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Cigna is one of the best insurance companies in the health sector. This American-based multinational company is based in Bloomfield, Connecticut. The company was founded way back in 1982 by the world-famous Insurance Company of North America and Connecticut General Life Insurance Company. Today, the subsidiaries of this company include Express Scripts, MORE, and a few others. As per the worker’s experience in this company, they revealed they were quite happy with the benefits offered to them. But, does this company offer Christmas bonuses to the workers? Let us know ‘Does Cigna Give Christmas Bonuses?’

Does Cigna Give Christmas Bonuses?

Does Cigna Give Christmas Bonuses?

Interestingly, the health insurance company does offer bonuses but, not a Christmas bonus in particular. Employees working at this company are offered various perks and benefits so that they remain in the organization and loyal to the same. The company pays bonuses on a yearly format to all the workers including the ground staff. Yes, the bonuses will depend on the salary structure of each employee. 

Cigna is surely not a Chinese company, it is a purely American company. People in different parts of the country and around the world confuse themselves with this part. On the other hand, the performance of this company over the years has been very good. They have been very consistent when it came to profit margin. So, the employees and the ones who will be joining the company can expect a good salary structure from the management department. 

Cigna Corporation Bonuses:

Most companies in any industry have their bonus programs set for all employees. But, that is not the case with Cigna. The bonus procedure at this healthcare company is very simple and straightforward. The average annual bonus paid to any employee working at Cigna is $5000 which is quite more than any of its competitors in the market. 

Additionally, we need to keep in mind that the healthcare and technology sector is ever-growing. These sectors around the world are growing very rapidly and non-stop and earning or gaining huge revenues. The bonus expectations from the employees could surely be set high. 

Now, the bonus pay every year from the company ranges from $3000 to $14740. Of course, the ground staff in the company is not paid very huge bonuses but, they are given a good amount. The people or employees at the corporate level can have such bonuses from the company. These are the average bonuses paid to any worker working at Cigna healthcare company. 

Bonus Structure:

As we mentioned earlier, as per the job title bonuses are paid to them. The senior management or senior employees at the company are the ones who are benefitted the most when it comes to bonuses. The bonus structure of these workers at the company is huge compared to other workers or employees in the company. 

Unfortunately, the Customer Service Representatives are the ones who are not paid any bonuses throughout the year. This is because they are constantly changing as it is not a permanent job. The permanent workers in the company are the ones who get huge bonuses. Now, some of the bonuses as per the job title are given below:-

Job Title and Average Bonus Paid Per Year:

Software Engineer -$8,000

Director -$38,500

Project Manager-$11,500

Business Analyst-$3500



Senior Software Engineer-$21,450

Senior Analyst- $2,550

Account Manager-$4,500

Product Manager-$13,519

These are some of the job titles in the company and their average bonuses paid by the company. Most people working in the company are paid good bonuses. Additionally, the bonus value highly depends on the office location of the company. If the company is located in a busy and populated area then the worker can expect a higher bonus as compared to the urban areas. 

Perks and Discounts at Cigna:

Mostly the customers are given such benefits and offer from the company. But, working at Cigna an individual will be offered a long list of perks and discounts. These perks and discounts are very attractive and no doubt an individual will be attracted to them. This is one of the reasons why the healthcare company is doing so well in the current market. 

Now, some of the perks and discounts offered to the workers at Cigna are the following:-

  • Gym Memberships
  • Company Social Events
  • Travel Coverage
  • Paid Holiday
  • Health Insurance 
  • Eyes Insurance 

These are some of the benefits offered to all Cigna workers. Now, if an individual has worked in this company for more than 10 years then the company offers them a flat and a car for free. They must show their loyalty and dedication towards the work that has been tasked. 


Most health insurance companies in the country offer great perks and bonuses to workers. The benefits offered to them are the best in the industry as they need to go through a lot daily. So, bonuses must be offered to the hard-working people in the company as they are the face of the company.   

Does Cigna Give Christmas Bonuses? – Know More

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