as body language plays an important role. The successful candidates are contacted within one or two weeks by the pharmacy chain. Few locations would advise the applicants to wait for the response in case of a longer delay. But, if it prolongs for two weeks, the applicants can send an email to check on the status of the application.


  • Are you available for rotational shifts?

Here, the hiring authority wants to know whether the applicants can work during the unconventional hours and know if you have any obligations regarding the timings, which can be discussed and sorted later. Make sure not to give frivolous reasons, which might be considered as being irresponsible or even lazy. Also, do not mention vacations or any social events which are for personal reasons.

Example: “I’m quite open to a flexible schedule since this is my learning stage, and I’m open to working for flexible hours. I would like to have a healthy work-life balance, and hence I would like to take off during the weekends.”

  • Discuss your best experience with customers?

The hiring officials want to know how you handle your customers, representing your patience level and handling a situation. The experience from a positive customer is more likely to be a happy one, which boosts the revenue. Still, there might be difficult ones, which require a lot of patience and experience to handle the situation.

Example: “I recently came across a customer who was disappointed with the missing item from the store. Later I had to call another branch, to find out its availability, it was found later from one of the branches, and it was delivered to the customer. The customer’s needs are an important priority.”

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Longs Drugs Career – Job Opportunities, Benefits, and More

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