Zillow Office Locations And Headquarters

Founded in the year 2006 by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, Zillow is an America-based digital real estate Marketplace Company. Serving for more than a decade, Zillow’s main aim is reimagining the real estate business so that it becomes easy for people to search for the ideal place for them. They are one of the leading companies in their field of business. With more than 8000 employees, its office is spread across various corners of the US. Zillow’s headquarters is situated in Russell Investment Center, Seattle, Washington. let’s get to know about Zillow Office Locations And Headquarters.

Zillow Office Locations And Headquarters

Zillow’s headquarters is situated in Russell Investment Center, Seattle, Washington, and its offices are found all over the US. Its corporate office is spread over 10 states and 16 cities across the US. 

Zillow Headquarters

Zillow’s roots go back to its headquarters in Seattle. More than 3,000 employees are working currently in the Seattle office. Recently, they have expanded their headquarters by buying two more floors in the Russell Investment Center building. The company constantly works on improving the office experience of its employees. Most of the employees at Zillow are extremely happy about the office environment and the work-life balance that the company offers. 

Corporate offices across the US

  • Cincinnati, Ohio

One of Zillow’s offices is located in Cincinnati in the state of Ohio, US. This office is highly recommended and reviewed by its employees. It provides great benefits and career development opportunities to its employees and also allows proper work-life balance. 

  • Atlanta, Georgia

Zillow’s services have recently reached Atlanta. The office in Atlanta has a more neutral outlook. The office as reviewed by its employees is supportive, has amazing perks, and also gives monthly gym reimbursements. Even though there have been a few complaints about the management, the office is known to take feedback in a sporting way.

  • Charlotte, North Carolina

Zillow’s office in North Carolina is also fairly recommended by the employees in terms of management, work culture, and salary compensation. 

  • Centennial, Colorado

Zillow’s Centennial office is also extremely popular amongst the employees who are placed there. The employees at that office enjoy a lot of perks and are constantly surrounded by a fun environment. The office is praised for the job security of employees, stunning management, work culture, and astonishing packages. The fast-paced, intensive and competitive environment helps the employees achieve their potential. 

  • Dallas, Texas

The inclusivity and diversity amongst the co-workers of Zillow make its offices more prominent. Even though there was a negative feeling in the Dallas office about lying off to co-workers, the support and guidance of management along with cultural inclusion has won the hearts of employees.

  • Denver, Colorado

Zillow’s Denver office is famous for valuing its employees and inculcating a fun environment at work. According to reviews from employees, the workspace is well lit and spacious and the office is extremely well maintained.

  • Englewood, Colorado

The Englewood office is appreciated for celebrating diversity amongst the employees and having a favorable office location. They recognize individual efforts and employees can reach their goals and grow in this place.

  • Irvine, California

The challenging, as well as the rewarding environment at the Irvine office of Zillow, helps the employees achieve their goals and work towards their career development. The office location is quite favorable and the supportive environment makes the employees want to achieve more. 

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

The office in Las Vegas is known for setting out its objectives very clearly and high turnover of the business. Employees posted here to find their inclusive culture beneficial and location of office highly advantageous.

  • Los Angeles, California

Employees posted in Zillow’s Los Angeles office find themselves growing through challenges every day. Working culture in the office is highly appreciated and the employees have found the perfect work-life balance that they seek. 

  • New York City, New York

Zillow’s New York City office has an excellent sales organization and the work culture present is praiseworthy. Employees have reviewed it as a fun and productive place where one can grow and explore opportunities.

  • Phoenix, Arizona

The Phoenix office in Arizona provides ample room for growth and development. The office environment is fun and casual. Employees here are great team players.

  • Riverside, California

The management at the Riverside office is improving every day. The office provides its employees with good benefits. 

  • Sacramento, California

According to employee reviews, the Sacramento office is fairly recommended. The salaries and perks provided are top-notch. The management takes care of the employees and their growth and victories are also celebrated. Your efforts are always recognized here.

  • Scottsdale, Arizona

Zillow’s Scottsdale office in Arizona is one of those offices which are highly recommended by its employees. The packages and perks provided are outstanding. The management here is warm, cordial, and helpful. They are extremely flexible and the office location is also favorable. 

  • Zillow’s competitors

In the huge Real Estate business market, here are some of Zillow’s competitors :

  • Realtor.com
  • Neighbourhood Scout
  • Homesnap
  • Foreclosure.com
  • Homes for Heroes
  • Home
  • Rentler.com

Working life at Zillow

Most of Zillow’s employees are very happy to work for them. The company is constantly working on improving its employees’ working experience and making it better. Zillow is a diverse company with employees coming from different backgrounds. 

The work culture is highly appreciated and inclusive for all. The company also helps in the career development of an individual. It provides the perfect work-life balance that one seeks. They see the potential in all their employees and value each one of them. Zillow always appreciates its employee’s hard work and celebrates their victory. They have received several awards for showcasing such amazing work culture and having such affordable office locations. 


Zillow, no doubt, is one of the biggest competitors in the Real Estate business market. A lot of other small Real Estate companies are a part of the Zillow group. It is slowly revolutionalizing the Real Estate business. It makes the job of finding homes online very easy and affordable. One can access a few services of Zillow like searching for homes free of cost, but you might be charged while listing an apartment on their site. 

Zillow Office Locations And Headquarters

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