Paulo Coelho Top Books – You Must Know

Paulo Coelho has inspired millions of readers with his books. The Brazilian, a rascally teen with strong opinions, was born in Rio de Janeiro. The customs of his country were something he refused to follow.

Paulo Coelho Top Books

His parents admitted him to asylums on three consecutive times because they believed this behaviour to be a component of his “madness.” The use of electro-shock therapy as a kind of therapy occurred often on these visits.

What Paulo went through as a teenager ignited a flame of artistic brilliance that led to the creation of some of the most renowned novels ever written

Paulo Coelho: Best written books

His ideas and words have now been published in 170 countries and more than eighty different languages.

He has instilled hope in the hearts of people who had none, disseminated compassion among the hateful, and provided perspective for the arrogant.

In this article, we’ve put up a collection of his finest works so you can admire him.

The Alchemist:

Millions of people strongly suggest reading The Alchemist, Coelho’s most well-known book. Santiago, a young shepherd who takes the lead in this story, embarks on a mission to find a treasure after experiencing several foretelling dreams.

Following that, Santiago sets out on a remarkable journey that takes him from Andalusia to Africa and back.

He meets a woman, an alchemist, and an Englishman while travelling. His journey only serves to make him realize that the true treasure was closer than he had originally believed.

It is an inspiring tale about having a purposeful life and pursuing your aspirations.

One’s interpretation and comprehension of this narrative may be greatly influenced by their cultural background.


Brida paints a stunning tale of an Irish girl, her search, relationships, love, magic, and her understanding of it.

Brida, which Paulo Coelho authored shortly after The Alchemist, served as the catalyst for his international literary career

The novel explores psychological issues, as do many of his works, but the concept of soul mates is particularly pervasive in this one.

Many people think that when they are born, they are intended for only one person who lives somewhere in the globe. Coelho’s answer to this question is Brida.

Coelho thinks that some individuals have multiple soul mates

The Witch of Portobello: 

Many of humanity’s most pressing issues are examined in Coelho’s The Witch of Portobello, a 2006 New York Times Bestseller.

Paulo Coelho’s book The Witch of Portobello isn’t strictly a biography or the author’s viewpoint on the book’s key characters. Its how other people interpret the author’s description of the Witch of Portobello.

Writings by Paulo Coelho frequently have a message to convey in addition to a plot as their main objective

Because the entire work is narrated exclusively via the testimonies of the people who knew The Witch of Portobello, this book is unusual in that it tells the story of a primary character that is already deceased.

The narrative tackles persistent issues that implore us to delve deep within ourselves in order to uncover our actual identities.

Like the Flowing River: 

Unlike any other book Coelho has ever written, this one is unique. The book Like the Flowing River is not a novel but rather a compilation of tales, anecdotes, poems, and notes that explore the deepest ideas about nature, life, and death.

Paulo Coelho’s great mind is revealed in this book at its most untouched moments, which makes it unique.

This book is on our list because it often makes us ponder what the purpose of life really is.

The Pilgrimage: 

One of Coelho’s earliest books was The Pilgrimage. The book, which was written in 1987, is based on his travels through life from one end of Spain to the other. The narrative pays homage to how he learned about himself while travelling.

The story starts in 1986 when Coelho attempts, but fails to complete, his introduction into the order Regnus Agnus Mundi (RAM). Then it is explained to him that in order to find the sword, which serves as a sign of his acceptance into the RAM, he must travel the Camino de Santiago.

As a result of the journey, he changes because he realizes the nature of truth via the simplicity of life. He sets out on his quest with a companion who is also a RAM member and goes by the name Petrus.

The Valkyries: 

Coelho and his wife is the subject of his third-person narrative, The Valkyries. This book takes us on a 40-day adventure with Paulo and his wife Christina, during which they encounter a band of motorcycle-riding warrior ladies known as The Valkyries as they cross the Mojave Desert.

Paulo Coelho wrote in the book’s author’s note that “Anyone who has read The Valkyries, would recognise that this novel is significantly different from The Pilgrimage, The Alchemist, and Brida.”

He takes his time to demonstrate to the reader that having faith in your convictions, letting go of the past, and forgetting sins are of the biggest significance in typical Coelho way.


A compilation of Paulo’s ideas, beliefs, and philosophical viewpoints on life as well as other brief legends and folktales on wisdom, love, will, courage, faith, happiness, and attitude.

This book is a convenient travel read because of its brief staccato stories and micro fables.

This book continues the story of Santiago and Fatima from The Alchemist. Despite not being a sequel, it features the same cast. 

The subject of anxiousness is contentious in this book. You cannot have fear in your life because it will affect your decision-making.

The book tells that you must have faith in both the choices you made in the past and the ones you will make going forward.

Manuscript found in Accra

This book is among Coelho’s best-written examples of literary eloquence. It centres on an archaeologist who locates a historic text in Accra (modern-day Ghana). 

The text relates the tale of Jews, Christians, and Muslims coexisting in Jerusalem as they prepared for their impending demise during the Crusades.

This book paints a gruesome image of how the inhabitants of Jerusalem may have felt. The novel follows the terrified residents of the town and the challenges they must overcome. It is one of Coelho’s most realistic books.

Coelho employs a voice to demonstrate that life will prevail even in the most hopeless circumstances.

The Spy:

The Spy, one of Coelho’s most recent books, is a story of a woman breaking social expectations.

This brilliant book follows Mata Hari as she arrives in Paris without any money. She then sets out on a mission to become the city’s most well-known woman.

The book is a celebration of women’s courage and ability to achieve great things under the most challenging circumstances.


These are some of the top Paulo Coelho books that you ought to read. You can delve deeper into his works with these titles because he is one of the most outstanding Brazilian writers in history.

Coelho’s tales might be convoluted at times. It’s not unusual to find hidden themes in texts that are hundreds of pages long. However, they are all driven to find answers to life’s fundamental issues.

 He challenges the reader to think in an alluring manner and to keep dreaming.

Paulo Coelho Top Books – You Must Know

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