What Is Neiman Marcus Employee Discount?


Neiman Marcus is a prestigious department store chain. They are known for selling high-end luxury products. The store also offers customers with moderate income, the opportunity to shop the standard fashion items. Employees get a quality job experience, along with multiple store discounts. Let us know about what is Neiman Marcus employee discount, the way to avail the discounts and the other benefits provided at Nieman Marcus in this article.

What Is Neiman Marcus Employee Discount?

Neiman Marcus offers multiple benefits and perks to their employees. Among these perks, one is an employee discount. Every employee should be aware of how to avail of the discount and the remaining details. Neiman Marcus offers 305 employee discounts on all things. They offer a 25% discount on cosmetics. The offer can be availed both in-store and online. When you become an employee in the company, you will be eligible for the discount. The company gives employee discount cards to the employees. They can use it to avail of the discount. Family and friends of the employee are not eligible for the discount.

About Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is a private retail store chain based in the U.S. The company was created by Herbert Marcus in 1907. The company was later taken over by Stanley Marcus. The headquarters of the Neiman Marcus store is in Dallas, Texas. Before opening the store, the team turned down the opportunity to buy the franchise Coca-Cola.

It has become a premier destination for luxury fashion and goods. The company provides an elevated research experience. The company’s catalog is famous for containing expensive and high-end products. The company has 37 retail stores in the United States. They sell women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel, handbags, and accessories, designer jewelry, and precious jewels. They provide revolutionized luxury experience to their customers.  The quality of the merchandise is excellent. The store offers almost all of the essentials. Their website is quite user-friendly and always provides discounts to the customers. They also have some products feasible for people with moderate earnings making them popular amongst people with different needs.

Employee Discount at Neiman Marcus

Apart from other benefits, employee get other discount too at Neiman Marcus. Working employees of Neiman Marcus either part-time or full-time are eligible for the discount. The employees get a discount of around 30%. Employees can only use the discounts for themselves. No family members and friends are allowed to avail the discount according to the company’s policy. The employees get a 20% discount on cosmetic items. While claiming the other offers, the employees cannot claim the employee discount. The employees are free to use this discount as many times as they want.

The employee discount, however, is not available on sales items. Since at sales, their products have a steep number of discounts they do not provide a further discount on the products to the employees.

How to avail the discounts?

To use the discounts in-store, the employees need to show their employee ID to the cashier. Then only, the discount will be given on the products. 

For getting the discounts online, the employee should log in with their employee account. If you are having any problem availing of the discounts, then you can contact customer care.

Other employee benefits at Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus provides multiple benefits to the employees working there. They have a very subtle work environment which makes them employee’s top choice to work.

  • Employees get health insurance.
  • They also get dental insurance.
  • Neiman Marcus provides paid time off to the employees, for stress relief.
  • They offer retirement plans to their employees.
  • They also provide training programs to newly hired employees.

Neiman Marcus is a big name in the United States. Employees working there enjoy a safe work environment, apart from many other benefits. It is very important to be acquainted with the details of the employee benefits while working in any company. Many companies offer employee discounts some more than others, so employees should keep themselves aware of that. Although the amount of discount at Neiman Marcus is not so high, it makes sense, as the employee pay is higher than many other companies and their products have a luxurious presence. Working at such a big brand provides a lot of perks as you get good exposure in the retail market.


1.How many times can you make a purchase using an employee discount?

You can make the purchases as many times as you want as long as you are an employee at Neiman Marcus.

2.Can family and friends of the employee use the discount?

No. Family and friends of the employees are not allowed to use the employee discount.

3.Is working at Neiman Marcus worth it?

Yes. Neiman Marcus is a big brand and working there opens the gates to lots of opportunities.

4.How much does Neiman Marcus pay its employees?

Neiman Marcus pays around $20 per hour to the full-time employees;

5.Does Neiman Marcus have a student discount?

No. Currently, Neiman Marcus does not have a student discount.

What Is Neiman Marcus Employee Discount?

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