ARCO Careers- Job Application Process, their Salary, And Benefits

ARCO Careers

Arco is an Atlantic Richfield Company, a brand of gasoline station founded by Robert Orville Anderson about 55 years ago in 1966 in the United States. Today Arco is owned by Tesoro Corporation and Marathon Petroleum, headquartered in Houston, Texas, United States. Mike R. Bowlin is the current president, and Jeff Cook is the current CEO of the company. Today’s topic- ARCO Careers.

Brief History 

An American gas company, Atlantic Richfield Company, merged with Atlantic Petroleum and the Richfield oil corporation and named ARCO. 

Later it was acquired by BP in 2000 for $26.8 billion. Bp retained the petroleum company and started an environmental clean-up company. 

In 2012, BP sold ARCO to Tesoro for $2.5 billion. 

In 2018, Tesoro was partnered with Marathon and presently owning together on ARCO. 

Type: Public

Industry: Petroleum (1966- 2000)

                Environmental clean-up (2000 -present)

Owners: Marathon (2018-present)

               Tesoro (2012- present)

               BP (2000-2012) 


A career at ARCO

Let us see some facts about ARCO, like Jobs requirements and career information.

ARCO is an American-based gas station with more than 1000 stores (2000). This company offers new employment opportunities for dedicated and enthusiastic candidates.  An Entry-level job at ARCO could be the best option for job seekers to earn and build careers. 

The minimum age limit to get a job at ARCO.

If you want to work at ARCO, the minimum age should be 18 years.

A working hour at ARCO

 Associates work for 8 hours a shift. Note: Employees can choose their desired shift timing. 

The time involved in getting hired at ARCO

It takes almost a week or two to get hired at ARCO. 

Drug Test at ARCO

No, the applicants do not go through any drug test during the hiring process at ARCO. 

How to apply at ARCO

ARCO provides both online and offline options for the applicants to apply. 

Requirement (Employees should have)

  • Good Communicator
  • Must be flexible and fast at their work
  • Must have integrity and a friendly nature. 
  • Must be Customer-oriented 
  • Must be able to stand all day long. 

Available Positions at ARCO

There are some job positions where the candidates can apply according to their desire. Some of the job positions available at ARCO are: 

They are   Cashier, Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Customer Service Representative, Maintenance Worker, and Transport Driver. 

Job opportunities at ARCO 

A company provides job opportunities across the United States.  The company offers gas station attendant and management positions for the candidates to apply. 

 There are more than 1000 locations that operate all over the United States. Most of the positions at ARCO allow only full-time working roles.  Prior experience in retail, management and gas stations increases the chance for applicants to be hired at ARCO. 

Entry-level positions including, cashiers, clerks, distributors, are the most available job positions at the amps convenience stores.  If you want to work as an entry-level employee in ARCO, you require specific skills in management and retail, training, and 18 years or above.

The onsite positions such as management department, service technicians, Engineers, analysts need years of experience, a high school diploma, special training, technical knowledge, and certifications are required to get hired at ARCO.    

ARCO popular position 

 Some of the job positions are given below, have a look at their description, responsibilities, and salary. 

1- Customer service associates: Their responsibility is to manage customers in the store. Customer service Associates interact directly with the customers to resolve their issues. ARCO pays a minimum wage for this position. Employees need to be good in communication, strength for standing all day long, and problem-solving.  

2- Service Technicians: Service technicians at ARCO are responsible for diagnosing damages and repairing them. They work as field service technicians by visiting client’s places for installing anything or making repairs. Employees enjoy both part-time and full-time work roles for this position at ARCO. Applicants need to have prior experience, certifications, and interest in the automobile sector to get hired at this job position. The full-time technicians earn up to $30,000 a year, whereas part-time workers earn $20,000 a year (part-time workers get hourly pay).

3- Assistant Manager: They are responsible for assisting the employees and supervising their work in ARCO. They oversee the day-to-day work, manage payroll, interview, and report to the store manager.  Applicants who apply for this particular job need a high school diploma, experience, and certifications to get hired.  ARCO pays about $17.00 per hour to its assistant manager. 

4- Management – They are responsible for strategizing, coordinating, and supervising the work of the store or gas station. This job position in the company requires high qualifications and experience in management and customer service. They must have leadership skills to manage the store, employees, and customers. The management team employees get high pay at ARCO. 

