What Is A Triage Nurse

What Is A Triage Nurse

A triage nurse is a nursing professional who involves in the patient assessment and monitoring within the emergency department. This is a specialized area in the nursing profession. It is important to select the specialty which you like the most and in which you are talented. Then you will have your satisfaction and also you will have a demand within the health sector.

The role of a triage nurse.

The triage nurse will be the first person who will assess the patient’s condition. They will decide the severity of the condition and to whom the priority should give and will classify the patient according to a triage chart. When you are admitted to the emergency department they will assess your vital signs and take necessary steps for the diagnostic tests until the doctor arrives.

Beyond the traditional settings

There are triage nurses who assess patients over the telephone. They will ask questions and decide on the patient’s condition. After the assessment, they can direct the patient to the correct place.

How to become a triage nurse

After completing the bachelor’s of science in nursing you can be a nurse. To be a registered nurse you must complete the NECLEX-RN exam and then after qualified as a registered nurse you can practice in a variety of settings. Being a registered nurse will be enough to work as a triage nurse. But you need 2000hours of experience. There is no special certification program for the certification of the triage nurse, but you can improve your qualifications by certifying as an ambulatory nurse. Because this will be a chance to prove that you are an expert in emergency care.

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Duties and responsibilities of a triage nurse

Complete physical assessment at the moment of the admission and classify them according to the severity and identify who needs the immediate treatments.

Reassess the patient’s condition and monitor for changes.

Provide care and take the necessary steps in emergency situations.

Always inform the physician about the patient’s condition. And refer to a physician immediately when the patient needs immediate care.

Involve in patient transfer to the necessary words when they get rid of the emergency situation and when the patient becomes stable.

What skills you need to become a triage nurse

Decision-making skills – An accurate quick decision is needed in an emergency.

Critical thinking power – Critical thinking is needed to make an appropriate decision.

Good communication skills – A triage nurse must communicate well with the patients and other health care professionals.

Ability to cope with stress – As the emergency department is busy and full of challenges. They should cope with and manage these situations.

What Is A Triage Nurse

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