Is It Good To Give 100% At Work?

Is It Good To Give 100% At Work?

 No, giving your 100% at work is not a myth. Moreover, It would be better to say that people usually do their best or say 100% at your workspace. While most people relate giving their 100% with perfection, although giving 100% at work is not about perfection, it is about efficiency. People constantly exhaust themselves to meet the needs of perfection. If they do not mix our 100% efforts with excellence, they can achieve success. Is It Good To Give 100% At Work?

Success is not about coming out all perfect. Success is a result of failures and attempts. Therefore, giving 100% at work is good, not even good it’s the best. One should prefer to give their 100% at work, for example, while this article is being ready, it should be written down with the proper information and served with 100% efforts to make this article stand out. That’s how it works, one needs to work on themselves for themselves. Sometimes, at work, people have to encounter a lot of difficulties such as competitions, lack of time, personal life tensions, etc. These hindrances make them use alternative methods to complete the work that usually keeps them away from giving our 100% towards our work. People need to prioritize their work because as it is already said that “work is worship”. How you get your work done is an important step, both personally and professionally.

There are two prominent rules in the context, the first rule is the Pareto Principle or commonly known as the 80-20 rule, which states that 80% of the consequences or results are generated from 20% of efforts. This main emphasis is on working smarter over working harder. Well, it’s quite correct if we consider the fact of the unavailability of the time these days. Nowadays, working harder is overrated. According to this rule, more than half of the outcomes are the result of 20% of efforts. As business psychologist Karen Moloney says “Perfection is how they define themselves and to let anything out of their hands that isn’t 100 percent goes against their sense of professional pride.” She says the trick is to remember it is about delivering what the business needs, not what you want to give.

One needs to work both ways, smarter as well as harder. If they are working harder for their work, this increases their labor. To work hard is to reflect your dedication to your work. People have always been told that they should work hard to attain their specific goals. Although, hard work is quite an overrated concept these days still nothing beats hard work and determination. If you are a hardworking person, then, you will achieve your goals maybe a little late but you will achieve it for sure. Consistency is one of the best traits one can have. Therefore, hard work is as important as smart work.

On the other hand, nowadays people prefer working smarter over working harder, which is indeed quite valid for this generation. People don’t have time these days. They are moving at the fastest pace. There is no room for wasting time, utilization of time to the utmost benefits. 

Although, shortcuts are never the better option. These days of people preferring shortcuts over anything is leading us to a more complex and corrupt lifestyle. The concept of originality and creativity is somewhat fading away. Content copying and misuse of others’ work is quite evident these days.  For example, when we surf on social media these days, we find that there is a lot of the same content and we find repetitive stuff everywhere; rarely, we see original and fresh content.

Reasons to give 100% at work:

Increases efficiency.

Scope for improvement.

Personal growth.


Chances of better outcomes.

So, these are some of the reasons why it is good to give 100% at work.

80-20 Rule: How Does It Work?

When we talk about the 80-20 rule which describes that our 20% efforts lead us to our 80% outcome. For some people, it might work as well. In the days of fast forward lifestyle, this rule quite fits in. This is the generation working smartly and efficiently. It would be quite unjust to say that this rule doesn’t work at all, it works if we put effort and use our minds to the fullest. Accordingly, both working smart enough and working better is necessary to bring out the best and succeed.  And now, the second rule is the law of diminishing returns, which suggests that as you reach near 100%, you start to provide proportionally more effort and energy on the remaining deeds. For example, social media is something people love these days the most and people are coming up with lots of talent and creativity, still, the rarest of the rare content always stands out and for that one needs both smart and hard work.


This explains how giving your 100% at work is a good option because putting your best performance never goes in vain. With the 80-20 rule, one surely can come up with smart ideas but hard work is a must. If you are not giving your 100% at work then, it is almost like deceiving yourself with your work. You must deliver your best to be presentable and outstanding. Always remember that nothing is more charming than your dedication and consistency in your work. This is how it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it necessary to give your 100% at work?

Ans. No, it is not necessary to give your 100% at work. It is completely up to you whether you want to give your 100% or less. Although, giving your best is always the better option.  

Q2. Would you prefer working smarter or harder?

Ans. Although working smarter is always preferred over working harder, hard work is the real secret ingredient to success. You can be both smart and hardworking at the same time. Nowadays, smart work is prioritized and it is completely fine. Therefore, you should work both ways smarter as well as harder.

Is It Good To Give 100% At Work?

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