Does Sodexo Give Christmas Bonuses? – Know More

Sodexo surveyed in 2016 and found that 37.8% of employees feel valued after getting a Christmas reward. The company aims to make the employees feel engaged and motivated. Fortunately, 29.3% of Sodexo employees feel motivated through the Christmas rewards or perks. This company aims at creating a long-lasting and meaningful impact. Let us know ‘Does Sodexo give Christmas Bonuses?’

Does Sodexo give Christmas Bonuses?

Does Sodexo Give Christmas Bonuses?

Sodexo provides Christmas bonuses. However, they are taxable that will not let the employees enjoy themselves to the fullest. So, the company also provides Christmas Gift Cards and eVouchers. It is because Sodexo knows that every employee has different requirements.

Christmas Bonuses At Sodexo:

Out of the 38% of Sodexo’s employees, most consider bonuses as the effective rewards for Christmas. However, the recognition and rewards packages offered by the company are not only for Christmas. Instead, they get used all year round.

The company also knows that the experience related to providing the rewards may get bitter if it does not know the employee’s interests. Thus, it conducts related campaigns with other companies, and the employees feel empowered. Sodexo also provides well-being support on Christmas along with rewards and benefits.

The employees must return the Sodexo card to the company while leaving. However, the cardholder cannot directly cancel or request a refund from the company. It must get done by the client.

Characteristics Of Christmas Bonuses At Sodexo:

The following are the characteristics of Christmas bonuses at Sodexo:

Extended For The Families

Christmas bonuses in the form of Gift Cards and eVouchers are the quicker and easier ways to thank the employees. Their families may use some of these gadgets to enjoy a meal out or save throughout the year.


Cash bonuses get used for household work. However, with the eVouchers, the employees can decide whether they want to use them to purchase branded products or go to restaurants. Thus, the eVouchers are eco-friendly and provide huge choices with awesome discounts. Maintaining privacy means the HRs must spend more time planning it. But, they must be busy on Christmas.

Huge Choice

The gift cards get accepted at more than 100,000 UK locations. The employees may use them in-store or online. They can enjoy huge discounts after purchasing the products in bulk.

Instant Management

The eVouchers require no activation code, and the Gift Cards can get managed online. You may even check how much balance your Gift Card has through your desktop computer or mobile device.


The employees may choose cashback, exclusive discounts, or eVouchers. Flexibility makes the employees feel encouraged, valued, and independent.

Other Benefits At Sodexo:

According to Payscale, other benefits provided by Sodexo Inc. are dental, vision, health, accidental death and dismemberment, long-term, temporary disability, life insurance, prepaid legal, etc. This company offers eight paid holidays. However, the employees will not get the bonus if they must work on holiday.

Generally, the healthcare plan at Sodexo pays 70% of employees’ healthcare costs. If the employee cannot pay the remaining amount, Sodexo will pay 100% of the healthcare costs. It also reimburses academic and annual CDR fees.

Employee Feedback For Christmas Bonuses At Sodexo:

Several employees do not seem to get satisfied with the salary and bonuses. They do not feel appreciated for the efforts and time they put in. Employees below the management level get paid poorly and the benefits are very rare.

In 2020, Sodexo ensured that the employees get their regular pay. On the other hand, it redirected the funds to the frontline warriors. So, several employees complain about not getting annual bonuses and incentives from the company. Otherwise, some employees find the benefits expensive.

Only a few employees get satisfied with the pay, while a handful of employees get happy with the Christmas and other related benefits. Talking specifically about the USA, five out of twelve employees agreed that they receive annual bonuses.


On the one hand, Sodexo tries to know its employees before giving Christmas rewards. On the other hand, it learns more about them according to the rewards they choose. Thus, providing Christmas bonuses is a long-term process that creates an emotional connection with the employees. It is more than a gesture.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Sodexo Provide Raise?

The annual raise at Sodexo is too small. Employees may get promoted with no or little training. On the other hand, the raise is only one or two percent irrespective of the employee’s performance.

  1. Does Sodexo Offer Health Insurance?

Yes. Sodexo provides CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield that oversees three national medical plans as follows:

  1. What Is The Salary At Sodexo?

The cashier/clerk gets paid the minimum average salary of $10.50 per hour, and the Conference Manager’s $31.31 per hour. 43% of employees are satisfied with their salaries at Sodexo.

  1. What Jobs Does Sodexo Provide?

A food service worker, server, utility worker/dishwasher, Food Safety Quality Assurance Technician, and cashier are some jobs provided by Sodexo.

Does Sodexo Give Christmas Bonuses? – Know More

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