ARCO Job Application

Candidates can fill in the form by searching and visiting the official website of the company. The below-given steps will guide you to get a job at ARCO.  You can apply for any job position including, retail, store, manufacturing, and distribution.  The candidates can only fill the application online. 


1- Step 1: Go to ARCO’s official website or click on the career option or copy the link given below into your URL bar. 

2- Step 2: Search your desired job title like a store, warehouse, pharmacy, or corporate and click the job link to proceed further in the application. (Shown in the screenshot). 

3- Step 3:  Enter the keyword in or location in the search box shown in the screenshot (outlined in red). 

 ARCO Careers

4- Step 4: Select and click the desired job title that you want to apply for 

5- Step 5: Clicking on the job title link will open the job description page. Review the description (The description page tells you about the particular job, responsibilities, and requirements)

Then press the APPLY button to proceed with the process. (Outlined in red).

 ARCO Careers

6- Step 6: To a new profile by clicking on the CREATE A NEW PROFILE link 

7- Step 7: Fill in the first section of the page by submitting

  • First name (Legal)
  • Last name (Legal)
  • Email address
  • Confirm email address
  • Contact number
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Resume (upload)
  • Cover letter (upload)
  • Agree to the terms & conditions 


8- Step 8: Submit the required details for the remaining sections. 

Now, after filling in all the information, apply to end the process. 

Tips for applying at ARCO

  • ARCO offers a straightforward step for the applicants to process the application form. 
  • The company selects motivated, multitasking, and customer-oriented candidates. 
  • Make a simple, catchy but professional Resume/CV.
  • Mention all the previous working experience in the petroleum industry and customer service.  
  • Showcase your skills and ability to work with the customers.

Application status

  • The hiring process takes almost one to two weeks.
  • They may contact you within a week of applying. 
  • Wait for at least 24 to 72 hours, days before contacting them.  
  • You may call them via phone call Or email for the application status check. 
  • If management does not contact you within a week, then visit onsite. 
  • Visiting by sitting in person may increase your chance of getting hired. 
  • They may contact you either by direct phone call or email. 
  • Candidates should wisely choose the scheduling time to visit the nearest store. 

Tips before going for an interview

  • The candidates go through a phone screening, panel screening, and 1:1 interviews with the HR Team and supervisor. 
  • The applicants encounter questions regarding the skills required for the particular job. 
  • Dress accordingly during the interview may increase your chance of getting hired. 
  • The interview may last almost 20 to 30 minutes. 

Questions asked during an interview.

  • What is your perspective about ideal customer service? 
  • Tell me something about ARCO. 
  • Do you have any working experience in the petroleum industry? 
  • Brief about your strength and weakness
  • Are you interested in management and serving customers? 
  • How will you handle an angry customer? 

Benefits and perks at ARCO

ARCO employees earn numerous benefits and perks offered by the company. The list given below is the benefits that employees of ARCO receive. 

 1- Health and wellness 

  • Onsight healthcare checkup
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Medical plans 

2- Financial benefits

  • 401K plan
  • Bonus pay
  • Life insurance
  • Paid training
  • Retirement plans

3- Leave benefits

  • Paid time off (PTO)

4- Others

  • Meal discount
  • Development opportunity

How much does ARCO pay its employees? 

The average salary of ARCO employees is $32,445 per year, which means $15.6 an hour. 

The highest-paid income of the employees in the company is $136,916 of an Electrical Foreman.

The lowest-paid income of the employee in the company is $38,826 for an Assistant Manager. 

Employees at ARCO with different job roles earn different salaries, such as Accounting and Warehouse earns $53,299 and $32,022, respectively. 

The salary of an employee of ARCO also depends upon the different locations. The New York, NY, employees earned the highest pay. The employees of Humble, TX, get the lowest salary in comparison to other place employees. 

Salary of ARCO by job titles

Let us see some of the popular job titles at ARCO, showing some of the highest and the lowest salary range. 

  • Electrical Foreman: $137,916
  • Drilling Engineer- $137,526
  • Geophysicist- $100,976
  • Director Of Human Resources- $94,548
  • Senior Finance Analyst- $86,711
  • Project Manager- $79,463
  • Process Engineer- $70,406
  • Exploration Geologist- $68,398
  • Engineering Technician- $67,104
  • Consultant- $64,552
  • Sales Representative- $60,035
  • Journeyman Electrician- $57,326
  • Accountant- $56,591
  • Market Research Analyst- $51,698
  • Supervisor- $46,406
  • Journeyman/Foreman- $44,186
  • Superintendent- $43,505
  • Mechanic- $41,978
  • Secretary- $40,907
  • Assistant Manager- $38,826

ARCO salary by location

 The salary of an employee of ARCO also depends upon the different locations. The New York, NY, employees earned the highest pay. The employees of Humble, TX, get the lowest salary in comparison to other place employees. 

