Hooters Careers- Job Application Process, Their Salary, And Benefits

Hooters Careers - Job Application Process (with Screenshots), Salary, Benefits

Introduction: Hooters is ditching the exposing costumes in a modern twist restaurant that will employ both men and women waiting for staff – the significant shift for a brand famed for its barely clothed servers. If you are searching for information for jobs at hooter’s restaurant then you are on the right article. The business, which is known for mixing tropical concepts with sports-bar mindsets, offers a variety of restaurant jobs that may be accessed online or in-store. Here, we have provided the information about Hooters Careers for you guys so that you can solve all your queries and can easily go for it. Keep reading till the end. 

Paragraph answer: The restaurant company, which opened its first location in Florida in early 1983, is noted for its good-looking young women staff who serve chicken wings and are dressed in tight orange shorts & the low-cut tank tops with the Hooters symbol printed over the chests. The servers have long been a selling element for the restaurant, & they even offer the calendars of ‘Hooters girls.’ In a short period, this restaurant chain gained popularity. Currently, they have 420 Hooters locations in 29 nations. There are around 320 restaurants in the United States, spread over 42 states. Hooters serves burgers, fried chicken, fish, Tex-Mex, as well as hard liquor and chicken wings.

Job opportunities 

The basic restaurant & bar venues continue the beach theme introduced in the original site. The chain’s hallmarks include playing music, showing sporting competitions on large-screen televisions, & serving a varied cuisine that includes seafood, burgers, as well as renowned chicken wings. Candidates might work in a variety of typical restaurant vocations, such as kitchen help, hosting & waitress positions, as well as management jobs, inside the firm. Although prior knowledge in the retailing, restaurant, & hotel industries could be advantageous in the recruiting process, every entry-level applicant must fulfill basic hiring standards.

Maintaining customer-first attitudes, the flexibility to work different schedules, and a desire to work in a team atmosphere are all characteristics that Hooters looks for in new workers.

Another employment title linked with the restaurant & bar firm is Hooters Girl. Workers in the position as waitresses must be entirely female, conform to modeling requirements in contrast to the usual serving criteria, as well as wear the business proper uniform. To ensure repeat business, Hooters Girls should give outstanding customer service, maintain consistent energy and charm, and connect with each client.

Comparable to other modeling professions, servers must submit the latest image with all other employment documents. Positions provide competitive compensation & access to a variety of employment perks.

Basic Requirement

Candidates must be at least 18 yrs old as well as hold a high school diploma / GED in addition to work with Hooters. Many entry-level professions need simply that applicants be of a certain age, as the employers provide extensive training upon employment. Managers may be required to have prior expertise in related sectors to be considered as outside applicants. The roles that are currently open in the Hooter restaurant & beverage industry are listed below.

Jobs available at Hooter

Hooters Girl:  Hooters Girls continue to be prominent symbols of the restaurant name, serving as waitresses at each outlet. Workers in server jobs must have particular criteria, such as being at least 18 years old, being able to keep a beautiful & fit image, knowing how to do elegant hairstyling, as well as understanding correct make-up usage. Server tasks include entertaining visitors, working in groups, increasing sales, correctly portraying promotions, & marketing. The Hooters Girl should also demonstrate menu knowledge, fast service, order fulfillment, as well as professional and safe cash management methods. Depending on the area, Hooters Girls earn typical server salaries. The majority of waiters get a salary that is supplemented by tips.

Bartender: The major responsibilities of the Bartenders are to prepare & serve alcoholic drinks by the company’s requirements. Mixing components for drinks such as soda, water, apple juice, ice, & alcohol to make alcoholic, as well as non-alcoholic beverages, is one of the specific tasks and responsibilities. Bartenders are often required to connect with customers & create a welcoming and happy environment. Bartenders would also offer food & beverages to all customers & must fulfill all given responsibilities from the start to the finish of their work hours. Bartenders are mostly in charge of filling food requests for bosses as well as other staff.

Host: The host and hostess are responsible for welcoming clients on their arrival & maintaining a pleasant and enthusiastic attitude at all moments. When seated customers, associates ought to be aware of menu updates, seating arrangements, as well as drink offers. The host might be responsible for to-go orders & also the sale of business products. Proper hygiene, food hygiene, processing payments, & restaurant maintenance are among the other responsibilities. The host or hostess often pays from $8.00 to $9.00 per hour and usually works part-time shifts with open mobility, including weekends and nights.

Assistant Managers: Assistant Managers’ primary duty is to report quickly to the General Manager to accept work orders for the day. Essentially, Assistant Managers at Hooters are responsible for assisting in the leadership of operations & instructing Team Members to work as effectively as possible during their shift. Being an Assistant Manager, you should plan to work 5 days per week, and your schedule could include late shifts, Saturdays, as well as sometimes vacations. Assistant Managers have to be passionate about their work & are required to set a good example for everyone by educating them to be efficient & result oriented. The assistant manager of the hooter may earn approximately $38333 annually. 

