How Many Hours Is a 9 to 5 Job?

How Many Hours Is a 9 to 5 Job?

Nowadays, 9 to 5 is the new overtime. When someone says that they have a 9 to 5 job, at first, we might think that they have what most people seek. But is that really what people seek in life? 

Though the naked human eye might only see it like 8 hours, it is very evident that it demands way more than it shows. These 9 to 5 jobs expand beyond those eight hours. Thousands of people wake up every morning thinking about the one hour they will have to spend in their car or a cab or in public transport to commute to their workplace. The extra load of work ends up taking the after hours, sometimes leading to sleepless nights. Most people believe that 9 to 5 is just a myth because most people work beyond those eight hours. 

Intertwined Personal and Professional Lives

The same people miss their homemade warm meals during their lunch breaks and the faces of their loved ones while a stack of files lies in front of their eyes. The exhaustion slowly takes over the body, and by the time those dreading eight hours of work are over, all the mind can think of is the cozy bed. This cycle of life remains the same until the weekend arrives, and all one can think of is spending time relaxing with their loved ones. That is exactly when pending, or an extra load of work comes in to ruin the cheer. Soon, the stress that comes with the job seeps into one’s life after the 9 to 5, causing anger and mental health issues in mind and attachment issues with the loved ones. We overwork ourselves because we are conditioned to believe that happiness can only be achieved with struggle, and later on, that struggle is glorified for all the wrong reasons. The race for promotions and the competitive environment makes it even more difficult because everybody wants to be the “Best Employee of the Month.” This stress files up, and people end up taking it out on their personal lives affecting most of their relationships.

Impact of Covid-19 on 9 to 5 Jobs

The pandemic and the series of lockdowns have played their fair share of role in changing the scenario of 9 to 5 jobs. People found peace in the comfort of their homes during the lockdowns. Therefore, it can be correct to say that the pandemic had a partly positive impact on the lives of the people working 9 to 5 jobs. People saved time and utilized the same on working on themselves, making up for lost times, and reconciling with old friends. The distance helped in improving work relationships, and mental peace, in performing better than ever before. Studies prove that working outside of confined spaces helps people perform better while also providing mental and physical health benefits. Studies also show that this is the very reason why self-employed people are more satisfied with their work and personal lives. Though, during certain occasions, workplaces tried to reinforce stricter rules to stop the employees from lagging in their work. It will not be entirely fair to say that the pandemic had only positive impacts on the 9 to 5 jobs. Thousands of people lost their jobs or had to give up on them due to severe health conditions, a shutdown of workplaces, and the unavailability of resources at hand. 

Pro and Cons of a 9 to 5 Job

One can think of several benefits to be achieved from a 9 to 5 job:

  • Become a part of a competitive social environment
  • Work on self-enhancement skills
  • Opportunity to learn from the ones around you
  • Have less responsibility on your shoulders
  • Make full use of the benefits provided by the company.

There are several disadvantages of s 9 to 5 job:

  • Lack of individuality as you will always have to follow
  • Causes severe damage to the mental and physical health
  • Working hours are not always flexible
  • Lack of personal space and time
  • Discrimination and favoritism determine one’s success

How Can 9 to 5 Jobs Affect a Person’s Mental Health?

It’s not a secret that these 9 to 5 jobs can be extremely hectic and cause great stress in individuals. Many times, the stress builds up, causing severe physical as well as mental health issues. A single bad day at the office ends up ruining more than just the right hours of a day from your life. Sometimes, people take up jobs that they do not like or are dissatisfied with, which can be a traumatic experience for them. Such trauma lasts for more than a few hours or months. 

Are 9 to 5 jobs Worth the Risk?

For many people out there, 9 to 5 jobs are the sole source of family income, and hence, they will take up all the extra hours needed for that extra pay, but is it morally correct to make employees work for such long hours little pay? There are several countries where employees working 9 to 5 jobs aren’t treated as nicely as developed countries. There are discrimination and inequality based on gender, race, and religion. Different people may have different opinions on this subject. Such poor working environments’ harsh realities must be brought to light and taken severe action against. Modern workspaces contradict the very purpose of these 9 to 5 jobs, i.e., to eradicate workers’ exploitation. 

Even though these companies might have good pay and provide extra facilities, one must not perform selflessly. It would be best if you always keep yourself first. If you’re working at the expense of your mental health and personal relationships, it definitely is not worth it! 

Work for what you love and what you believe in. 

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How Many Hours Is a 9 to 5 Job?

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