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Amazon is an American company that focuses on e-commerce. It is one of the biggest companies in the world. It is an online shopping store that consists of different kinds of products. Let us know ‘Books For Adults’.


Amazon also consists of different kinds of books also. There are various sections or say different genres for the books. It can be kid section, or of different genres such as romance, thriller, horror, suspense, etc. There are a lot of books for adults. A vast range of adult fiction books can be found here. Not all of the books in this section are written by very famous or award-winning authors. Some of the books are suggested by Amazon itself labeled as bestsellers. The prices of the books can range from under Rs 100 to over Rs 1,000. There are 10,000+ results for different kinds of books. All these types of adult books are a good read for everyone. Books for adults include two different categories is Young Adult Fiction and Adult Fiction. The young adult fiction genre is for readers between the age group of 12-18 which belongs to teenagers. But the genre of adult fiction is not much different from the young adult fiction genre. It doesn’t mean that the readers of young adult fiction readers can’t read the adult fiction genres. The young adult fiction age group can read the books of adult fiction and similarly the adult fiction genre books can be read by the young adult fiction age group readers. The adult fiction genre generally belongs to the age group above 18 but everyone can read that. Both the books of adult fiction and young adult fiction are interrelated and can be enjoyed by both of the category readers. 

Amazon also provides different discounts for each book. The discount can be from 10% off to 50% or more. The section of adults consists of different categories such as contemporary romance, self-help books, fiction and non-fiction books, etc. The books are sorted differently such as by featured or new arrivals or sometimes according to the prices or average customer review. 

Due to this vast range of books for adults, it is not possible to mention all the books but some of the bestsellers are mentioned below and a little description about each of the following books are also defined below:


The book thief

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This book is written by Markus Zusak. The story is about a young girl named Liesel, who grows up in Germany amidst World War II. She doesn’t know how to read, but she steals many books because her book is important. Her parents are not Jewish but they hide a Jewish boy, Max, in their basement, because they do not support the Nazi regime. But one day the soldiers came to know that they were against the Nazi regime so they beat Liesel’s father, Hans. This incident made Hans worried that they will get to know about hiding Max in the basement so he told Max to leave. When Max has left, Liesel is given a book by Max named, “The Word Shaker” where he wrote about the friendship between him and Liesel and about a promise that one day they will be reunited. But Max couldn’t escape the Nazis, and one day Liesel saw him marching through the town to the concentration camp. Then Liesel is given a blank notebook to write her story in it. She named the book “ The book thief”. Later, one day, there was a bomb blast in Liesel’s neighborhood. This made her father and mother and her friend Rudy, lose their lives. Because of this mess, Liesel being heartbroken leaves her book behind. When the war ended, the Jews are freed from the Nazis, Max returns from the Nazis, Max returns from the battlefield and goes to Liesel, and as per the promise, they are happily reunited. In the end, Liesel moves to Australia with Max and had a family, and lives to a ripe old age. 

Wuthering heights

A man named Lockwood rents a manor house named Thrushcross Grange in the isolated moor country of England, in the late winters of 1801. Lockwood meets his landlord, Heathcliff who is very wealthy and lives in the ancient manor of Wuthering Heights. The distance between Lockwood’s manor and Healthcliff’s manor is four miles. Wuthering Heights is a written collection of the tales that Lockwood heard. Heathcliff was an orphan who was adopted by Mr. Earnshaw and was most favored by him. Mr. Earnshaw’s own son Hindley used to get jealous of Heathcliff and after Mr. Earnshaw’s death, Hindley immediately plans to seek revenge on him. Heathcliff loved a girl but their relationship ruined because Catherine started getting infatuated with Edgar. Heathcliff because of receiving serious abuse from Hindley and being heartbroken by Catherine, runs away from Wuthering Heights and stayed away for three years. When after three years, Heathcliff returned, he wanted to seek revenge from all who have done wrong with him. He lends money to Hindley knowing that it will increase his debts and after Hindley dies, Heathcliff inherits the manor. Heathcliff forces younger Catherine to live at Wuthering Heights and serve as a common servant while he rents Thrushcross Grange to Lockwood. Later, Healthcliff becomes more and more obsessed with the memory of Catherine and everything reminds him of her. After the death of Healthcliff, Hareton and young Catherine inherits both Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange.

The diary of a young girl

Anne Frank’s own real diary is published as the “diary of a young girl”. She begins writing on her 13th birthday when she got a dusty as a gift. When she gets a diary as a gift she writes the story of her family living in Frankfurt, Germany; but they suddenly have to hide as a result of the Nazi’s torture of Jews in Europe during World War II. They went to Amsterdam and stayed there in the company of other Jews. Her diary writing ended suddenly on 1st August 1944. This book gives a very important message which is that everyone has the right to live and everyone should have their respective freedoms. This shows that if a person is from a different religion or race, it doesn’t mean that they deserve to be treated badly or ill. Her diary shows that people at that time used to worry more about being discovered by the Nazis and getting punished.