Servers: The main duties of a Hooters Servers are providing drinks & snacks to clients and satisfying their every request in a polite & professional way. They must also welcome guests as they arrive and leave the restaurant, answer inquiries, make helpful suggestions about foods & beverages, & offer general customer service. The food servers should also send all food requests to the cook or service bars using the POS system as efficiently as possible. They must also give the check to the client and collect a payment, as well as make proper changes and finish the necessary change pay system.

Cook: The cooks are in charge of making & cooking every order, and organizing and presenting ready food. Workers should be able to execute all station responsibilities, such as Fried, Griddle, Store, Flat Top, & egg boiling. The Cook has to interact with the management and on-duty waiters at all regularly to make sure client orders are processed quickly. Cooks are required to complete all allocated responsibilities as directed by management as well as to keep the working area clean & tidy in respect of the firm’s operating requirements.

Job application process 

Step 1: The first step for applying for a job at hooter is just to open the career website of Hooters. 

Hooters Careers

Step 2: Then scroll down the page of the website and click on the apply button for further steps. 

Hooters Careers

Step 3: After you have clicked on the apply button you will come to a page where you have to fill in the location and which type of job you are searching for. ( full-time, part-time, etc.). 

Hooters Careers

Step 4: The next step of the application process is to click on the job role which is suitable for you. 

Step 5: After you have clicked on the job position, you will see the job description, duties & responsibilities, and all the information about that job. And then click on the column “Apply for this job online”. 

Step 6: Then you have to create an account on the hooter career portal website you can add your Gmail, Google, Facebook, Linked In, etc, accounts also. Fill in your data and other important details in the form and check it once and click on the “submit profile”. And then fill in the application form details and you are done with it.

Hooters Careers

Status of the Application

Candidates generally hear back regarding employment opportunities within 1 or 2 weeks, usually by form emails verifying receipt serving as the initial point of contact. Normally, one-on-one interviews with recruiting managers take place at the destination of recruitment. Applicants who have not received communication may choose to visit venues directly. Calling, texting, and seeing sites in person are all possibilities for follow-up. When attempting to identify the application status for each alternative, candidates should stay respectful, honest, and pleasant.


Checking out the most recent wages by field & job position. Hooters’ estimated yearly pay, including incentives & bonuses, is $109,020, and $52 an hour, whereas the projected median wage is $109,825, and $52 an hour.

The highest-paying position at Hooters seems to be Director of Sales, which pays $243,272 per year, while the lowest-paying one is CS Rep, which pays $40,181 per year. Average Hooters wages by department are as follows: administration ($58,711), information technology ($65,731), finance ($91,111), & operational ($79,210). 50% of Hooters’ employees earn more than $109,825. Approximate 56 Hooters workers rate their salary as the lowest. 45 percent of comparably sized firms make a unique contribution (based on 170 evaluations), whereas 55 Hooters workers rank their Bonuses And Incentives as the worst. 25% of similarly sized businesses on Comparably. Salary contributions from Hooters workers include positions such as Sales Manager.   


Employees at Hooters avail huge benefits being an employee you will have insurance choices like dental & complete medical insurance. Workers also get paid holidays, sick leave, & paid holidays.

Employees also benefit from numerous possibilities for promotion, competitive compensation, corporate training, referrals, and discounted breakfasts, lunch, or dinners. Employees are having amazing salary rates, they also provide an advanced career to their employees in this field. 


Hooters has a variety of employment openings for which individuals may apply on their careers page. The hiring procedure at Hooters is short and easy. If you would like to apply for a position at Hooters online, you can do so by following the steps stated in the previous section. The beach motif is reflected in the bar sites and informal restaurants. Hooters was founded in the same area where it first opened its doors. Hooters’ mainstays include showing sporting events on huge LED screens, playing music, as well as serving a varied cuisine that includes famous chicken wings, hamburgers, & seafood. Applicants can apply for a variety of regular restaurant vacancies around the company.

Frequently Asked Question   

Question: Do Hooters Girls offer marketing, corporate events, and so on?

Answer: Hooters Girls provide a fun touch to any event, as well as they are usually available when the event satisfies their criteria & can be arranged ahead of time. Hooters Girls participate in charity events, sales meetings, conferences, and festivals, among other things. For further information, ask the general manager of your area’s Hooters. The ideal time to visit a manager is between 3 to 4 p.m. Monday to Thursday.

Question: How can I get a list of recent Hooters promos?

Answer: This website’s home page includes a list of ongoing promotions. Not every locality, although, will be mentioned. They have restaurants all around the world because they became this huge corporation-type entity, so they can’t mention everything that’s going around. The easiest method to receive up-to-date information is to contact your nearest Hooters. The contact information of a Hooters restaurant can be found using this web locator.

Question: Is it necessary for me to keep a history of my transactions?

Answer: Simply input the code and scan the receipts into the HootClub Application to take credit for your transaction. They understand if you need to keep those records for your scrapbook as well as frame them to put in your closet. However, it is not needed because the software will display you the entire transaction information.

Question: When would the next Hooters Restaurant be established near me?

Answer: They cannot properly determine launch dates owing to the various elements impacting a restaurant’s development, therefore they don’t create commitments they can’t follow. They update their store locator with new places so that you can simply discover whether a Hooters restaurant has just been newly launched near you.

Hooters Careers- Job Application Process, Their Salary, And Benefits

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