What Is Another Word For Office Manager?

In the world of business there are various posts office managers are among them. But their role is of keen importance in any department. The office manager is the one who manages the affairs of any office. He is the key person of responsibility to manage the daily tasks in any office. But we can call an office manager by different names, but the role remains the same. Different titles can create confusion, but don’t you hassle we are here to provide you with all the relevant titles that can do justice to the office manager’s title. Let’s dive in then. Here we will see about What Is Another Word For Office Manager?

The title of office manager can be connoted by various other names. For the term office manager, you can also use office administrator, community manager, executive assistant, office supervisor, division manager, etc. and this list keeps on going. But the roles and responsibilities remain the same. And accordingly, the title changes from organization to organization.

What Is Another Word For Office Manager?

Role of the office manager:

Before diving into the ocean of different titles we can use for an office manager, you should first understand their role in any organization. When you understand the role of the office manager, you can easily corroborate it with the other names used for them. The role of the office managers is quite vast in the area. The role of the office manager includes these duties and responsibilities:

  • Organising: The major role of the office manager is to organize the meetings and manage the institution’s affairs. They also must maintain the databases of the organization to all extents.
  • Bookings: This work area of an office manager includes booking hotels, meeting spots, and transportation plans for organizational events. They also tend to prepare reports, letters, and presentations.
  • Dealings: They need to deal with the clients, all the complaints, and the correspondences about the office. They also manage the other department to resolve the queries.
  • Supervising: Supervision is another facet of the responsibility that an office manager needs to perform. They supervise and monitor the work of the administrative staff and guide them forward.
  • Implementation: They make sure all the rules and orders are implemented in the office that is being passed by the higher authority. They also maintain the procedures and rules of the administrative staff.
  • Assistance: Another key role of the title of the office manager is to assist the human resources consultant and help them to manage their affairs better. They need to keep the records up to date and pass the same to the HR consultant for further work of the organization.

Other word used for office manager

Numerous word denote the title of an office manager very well. These titles keep on changing according to the need of the organizations. But the role they play remains the same. Check this list thoroughly and if you come across these words then you can easily correlate that this only means office manager. If you feel any confusion and sees these title in any office, then that only means that it is the office manager.

1.Department manager
2.Division manager
3.Office supervisor
4.Operations Manager
5.Section manager
chief clerk
7.desk duty
8.deputy chief of staff
9.crew chief
10.clerical work
11.chief personnel officer
12.chief personnel
13.chef de cabinet
bureau director
15.bureau chief
16.branch manager
17.administrative official
18.administrative officer
19.filing clerk
21.administrative manager
22.chief of personnel
23.chief of staff


Being an office manager is not an easy job to handle. You may sometime think that this post is so easy to hold but it is not so. This post holds the most amount of accountability to the top staff and this also holds the versatile type of work. That is the reason there are different titles assigned for this job only in different organizations. Now with the help of this article, you can easily spot the titles which are used instead of the title of an office manager.

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  1. Is the office manager and secretary position equal to each other?

No, the secretary is a bigger post than a manager. The work of the office manager is to supervise and implementation of the routine work all over the office whereas the job of the secretary is to take control of the whole administration of the office.

  1. Is the post of administrator higher than the office manager?

The post of an administrator is higher than that of an office manager. The work area of administrators is also vast.

  1. What are the skills required for being an office manager?

The skills that an office manager should possess are organizing ability, planning ability, execution, supervising, implementation, leadership qualities, good communication skills, etc.

What Is Another Word For Office Manager?

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