  • New York, NY- $38,123
  • Mahwah, NJ- $37,197
  • Oxnard, CA- $37,185
  • Humble, TX- $31,273

ARCO salary by department

Employees with particular job titles at different departments earn different salaries, Such as the department of Engineering gets the highest salary of $84,006, whereas Retail employees get paid less than $25,822 a year. 

  • Engineering- $84,006
  • Finance- $71,112
  • Human Resources- $60,381
  • IT- $58,776
  • Research & Development- $56,654
  • Accounting- $53,299
  • Construction- $46,454
  • Supply Chain- $46,380
  • Sales- $45,713
  • Plant/Manufacturing- $43,304
  • Facilities- $42,292
  • Administrative- $36,092
  • Warehouse- $32,022
  • Customer Service- $28,817
  • Non Profit/Government- $28,426
  • Retail- $25,822

ARCO competitor’s salary

ARCO is a popular gasoline company, so it’s normal if it has rivalries. Some of the rival companies of ARCO are Coral Spring, Pete’s Country Market, Egg Harbour Yachts, and many others.  The pay at Coral Spring is comparably higher than other rival companies. 

Let us see some of the competitor companies with their employees’ average salaries.

1- Coral Spring

Stars: 4.1

Average salary: $47,450

2- Roseville

Stars: 4.4

Average salary: $43,977

3- Patoka Lake Marina & Lodging

Stars: 2.7

Average salary: $43,304

4- Pete’s Country Market

Stars: 3.0

Average salary: $43,304

5- Weeki Wachee Spring

Stars: 3.4

Average salary: $43,176

6- Egg Harbour Yachts

Stars: 3.8

Average salary: $39,365

7-Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Stars: 3.8

Average salary: $39,091


Stars: 4.3

Average salary: $39,019

9-Missouri State Employees’ Retirement System

Stars: 3.6

Average salary: $38,085

10- Oklahoma City Zoo

Stars: 3.7

Average income: $34,659

The demographic background of ARCO

The demographic rate of the company is 9.9/10. 

The diversity ratio of the company is measured based on various factors, including ethnic background, language skills, and gender identity. The company has Great retention staff members which are usually 4.7 years.                                                                                                                                        


  • Male: 57.1%
  • Female: 37.2%
  • Unknown: 5.6% 


  • White: 55.3%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 22.5%
  • African American: 9.8 %
  • Asian: 7.4%
  • Unknown: 5.0 % 


  • Spanish: 65.8%
  • Portuguese: 7.0% 
  • French: 6.1%
  • Others: 4%

Frequently asked questions about ARCO.

1- Is there any dress code for the interview at ARCO? 

A- There is no specific dress code, but wear business casual attire for the ARCO interview. 

2- How much does ARCO pay its employees on average?

A- The average salary of ARCO employees is $32,445 per year, which means $15.6 an hour. 

3- Is it allowed to ask any questions at the interview?

A- Yes, applicants can freely ask any queries, but only at the end of the interview.

4- When was ARCO founded? 

A- ARCO was founded in 1966, 55 years ago in the United States. 

5- Who owns the ARCO Company?

A- Tesoro and Marathon owns the Arco Company

 Tesoro (2012- present) 

 Marathon (2018-present)

6- Total numbers of locations of ARCO in the year 2000?

A- ARCO opened in 1,200 locations. 

7- Current headquarter of ARCO?

A- Houston, Texas, is the headquarters of ARCO. 

8- What is the working hour at ARCO?

A- Associates work for 8 hours a shift. Note: Employees can choose their desired shift timing. 

9- Which type of industry was ARCO established?

A- ARCO opened as an independent oil and gas company. 

10- What is the official website of ARCO?


11- What is the Full form of ARCO?

A- Atlantic Richfield Company is known as ARCO. 

12- Who is the founder of ARCO?

A- Robert Orville Anderson founded the company ARCO. 

13- Which type of company is ARCO?

A- ARCO is a Public company (1966 to 2000) and became a subsidiary company from 2000 to the present). 

ARCO Careers- Job Application Process, their Salary, And Benefits

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