The girl on the train

Rachel Watson rides the same train to and from London every day and watches people and their lives through the windows, in the world outside. There she sees a couple whom she described as the perfect couple and gets totally obsessed with them. When every morning the train stops outside their house she watches them. But one day she finds out while her train journey, that the couple wasn’t perfect. The wife was kissing a man who wasn’t her husband. After some days the wife goes missing and Rachel decides to meet the husband and tell him that his wife is cheating on him. Later, it was found out that Rachel was an alcoholic and was suffering from memory loss. She lost her job a long time ago, and all those train journeys to and from London were just her pretending that she still had a job and she was going to her work. After some time, she remembers something that happened in the underpass. In the underpass, her ex-husband and the wife who went missing were there and Rachel found out that both of them were having an affair. In the end, it was revealed that Rachel’s ex-husband killed the missing wife because she was pregnant with his baby. When Rachel got to know about this, she out of anger stabbed him in the neck with a corkscrew. After that police finds out about the murder of the missing wife and Rachel was finally happy again in her life.

Me before you

The story begins with Louisa Clark. She loses her steady job at a cafe. Since her family’s financial situation is unstable, she becomes increasingly worrisome. So she decides to take the best job which is available for her, and that comes out to be the job of a care worker for a paralyzed man. Will Traynor, the man for whom she starts working. He is a former businessman in London. He was seriously injured in an accident. When Will and Lou first meet, he behaved ill with her. But later, both of them started sharing jokes with each other and both of them started encouraging each other’s interests and comfort zones. Lou gets to know that Will attempted suicide many times so she decides to take him on a series of “adventures” and “enjoyment” as a way of bringing hope in his depressing life, to stay alive. She takes him to different horse races, concerts, and different shows. This series of visits made them more closer to each other. Lou’s family’s financial condition has fallen apart and thus she has no place to sleep in her house. Will on hearing this invites Lou to his house to stay. When the contract was near its end, Lou plans for the final time just to convince him to live happily, but he becomes seriously ill and the plan is canceled. But Will tells her that he has already decided that he was going to commit suicide in Switzerland and even asks her to accompany him for that. But as Lou had a soft corner for Will, she gets angry on hearing this and decided to stop talking to him. Later, Will’s mother calls Lou and asks her to come to Switzerland immediately because Will was on his deathbed. Lou putting her anger aside, went to Switzerland to see Will for the last time and forgives him and at that movement, both of them expressed their love for each other. In the end, Lou reads a letter given to her by Will earlier. In that letter, he wrote that he has left his fortune for her and asks her to “live luxuriously and boldly”.

The subtle art of not giving a f***

This book tells us to find meaning in important things in life and only valuing those which a person can control. The things on which a person doesn’t have any control should be replaced with something which can be more controllable such as punctuality, honesty, or kindness. Manson tells that we should not claim certainty about the knowledge which we don’t have. People should seek to create joy in their moments of life instead of worrying about building bodywork as a legacy.

Fifty shades of grey

The story takes place between Anastasia Steele who is a student at Washington State University and studies English Literature. She is an innocent girl and has romantic ideals and dreams of working in publishing. One day, coincidentally she meets Christian Grey who is a wealthy Seattle businessman. After their first meet, Christian slowly begins gaining interest in Anastasia. Then, Anastasia starts liking Christian but he starts dominating her. He tells her that he is a sadist and he does not have any desire to involve in any romantic relationship, he gains satisfaction through dominant-submissive sexual relationships where a woman agreed to accept physical punishment when she violates any aspect of her contract with Christian. Moreover, he likes to get involved in BDSM. And thus both of them engage in sexual relationships. But she gets hurt later, because of Christian’s refusal to have any emotional intimacy. Out of frustration, Anastasia tells Christian to do the worst what he can do to her. He strikes her with a belt and she feels totally humiliated, heartbroken and furious. She decides to leave him as she thinks they can’t be together ever and can’t tolerate his dominance so she breaks up with him and left.

A new genre for the adults

Adult fiction also includes books about LGBTQ. Amazon also has many books in this genre. One of the most rated books by Amazon is “ The book of pride: LGBTQ Heroes who changed the world, by Mason Funk. This book consists of different interviews and biographies of different members of the LGBT community and is a compilation by The OUTWARDS Archive. It was published by Harper Collins. This book is a mixture of famous but unsung heroes of the LGBT movement. The interviews include:

  • Fenton Johnson is a writer and professor of English and LGBT studies.
  • Margarethe Cammermeyer, who is the colonel in the Washington National Guard and later became a gay rights activist.
  • Jim Toy, who is an LGBT activist and initiated the Programs for Lesbian- Gay Male at the University of Michigan.

Thus, Amazon provides a vast range of books for adults. Amazon provides different US books for adults about different genres and different preferences. Starting from a self-help book to different fiction and non-fiction books, Amazon allows us to read according to our preferences.

Frequently asked questions

  • How the items can be returned?
  • First, we have to go to “Your orders” and then initiate the process of return.
  • How much time does it take to get a refund on pay on delivering orders?
  • To bank account, it takes 2-5 business days.
  • In Amazon Pay Balance, it takes 2 hours.
  • In a paper cheque, it takes 8-10 business days.
  • What is the best-selling book on Amazon?
  • The last thing he told me: a novel which is at number 1.
  • What types of books can be sold best on Amazon?
  • Textbooks
Books For Adults (AMAZON US PRODUCTS) – Know More

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