Does Lowe’s Give Christmas Bonuses? – Know More

Lowes could be the perfect location for your home improvement products. Lowes operates its services mainly in the United States and Canada. It has more than 2,000 stores to provide efficient services to its customers. You can buy products such as home appliances, housewares, building materials, paint, plumbing, plants, and more from Lowes at affordable prices. Let us know ‘Does Lowe’s Give Christmas Bonuses?’.

Does Lowes Give Christmas Bonuses?

According to different resources, Lowe’s started paying handouts to employees full-time and part-time. The employees working on an hourly contract basis at Lowes will also get gratuity according to their posts, experience, performance, and achievements. The bonus for hourly employees will be based on profit sharing. It will be paid out quarterly. The employees of Lowes received handouts during the COVID-19 pandemic, which helped employees during that difficult time, and they are passionate about working at Lowes.

Does Lowe’s Give Christmas Bonuses?

Besides offering a bonus to its employees at the year’s end or near Christmas, Lowe’s provides an additional 20% discount for employees one or two weeks after Christmas. Lowe’s give bonuses to its employees before Christmas because it wants the employees should prepare themselves for Christmas. Sometimes, it gives a gratuity with the November salary. If you work as a full-time associate at Lowes, you could get a handout of $300, and the employees working as seasonal associates at Lowes could get a bonus of $150. Lowes pays a quarterly profit-sharing gratuity to all eligible employees who work at Lowes stores or other posts.

Bonus stats for Lowes employees according to their posts:

Lowes spends an average of $1,158 on annual employee gratuity distribution. Lowe’s determines the handout of employees based on different factors, and the minimum bonus for an employee at Lowe’s is $130, and the maximum gratuity at Lowe’s is $21,000.

If you work as a retail store manager at Lowe’s, you can get a gratuity of $21,000 in one year, which is also the highest individual handout amount for an employee of Lowe’s. The minimum gratuity amount for Lowes employees is $130. It is for customer service representative employees.

Bonus Amount At Lowe’s According to the posts of the employees: 

The Lowes gratuity amount varies according to the position of employees, such as if you work as a customer service associate at Lowes, then you can earn an average annual bonus of $433. Sales associates obtain a handout of $462 per year, while assistant store managers get an average bonus of $6K per year. Sales specialists get an average gratuity of $2K in one year.

If you work as a cashier at Lowe’s, you can earn an average handout of $328 per year. The head cashier at Lowe’s will get a yearly bonus of $619, while the employees of the merchandiser post get an annual gratuity of $561. If you are working on an hourly contract at Lowe’s, then at the end of the year. You can get an average handout of $1,00. Hourly employees at Lowe’s earn an average bonus of $13.79 per hour.

Factors determining the bonus of employees at Lowe’s:

Lowe’s determines the handout of an employee based on some factors, including the following:

  • An employee should be working continuously with Lowe’s for some time.
  • Sometimes, Lowe’s pays gratuities according to the performance of the employees and a specific store’s performance.
  • Lowes has a “store winner” scheme agreeing to which if any store performs well in sales, customer satisfaction, and product sales, then all the full-time and part-time employees of that store will get handouts.
  • According to some resources, Lowe’s started paying bonuses because it wanted to hold on to its employees for the long term, as it saw a shortage of workers in the USA and thought the bonus policy would attract workers to Lowe’s.
  • Lowes’ handout varies according to the post, experience, working hours, performance, achievements, and other facts that make an employee eligible for gratuity pay at Lowes.

Other Benefits for Employees of Lowe’s:

Lowes does not only pay bonuses to its employees. But it also offers some additional benefits because it knows that the amount it will invest in them will be repaid in part by their hard work, which will increase Lowes’ business growth.

You can get the benefit of maternity leave for ten weeks, which will be paid, and you can get paid leave for two weeks in the form of parental leave.

Lowes offers paid time off to its employees, which includes vacation days, medical leave, sick leave, holiday time, and volunteer time. However, it depends on your working hours and position at Lowes to get paid time off.

Lowes cares about its employees and provides them full coverage of health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, and a few other health issues covered by Lowes’ health insurance.

When you start working at Lowes, you will also become eligible for its employee discount card, which provides you with a 10% discount on selected merchandise.

Besides, Lowe’s offers a few more benefits to its employees, such as retirement benefits, casual uniforms, education support, and stock purchase plans.


Lowes cares about its employees and tries to provide them with several benefits so that they can work harder for the growth of Lowes. Lowes offers bonuses to its employees, and its CEO himself announces that Lowes will start paying an annual gratuity to eligible employees of Lowes. Sometimes, you can get quarterly performance and profit-sharing handouts for the employees. The bonus amount varies according to the post, working hours, and experience. Lowes may pay the handouts before Christmas or at the end of the year, which is close to Christmas.


How long does Lowe’s hold an order from a customer?

Lowes may hold your order for a maximum of seven days, which includes the day your order was ready for pickup.

Does Lowe’s call you before the delivery?

Lowes’ delivery man will call you to confirm the delivery of your order, fix the timing, and ensure efficient delivery of your goods.

Does Lowe’s Give Christmas Bonuses? – Know More

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