Can You Overdraft Skylight Card?

Skylight cards are mostly used for business. Normally for business, the Netspend offers a skylight card as a program that the Netspend owns with the skylight card. It also provides Skylight cards, which are an easy method to manage money on a prepaid card with a lot of features. BofI Federal Bank gives the Skylight O.N.E. Card under license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. or MasterCard International Incorporated, the same way BofI Federal Bank, a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, holds the funds loaded on Skylight O.N.E. Card accounts (FDIC). Let us know about that the Can You Overdraft Skylight Card?

Can You Overdraft Skylight Card?

You may, however, overdraft skylight cards, although the Netspend Skylight Card costs $15 each overdraft transaction, with a monthly limit of three. The service will be required to be discontinued if a client has a negative balance for more than 30 days three times or even more than 60 days at a time.

About Overdrafting a Skylight Card

Cardholders can overdraft their accounts with Netspend, but only if they have previously engaged in the company’s overdraft protection service. Netspend, on the other hand, will not let you spend more than your card’s approved amount. The NetSpend Skylight card comes with a $10 overdraft buffer as part of their overdraft protection program. The overdraft fee is $15 for amounts greater than that, with a maximum of three fees per month, and you have a 24-hour grace period to avoid the fee after the transaction that caused the overdraft. 

Even if you don’t even have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, you might have an overdraft if the bank or credit union pays it nevertheless. Unless you provide your permission, your bank or credit union cannot bill customers’ fees for A.T.M. overdrafts or most debit card transactions. The only cards one can overdraft with are prepaid cards with overdraft protection. But when it comes to borrowing and loans, Nespend does not render such services that are not available from Netspend. You can, however, deposit loan income from other companies into your Netspend account, just like a bank account.

What can be gained from Overdrafting a Skylight Card?

Deposits to the account are made primarily by direct deposit and are guaranteed to be available to you by 9 am on payday. Once you’ve signed up for Netspend’s overdraft service, you will get a $10 buy cushion or overdraft buffer for free. This means that if the cardholder goes over the limit on his card, he will not be charged an overdraft fee of $20 right away. Although it is not a perpetual free pass, the cardholder is given a 24-hour grace period to settle the negative balance before incurring an overdraft fee. For overdraft amounts greater than $10, the cardholder will be charged $20 per incident, with a limit of five surcharges per calendar month. That said, Netspend does not guarantee that every overdraft request will be approved. Netspend’s terms and conditions state that the firm pays overdrafts at its discretion and that it does not guarantee that every overdraft transaction will be reimbursed. If Netspend is contacted within two business days, improper transactions are billed no more than $50.

Things you need for Overdrafting a Skylight Card

  • When signing up for overdraft protection with Netspend, a client must give a valid email address and consent to Netspend’s electronic means of disclosure and changed contract terms. 
  • A Netspend account must collect $200 in deposits every 30 days to benefit from overdraft protection. 
  • Netspend provides an overdraft notice whenever a customer’s account balance is overdrawn by more than $10. The consumer, therefore, has 24 hours to recharge his or her account so that the amount is more than $10.
  •  Netspend charges a $20.2 overdraft protection service fee if a client fails to act on the alert.
  • Netspend eliminates overdraft protection if a customer does not receive a deposit of at least $200 every 30 days, forcing the user to repeat the application process. The overdraft protection will have to be canceled if a card account has a negative balance for further than 30 days, three times for more than 60 days at a time. 
  • Customers should not remove their email addresses or revoke their agreement to receive electronic disclosures since Netspend overdraft protection is no longer accessible.

Benefits of Skylight Card 

There are a few benefits that come with using Skylight cards. These benefits include:  

  • Skylight Card has both Visa Prepaid Card and Prepaid MasterCard, which are fast and convenient and you are no longer waiting to get your paycheck.  
  • Your Skylight O.N.E. Cards may be used to get cash from over a million A.T.M.s in the U.S. and throughout the world, as well as any Visa or MasterCard Member Bank.
  • It is particularly cost-effective, as it eliminates check-cashing and money-order expenses. The volume of transactions you make determines the cost of your account.
  •  The Skylight card ensures security by making it simple to obtain a replacement card if you lose yours. Your first replacement card is free each year, and the money on your card is maintained in an FDIC-insured bank account.
  • A Skylight card can also be global, meaning you can use it everywhere you are requesting a second card and distribute your cash to a family member or a trusted acquaintance. When you request a secondary card, the cardholder can withdraw money in local currency from A.T.M.s and sign for purchases using their card. 
  • It’s simple to use and operate because you can keep your money your way and access your transaction history or current account at any time using Skylight’s online account center. You can also sign up for any time alerts to receive real-time balance updates through the use of email or text message alerts and contact customer service if you have any account issues.


As mentioned above, it is possible to overdraft a skylight card, but only if the account is on Netspend overdraft protection service, which makes over drafting easier. In addition, The NetSpend Skylight card comes with a $10 overdraft buffer as part of their overdraft protection program. 

Frequently Asked Question
  • Can you make loans on Skylight cards?

No, one cannot make loans on Skylight cards because Netspends does not have loans available.

Can You Overdraft Skylight Card?

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