Jobs For 8-Year-Olds- Career Advice

Jobs For 8-Year-Olds


An 8-year-old kid seems to be very young, whereas very sharp at spending their money or we can say clear in how to spend their money. If an eight-year-old can be mature enough about spending money then why not make him/her earn money as well? An eight-year-old will not be able to work with large and heavy equipment but will be able to pet the puppy in the neighborhood or can help in gardening to the uncle next door. Here, let’s discuss the Jobs For 8-Year-Olds.

If these jobs can make them get pocket money from their parents then why not make it their business. This will not only help them in getting money but this will teach them to build their interpersonal as well as intrapersonal skills. Doing a job outside the comfort of their house will help the kid think creatively. There are various other jobs in-store for you to know about your eight-year-old. 

About Knowing The Right Job For Your Eight-Year-Old

Before getting onto choosing any job for them as a parent or guardian you need to encourage the child also. If you have decided on getting a yard job for the kid then you must motivate the kid to help you in gardening first. With this technique, the kid will know how to handle garden equipment and will also be taught on working without getting hurt. This will help you in knowing where the interest of the child is.

Let’s get into knowing which job is best suited for the eight-year-old outside the comfort of their home, and without hurting themselves.

  • Household Chores

Do not worry as we will not ask you to pay your eight-year-old to clean their room, instead, we will give you a way of making them work in the store, cleaning bookshelves and window panes, or you ask them to dust the umbrella stand and shoe rack. These types of chores are usually done occasion-wise, such as during Christmas or Thanksgiving, it is very rare that regularly someone cleans their store or shoe rack.

These types of small work will make the kid earn less money but this will be the safest job an eight-year-old can do without getting injured or hurt. The work will make them understand cleanliness with your panes getting clean. Also, the work will not ask for any investment from the kid. The daughters and cleaners are in everybody’s house. The kid can make cards which can be delivered door-to-door by the kid with details of work and the contact information.

  • Juice Corner

    As the name suggests itself, the eight-year-old kid can open a stall and sell lemonade or any drink that keeps people hydrated. For this, your kid can earn a lump-sum amount per glass. Before setting up a small business, make sure that your kind knows about investment as well. This type of business helps the kid to understand that investing money is important to earn money. You can train your kid in making lemonade at home and later help him/her to set up their juice corner.

The business can be set up beside the playground of your neighborhood with a stand. For the business, your kid should have plastic cups with ingredients to make lemonade, and do not forget to carry a litter bag so that there is no mess around your kid’s stall. For the business to run effectively the time and place for the stall should be apt, as these factors will ensure more customers. 

  • Gardening

An eight-year-old kid should start the work in gardening by planting a seed, not by cutting grasses. Though the eight-year-old might try to handle scissor cutters for the grasses and plants that are too dangerous for them to handle. Better give the kid works like mulching, planting trees, cleaning of the garden, removing dead leaves from plants, plucking grass with hands, and much more similar non-equipment tasks are there in gardening for an eight-year-old kid to devote one hour of the day. 

Gardening will help the kid in earning money and not investing. Less time devotion practice with earning money will encourage the kid to do the job. They can also water the plants. Getting knowledge about plants will be a plus point. Though their dress might get dirty very often due to soil this helps in getting them a new job. Laundering can be considered a paid job.

  • Laundry

Ask them to soak their dirty clothes or arrange them properly near the laundry basket or ask them to wash their socks on their own. Including detergent and a washing machine in the work will not be appropriate for the eight-year-old. They might get confused about the quantity of the detergent, electricity is nothing to handle for an eight-year-old. Laundry includes small tasks like arranging dirty clothes inside the basket properly, washing socks. This will help the kid in learning the ability of organizations and arrangement of things.

  • Illusionist/Magician

If Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers can start his career as an illusionist at the age of six then why not your eight-year-old kid. The eight-year-old should learn some tricks before charging money. They can easily learn small tricks with the help of the internet. After practice, for several days the kid will become the master of the trick and with some fancy dress can be called a professional magician at a party next door.  

Every kid is fond of magic irrespective of being an introvert or extrovert. The tricks of children can be popular by distributing cards in the neighborhood. You can also adopt the strategy of giving an introduction to the tricks, make your kid perform two tricks in front of the moms of the neighborhood, and give them the hand-made card of your magician kid for shows. The kid can also be a part of real magic shows by being an assistant to a professional adult illusionist.

  • Washing Car

Washing a car can be a fun-loving job for your kid during winters. Though washing the car can be done at ease and comfort of the kid but requires a lot of attention from someone adult. As not everywhere the kid can wash the car, the kid might not be paid enough as he/she will only wash the car and not interiors, taking care of not damaging the car, not being able to wash the roof of the car.

The job can be fun work for the kid, and also will make them understand about being responsible. If your car can be washed inside the premises of your household then the eight-year-old can wash the car of your friend who came to pay a visit in the same place. 

  • Pet The Pet

A pet in your house can be of great help to the kid as this will already train him/her about how to correctly pet. If there is no pet do not worry, because puppies and cats usually attract kids. Encourage your kid to do chores for the pet in the neighborhood. An eight-year-old is too small to handle big dogs so make sure they get in touch with small pets.

The job can make them earn very much by simply making the puppy walk to the park or by giving a bath to the pet. The job also needs to be checked that the pet is friendly with the kid and will not harm the boy/girl.

  • Shoveling Snow

The way the eight-year-old can make money by cleaning leaves in the Spring, then why not make them shovel snow from the driveway. After or before making snow mane and playing in the snow the eight-year-old kid can clean the driveway of their house as well as anyone in the neighborhood. This will help them earn money as well as sometimes cookies from the sweet aunty next door. 

  • DIY Kid

The kid is creative, if he/she can make their business cards then you should encourage him/her in opening their craft shop. They can easily make small greeting cards and sell those among their friends on New Year, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. For a kid with some knowledge of how to paint, then the kid can sell easter decorated eggs. The creative and artistic eight-year-old can also try their hands in making Christmas Tree ornaments. They can also make friendship bands for friendship day. This job will need a creative mind and a bit of investment in papers and sketches. 

  • Early Morning Kid

The kid who loves to get up early in the morning can be paid for picking up the newspapers and milk cans with mails and posts from the mailbox at home. The money earned from the job will help them get motivated in getting early, this might also get them the job of delivering newspapers in the household. For delivering newspapers the kid should know how to ride a bicycle and can deliver newspapers in the block. The job will make them earn without investing. 

In Conclusion

An eight-year-old kid is in the age group of learning and is passing through his/her growth years. Jobs like delivering newspapers, taking the pet for a walk will help them in being fit and keep them away from being lethargic. On the other hand jobs like being an illusionist and DIY working will help them be creative. Likewise, all the jobs mentioned will benefit the child in their mental and physical growth. They will become responsible and skills to think about everything with a broader perspective will grow including communication skills as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do to encourage my child to save the money earned from the job?

Answer. You can encourage your child to save money by asking him/her about saving the money for their desired toy. This will also help the kid in being motivated towards earning money until they have reached the value of the toy.

  • Can I let my kid use some small grass-cutting tools?

Answer 2. This will not be a great idea to let your eight-year-old kid use equipment which has even a small size blade. This might lead to some accidents.

  • Will watching the video to become an illusionist regularly be okay for my kid’s eyesight? 

Answer 3. The duration of the video should be limited, keep a check on the attraction of the screen as well. Attraction to the screen can be dangerous for the eyesight of the kid.

Jobs For 8-Year-Olds- Career Advice

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