Nutrition is a quite vast subject and it is a field by which one can acquire knowledge and experience in food, healthy diet, diet plan, and nutritious recipes. To become a Nutritionist, it is mandatory to get a degree which would be a 4 years bachelor’s degree in the field of food science, nutrition, dietetics, and nutritional sciences. Many colleges and universities all around the world offer a bachelor’s degree in the field of food science, dietetics, healthcare, clinical nutrition, and human nutrition. Bachelor’s is the minimum educational requirement to become a Nutritionist after graduating one can go for fieldwork in the hospital setting as a clinical Nutritionist or in the food industry. After completing four years of bachelor’s degree from a university one can go for a master’s degree to broaden their understanding and expertise in the field of food science and nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, community nutrition, and healthy lifestyle to overcome various disorders and ailments.

Who is a Nutritionist?

A Nutritionist is a healthcare professional and expert in the field of health, nutrition, food science, and clinical nutrition. After completing a bachelor’s, a nutritionist can work in various settings such as clinics, hospitals, the food industry, schools, community organizations. The nutritionist can have a quite broad career he/she can work in a hospital as a healthcare professional to plan meals for patients and guide them about healthy diet and nutritious food choices as well as in a school nutritionist can guide children about healthy food choices and physical activity to be active.

Duties of a Nutritionist

A nutritionist play plethora of roles in the hospital setting, clinics, food industries, community organization, and schools. Nutritionists help people to make healthy changes in their diet and with their excellent skills make diet plans for people suffering from various advanced diseases.

Types of Nutritionists

Becoming a nutritionist is a field full of opportunities and several benefits but to choose this field as a career one must need to know the different types of Nutritionist and must understand that which type of nutritionist one wants to become.


This is a broader term and includes all the roles performed by a nutritionist who has completed a bachelor’s after acquiring education in the field of food and nutrition, community nutrition, dietetics, health management, wellness.

Certified Nutrition Specialist:

A certified Nutrition specialist is someone who has certified for the certification of a nutrition specialist. These types of Nutritionists work in hospital settings or clinics.  

There are a variety of courses offered to become a nutritionist and every course require fieldwork in the hospital and food industries in the four-year degree program approximately 16 courses are being offered and a person who wants to become a nutritionist/has to study all the courses which are being offered to him during his duration of studies. Some of the courses are;

  • Food Science
  • Dietetics
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Food technology
  • Community Nutrition
  • Public health
  • Advanced nutrition in health and disease

These are some of the major courses which are necessary to be studied by a person who is interested to become a nutritionist.

After completion of a bachelor’s degree, many people go for more advanced studies to become more skillful and advanced in the field of nutrition by pursuing masters in the nutrition field. After graduating from internships in hospitals, clinics are necessary to gain knowledge and experience too about how to treat patients and making diet charts for various ailments.

To become a registered nutritionist or licensed nutritionist an exam has to be taken by a nutritionist to get the license and work as a licensed nutritionist in a hospital setting or school or food industry.

Clinical nutritionist mostly works in a healthcare setting such as a clinic or hospital and treat patients through diet and change in the dietary approaches of patients. Public health nutritionists work in public health settings for instance in communities, health organizations, angios, public health clinics to provide dietary assistance in the form of healthcare advice to prevent disorders. Management nutritionist has the most important role in other institutions such as prisons, schools, colleges, old homes and they plan their diet management nutritionists not only plan the diet of the people but also evaluate the impact of the healthy diet on their health.

A nutritionist is an expert in the field of food and nutritious diet they help people to choose the right diet to fight against various diseases. Their job is to develop meal plans, diet charts for the people and educate them about a healthy diet and how to overcome ailments that can be harmful to human health. Nutritionists plan diets for the patients, evaluate their diet, and follow up. A Nutritionist works individually with a patient to treat the disease as a diabetic nutritionist works for the patient to plan his/her diet, create a nutritious low glycemic index diet and check their dietary patterns, keep a check on the patient’s 24-hour recall. If your passion is to help people by adding an improvement in their diet and to improve your skills related to nutrition and health then Nutritionist is the best field to go for. To study nutrition and courses related to this particular field one needs to have awareness and knowledge of nutrition, health, wellness, diet, etc.

Careers after completion of degree:

After completion of the degree which is a four years bachelor’s degree in the field of food science, dietetics, health and wellness, community nutrition he/she becomes a dietcian can opt for certain careers in the future which can be a highly popular and best profession to opt for and to earn perfect. There are plenty of career choices ahead if one completes his/her graduation in nutrition and interested to become a nutritionist. A nutritionist is a nutrition expert and there are the following easiest steps to become a nutritionist.

