What To Know About Harris Teeter Retirement Plan?

W.T. Harris and Willis Teeter of North Carolina co-founded Harris Teeter, an entirely subsidiary of The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR), in 1960. Let’s learn about ‘What To Know About Harris Teeter Retirement Plan?’.

What To Know About Harris Teeter Retirement Plan?

What To Know About Harris Teeter Retirement Plan?

Harris Teeter runs over 250 shops and 60 gas stations in seven states and the District of Columbia.

Harris Teeter also has grocery, frozen food, and perishable distribution hubs in Greensboro, NC, and Indian Trail, NC, in addition to retail locations.

Harris Teeter is based in Matthews, North Carolina, and employs roughly 35,000 dedicated associates.

Many companies provide retirement policies that are quite beneficial for their employees. Harris Teeter LLC is one such company that provides its services and products all over the United States. 

The retirement plan comes under Harris Teeter Supermarkets Employ Pension Plan. Not only does this plan provide retirement benefits but it also provides death benefits with Wells Fargo Bank serving as its trustee. Let’s read more about Harris Teeter and its retirement plan.

Benefits Provided by Harris Teeter

Harris teeter offers various comprehensive benefits that include:

  • Health and wellness – Employee receives a $200 health insurance monthly premium and EAP
  • Paid time off- Paid leave of 17 days that includes vacation and three months of paid maternity leave.
  • Financial benefits- 402K, bonuses offered twice a year, profit sharing, etc.
  • Employee perks- Employees receive discounts on certain items, and various free items every month.

Harris Teeter Retirement Plan

This defined contribution plan generally sets an account for each Participant in which the Participant, the employer, or both contribute a certain amount.401(k), 401(a), Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP), Savings Plans, and Profit-Sharing Plans are some examples of this sort of plan.

What Does it Entail? 

By way of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, the Alternate Payee is often given a part of the Participant’s account balance as of a fixed date, indicated as either a percentage or a precise monetary amount (QDRO). The Plan will create a separate account for the Alternate Payee and will normally allow the Alternate Payee to take advantage of investment opportunities that are open to other Plan members.

This type of plan often allows an Alternate Payee to receive an instant lump sum distribution (or withdrawal) following QDRO approval. The Alternate Payee may also move the awarded cash to another tax-qualified account of his or her choosing, such as an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Before making any transfers or withdrawals, an Alternate Payee should speak with a tax expert to ensure that they are fully advised of any potential tax ramifications stemming from the date or type of the transfer or withdrawal.

Features of Harris Teeter Retirement Plan

  • This plan may be “Age/service weighted” or “new comparability”. 
  • This is a “Profit-Sharing Plan,” which means that employer payments are changeable and dependent on a percentage of company profits depending on annual or quarterly earnings.
  • All the retirement money investments can be moved by the participants of this plan. =
  • This plan allows the employees to choose whether they want to receive or postpone some of their salary in cash. Also, this can be considered a deferred plan marked in the Code section 401k that allows it to be part of a qualified defined contribution plan. A “401(k) Plan” is another name for it.
  • In this plan employee contributions are distributed to distinct plan accounts or employer payments are determined, in whole or in part, on employee contributions to the plan.
  • This is an ESOP, in which the sponsoring firm contributes freshly released stock, current treasury stock, or funds to the Plan, which is subsequently used to acquire shares from the shareholder who is selling it.
  • This is a plan with automatic enrolment for employees and optional contributions collected from paychecks.
  • In this plan, either full or partial participant-directed accounts are allowed. In other words, if a member fails to allocate assets in their account, the Plan will utilize a default investment account.


There are various policies provided by Harris Teeter to their employees. Depending on various rules and regulations stated by the government the retirement policy will benefit the employees immensely. Even though there might be certain limitations in the plan, it would still be a good idea to get the retirement plan from Harris Teeter.

  1. Does Harris Teeter offer their employees a 401k plan?

Yes, it’s mandated by the government that the company has a 401k plan for their employees

  1. How much money does the 401k plan take out from each paycheck?

Harris Teeter allows up to 10% of your paycheck to be set aside for the 401k contribution. 

  1. Is “Rule of 85” included in the Harris Teeter retirement plan?

Yes, “Rule of 85” is included in the retirement plan issued by Harris Teeter. This rule helps determine whether you are eligible for full pension benefits when you retire in case you plan to retire before the age of 65.

What To Know About Harris Teeter Retirement Plan?

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