What Is An Elevator Pitch?

“Introductions” are an important part of letting the person know our exact personality. For working in corporate offices, we need to have a proper introduction to be given to the interviewer. One such concept is the elevator pitch.

What Is An Elevator Pitch?

Elevator Pitch

In an elevator pitch introduction, we introduce ourselves within a period of 30 seconds. it is called an elevator pitch because it takes the exact time needed for us to travel in an elevator.  let us look at the topic in more detail.

What is an elevator pitch?

They are short introductions that can be taken in any place.  it can be in any corporate meeting, any audience talk, or any sort of client talk. They come very easily handy and require a little number of words to be spoken.  you just need to keep a few points in your mind, and you can easily introduce yourself in front of anybody. It can also be called an elevator pitch because you can add up any of your mindful points to make the person in front of you more attracted to your personality. As it is a very short 30 seconds interview,  you need to include such vocabulary which will impact the person in front of you.

Some points to be kept in mind

following are some points to be kept in mind before giving your elevator pitch: – 

Who am I?

  • First before starting, you need to introduce yourself with who are you. for this, you need to create a proper list. Here for example, if you are answering a personal question, you would rather give an answer like who your siblings are, where you stay, or what kind of food you like.
  • If you are a student, you may include your university name, and if you are a leader of a football team. whereas if you work in a company you may answer your company’s name and what position you are working in. 
  • But while working in corporate offices or giving any corporate type of interview or having any audience interview the exact answer that needs to be given will include:- what are your exact goals, in which company do you want to work, or what are your strengths and weaknesses. 

What do I do?

  • This section will include what are the scales or experiences you have that drive your career focus or what exactly you can say that you can make a connection with the person that will help them understand what your career goals and priorities are. 
  • It can also include your interests, your passion, and what you exactly do to follow them. have you taken any courses, or are you doing any internships? 
  • Also, you may add any sort of internship you did. you may explain what you did in that internship and was it profitable or nonprofitable and what were the goals and motives of the company. 
  • Explaining what you exactly do, to the person in front of you will help that person to connect to you and know about your goals and motives. Also, it will help in knowing our interpersonal skills. 

What is my question?

  • Here you need to explain why you were at this event and what is your lookout. 
  • For example, I came to this networking event to learn from other alumni about how they directed their Career paths. 
  • Another example,  I am at this company to know about their sales and representatives to write an article about it. 
  • This part needs to be very crisp and clear to give that exact idea about what you need from them. 

Few takeaways to be kept in mind: – 

  • Always keep your elevator speech crisp and sweet.
  • Be persuasive and limited in your time.
  • Practice your speech before confirming it.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and good communication.
  • Prepare a mind map of your speech.
  • Consider vocabulary mistakes.
  • Include auditory visual & languages.
  • Include the 5 key elements of the word “PITCH” which are problem solver, inspire an action, tailor it to the audience, be concise and be passionate.
  • Dress in a formal way to give an impact.
  • Be unique and be yourself.
  • Do not be too deep.
  • Always finish on a high note.
  • Keep it natural and easy to understand.
  • Be clear and effective.
  • Address the audience’s needs.
  • Use an understandable common language.
  • Provide a question.
  • Hook the person in front of you with your words.

Pros and Cons: – 

Pros: – 

  •  Helps in explaining your business proposition: – you can easily approach you without any appointment that person and explain your idea. 
  • Helps in creating an impact:- if you keep your text crisp and smooth with some extraordinary facts, it will be easier for the customer to remember you. 
  •  It saves time: – without having to spend days waiting for an opportunity for pitching your ideas. 
  • Provides a creative way to introduce yourself:- as you have less time for introducing yourself it helps in adding more keywords and best phrases for the introduction. 
  •  Allows you to connect with potential customers:-  you can talk to your customers anywhere and can explain your pitches. 
  •  Allows you to stand out from the crowd:- being unique while introducing can help you a lot. 

Con’s: – 

  • Not enough time to explain yourself:-  elevator pitch needs to be completed within 30-60 seconds, hence it sometimes doesn’t allow the person to explain the exact idea. 
  • Exact details can be missed: – the most minute details may be missed and hence it reduces your pathways. 
  • You may end up giving extra information:-   sometimes while explaining or pitching your ideas you may tend to give extra information which may confuse that person.
  •  There might be objections from the listener:-  while you are speaking there might be some objections from the listener which may confuse you and you may tend to forget what you were going to speak.
  •  can be objected to as something else:- if not explained perfectly and precisely it may lead to insincerity and wrong use of words.

Do’s and Don’ts

DO’S: –

  • Follow the outline 
  • Speak clearly.
  • Practice before you perform.
  • Be positive.
  • Always record yourself before performing

DON’T’S: –

  • Do not include too many details.
  • Use technical aspects.
  • Ignore the audience.
  • Limit yourself to some words.
  • Back answer.

Where is it used?

  1. At social functions:-  social functions can be the best opportunities to pitch your ideas using the elevator pitch concept.
  1. In interviews:- when asked by the interviewer to explain some details about yourself elevator speech is the best concept to be used for the introduction of your personality.
  1. In your resume: – a summary in your resume can be the best thing for the interviewer or the company people to explore you and your goals.
  1.  At the public meeting: – if you are attending any public meeting and your client happens to be there or any such company people whom you need to pitch your idea at that particular moment, then elevator pitch becomes your partner. 
  1. In your LinkedIn profile:- a good summary of your internship and your work can be crafted and put up on LinkedIn.

Conclusion: – 

this short speech helps you introduce yourself to career and business connections in an interesting approach.

It is important because it communicates the most important aspects of your business and services within a very short period.  Your pitch explains your audience what your business does, and who your customers are, and summarizes your key accomplishments.

An elevator pitch can be a very useful concept to be used when you are searching for a job. you can use it in your interviews or also in conversations with your client.

  Highlight every elevator pitch with your precise context and you’re your way of communication. 

FAQS: – 
  • Where is Elevator Speech used? 

-It is used in resumes, job profiles, and client conversations. 

  • Is it of different types?

-Not of different types, but different points are used in a corporate interview and a personal interview. 

  • How much time is given to perform the elevator pitch?

-You can introduce yourself in 30-60 seconds of the period. 

  • What makes a pitch successful?

Keeping it precise, easy to understand, communicative, and convertible makes a pitch successful. 

  • Is an elevator pitch used for solving any crisis management problems? 

Yes! It can be used in solving problems. 

What Is An Elevator Pitch?

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