Complete a bachelor’s degree: To become a dietcian one needs to earn a bachelor’s degree which would be of 4 years. Many people after completing a bachelor’s degree they go for more advanced studies and opt for a master’s degree to become more advanced in this field and to acquire more knowledge in the nutrition field. A plethora of courses is available which can help you to become a qualified Nutritionist. A nutritionist may have a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, clinical nutrition, food science, food technology, community nutrition, and public health.  

Internship experience: Internships are the indispensable part of becoming a nutritionist. If you want to become a nutritionist or fond of this field and want to opt for this field in the future then you must go for internships. Internships in hospital settings, clinics as a nutritionist are highly important and it is beneficial for a nutritionist to gain experience as well as knowledge about how to handle the different queries related to food, nutrition, health and to guide patients about a healthy lifestyle. One can do an internship during his/her studies too to gain immense knowledge and to understand this field even better because if one wants to become a dietician he/she will have o be more practical and should be a good communicator. After all, he/she has to have a conversation or communication with the clients as well as patients and only a dietcian is a person who can satisfy the people and help them to overcome the disorder and its effect. Therefore, an internship is a major part of becoming a nutritionist and many universities offer internships to their students during studies because fieldwork is quite important to become a professional nutritionist.  

The License: After graduating one can work as a nutritionist but Many work institutions require a license and in states, it is mandatory to have your license with you before starting work as a nutritionist in a hospital, clinic, school, food industry.

A nutritionist can become a certified Nutritionist after completing bachelor’s (4 years) and internship programs as well as community work which is also very important for a nutritionist to gain knowledge and success in the future. This profession is highly competitive therefore, everyone who wants to become a nutritionist needs to be very hardworking, intelligent, and be practical because one has to work in the field with different people and handle many situations. After becoming a qualified nutritionist by completing education in the nutrition-related field then one can go for a job in hospitals, clinics, schools, public sectors, offices, community, etc. and the salary is also very satisfying to workload depends upon the number of patients and clients.

Now there comes two more advanced forms of being a nutritionist;

Certified Nutritionist
Nutrition Consultant

Certified Nutritionist

Becoming a certified nutritionist is not so difficult if you have the passion and desire to become a nutritionist then certainly you can become a certified nutritionist. To become a certified nutritionist, you need to complete a bachelor’s in the field of clinical nutrition. Once you complete your graduation in clinical nutrition you must have to go for a masters’ degree too to become a certified nutritionist. For masters, one must select the course wisely food and nutrition and clinical nutrition both are excellent courses to go for in a master’s degree. In addition to it, you need at least 900 hours of internship which is an indispensable part of becoming a nutritionist. It helps you to increase confidence in your abilities and you become more content about your work. A certified dietician can easily work in a hospital and help patients to overcome disorders and other ailments. The hands-on experience and practice of certified nutritionists enable them to deal with various advanced diseases and prepare the best meal plans and diet plans for patients.

Nutrition Consultant

Nutrition consultant is the one who assesses the diet, eating habit, and evaluate the dietary pattern and then suggest changes in the lifestyle and also provide supplements sometimes to make the client motivated. Some people do this mistake and use nutritionist and nutrition consultant interchangeably, however, both are different and their work is different from each other too. To opt for a nutrition consultant as your profession is also a good decision and it does not require more time and effort to become a nutrition consultant like a nutritionist. You need to earn a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field, need to do internships, and can become a nutrition consultant.

Those people who are passionate about helping people and providing knowledge to the masses about the importance of nutrition and healthy food then adopting nutrition as your career pathway can be very promising as well as highly rewarding for you.

A nutritionist can understand the fundamentals of nutrition and how to use that knowledge and awareness to help people of all ages. There is so much conflicting and confusing information about types of diets, foods are present online and many people get confused and gutted when they read that confusing information about food but a qualified nutritionist can help the people to vanish the confusion regarding food and its consumption. Therefore, a nutritionist needs to be experienced in the field and should have good communication skills so he/she can convince people about healthy diet and lifestyle changes. A nutritionist is the one who can motivate people and encourage them to leave their bad habit of eating junk or fast food and help them to start changing their lifestyle and eating habits.

Professional credentials are highly important in any field and so in becoming a nutritionist too. If you have a good education and gained immense knowledge in the field of nutrition then you are not far from using this title of Nutritionist with your name. The salary of a nutritionist or nutrition specialist is also quite satisfying and one can be very happy after knowing that he/she can earn that much after completing education in the field of food and nutrition, clinical nutrition, community nutrition, food science. Adopting nutrition as your field of study and becoming a nutritionist is not that easy everyone has to work hard to achieve anything in life similarly, to become a nutritionist many things need to be kept in mind. It is a complex and multifaceted career and those who want to opt for this career need to be very practical and efficient in the field of health and related terms. Nutritionists need to be active and be trustworthy because your client is dependent on you and your patient whatever, you say to your patient he/she will trust you because they believe that you have knowledge and awareness as well as experience regarding nutritious diet, healthy lifestyle. The understanding of nutritionists towards food, health, and wellness is more than anyone because they are experts in nutrition and healthy diet therefore, they have more knowledge in the health field.

To become a nutritionist, one needs to be very active and be practical and should have excellent communication skills. To become a nutritionist, you need to complete the study and certain courses are offered to you to complete your curriculum. Certain courses offer is an introduction to nutrition, healthy lifestyle, diet management, food safety, disease prevention through healthy food. Once you have earned a bachelor’s degree one can start an internship in a hospital setting or clinic if you are more interested to go for a hospital work environment then you must go for an internship in a hospital setting to gain experience, knowledge, and awareness and certainly how to deal with patients and how to listen to their quires and answer all the questions patiently. After completing graduation (bachelor’s degree) one can go for more advanced studies such as a master’s degree in clinical nutrition or food and human nutrition. Your next step will be achieving a license to start practicing as a professional nutritionist in a hospital setting. If one is determined to become a nutritionist it is not difficult to adopt this career as your profession and you can learn so many things by becoming a nutritionist. The job growth for a nutritionist is also quite high and they earn a good amount of money as the need for healthy food and nutritious diet is being increased these days and everyone is running towards healthy diet to increase their immune system and prevent all infectious diseases.

Many universities offer courses to pursue to become a qualified nutritionist simple steps can be followed to become a nutritionist.  

  1. Choose the courses related to nutrition
  2. Earn a bachelor’s degree (4 years)
  3. Go for internships at least 100 hours
  4. Go for advanced studies (masters in clinical nutrition or dietetics or food science)
  5. Take an exam to get a license
  6. Start working as a qualified and professional nutritionist in a hospital setting or clinic.

These are some of the common steps which seem simple but it requires effort and hard work to turn all these basic steps into reality. One can go for this profession and can get so many job opportunities in various health settings. In the United States becoming a nutritionist means you will earn so much and will be popular among the masses too because many want to get expert advice from the nutritionist about their health and lifestyle as well as dietary patterns. In the United States, you complete the bachelors’ degree from a university then internship during studies and after studies is mandatory to acquire knowledge and experience about dealing with various clients and patients. Many courses are offered in the university one needs to study the required courses and has to complete an internship in hospital settings and it should be 900-hours.

After completion of studies, you can opt for higher and advanced studies such as masters in clinical nutrition, food science, or dietetics apart from that, a test is mandatory to get legality to work in a hospital environment. A Nutritionist is an artist of food he/she knows what to eat when to eat and how much to eat and a nutritionist is an expert on nutritious diet and health. Nutritionist deals with food and acquires knowledge in the field of health and dietary pattern. Becoming a nutritionist means you will get advanced awareness and knowledge about clinical problems that are associated with many illnesses and how to treat them naturally through the intake of a nutrient-enriched diet.

The nutritionist profession is a highly important one and those who are interested in this field need to be a complete graduate in the field related to nutrition. Simple yet necessary steps need to be kept in mind to choose to become a nutritionist as your career pathway firstly, one must need to complete his/her bachelor’s degree because without it no one can become a qualified nutritionist it is the first step towards becoming a nutritionist. Courses related to nutrition, community health all need to be completed secondly, an internship is required to complete the internship in different hospitals and clinics to get exposure and experience. It is a highly important and mandatory part of the bachelor’s degree to do an internship too and internships could be in schools, community, hospital settings, clinics, and other office settings. These steps help you to become a professional nutritionist. Research work is always included in the bachelor’s degree and from different research works one research work needs to be selected and has to do work on that. Research can be related to any topic such as clinical nutrition; in this any specific disease you can go for and can do complete research on that. Another one is a sensory evaluation where one product its aroma, texture, the taste has to be evaluated and their effect on health.

Another very important one is nutrition education in this research work nutrition education has to be given to the people or sometimes in schools and colleges about the importance of a healthy diet. It requires more effort and hard work. After completing that research work person can become a qualified nutritionist and then can work in the field either in a hospital setting, clinics, or in a community, office. Nutrition is a very vast field and becoming a nutritionist can be very helpful not only for you but for the health of other people too.

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