THINGS THAT ARE QUIET are Library, Exam hall, Graveyard, Sleep, heartbeat, Marine Life, Uninhibited Area, Night, Rock, Snail, Spider, Mime

It is hard to mention things that are absolutely quiet to a human ear. Rabbit is famously a quiet animal, but even it can hum or whimper. Ant is another example; it can make a noise to communicate with other ants. Considering the aforementioned information, let’s look at some of the quietest things in the world… at least quiet enough for humans to concentrate on their tasks:

  1. Library: For a student, a library is a place of great significance. It helped me a lot when I had to finish my assignments or prepare for the exams, especially when my roommate was making an hour-long call to his girlfriend or listening to Motorhead!

  2. Exam Hall: Library prepared me to sit and concentrate well in the exam hall. However, the last 5 minutes of the exam makes the hall ‘scream’ of extreme pen scratching and hyperventilation.

  3. Graveyard: The next thing that pops into the mind is a graveyard. The reason why I thought of that after exams is another debate.

  4. Sleep: Sleeping or resting is another quiet activity when I am alone in my room. When I am with my roommate, that is again another debate.

  5. Heartbeat: The sound level of a heartbeat is -85 dB-SPL. Of course, that is not true in the exam hall or a graveyard!

  6. Marine Life: Much marine life doesn’t make much noise, like goldfish, sharks, jellyfish. Whales or dolphins are an exception.

  7. Uninhibited Area: Uninhibited areas like Chernobyl or the library after exams are also tranquil places.

  8. Reading or Writing: Many people like reading or writing with a bit of light music to get into the zone. I like to read or write with absolute silence. To me, these are the quietest activities.

  9. Drawing or Painting: One of my hobbies is drawing and painting. I could literally spend hours on a sketch without speaking a word.

  10. Photography: Another very peaceful and quiet activity. I love sunset and sunrise and have spent hours and days of quietness to get a single perfect photo.

  11. Hike: One of the best places to practice photography is to go on hiking. I have found it to be one of the quietest activities even though the nature sounds are loud for some but not for me.

  12. Meditation: Another significant activity that helped me before every exam or presentation was meditation. Although many people use trance music, I always found pin-drop silence to be the ultimate meditation atmosphere.

  13. Forest: Another thing that I find really quiet is the forest, especially at night time. And it’s not because I saw ‘The Forest’ last night… I really find it quiet and calming and not in a creepy way.

  14. Night: Actually, night time in general, I find it quite quiet. My study time was at night, and even the job I had was a night shift. That is the most productive time of the day; I can concentrate well, understand well, and produce well at night time.

  15. Space: The next thing on the list could be considered the absolute place where there is no sound… the outer space. For a sound to travel from one place to another, it needs a medium like water or air, but space has neither. Hence, no means to travel.

  16. Mime: I once saw a mime in the market and thought this could be the quietest job globally and more inclusive for disabled people than other jobs. There is no need for words or sounds for the performers and the spectators.

  17. Chess: I used to play chess when I was a kid, and it was a tranquil game. Too quiet, to be honest, because I found it to be one of the most boring games ever invented as well. The matches are shown in ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ are pure propaganda.

  18. Electric Bike: I recently finished my final year project on electric bikes. I have driven all kinds of electric bikes and found them to be nearly noiseless. They are so quiet that I almost ran over an old lady once because she couldn’t hear me coming through the street. The manufacturers are now thinking of installing an artificial noise inducer in their new batch.

  19. My Friend Once: I really don’t want to include this one on the list, but it seems relevant enough. My friend used to be one of the most cheerful and jolly guys I have ever known until his mother passed away. He became so quiet for so long that I feared I would never see him get over her again. It took him a bit of time, but he did eventually. But that near silence for a year was so ‘loud’ that I wish I could forget. I have always enjoyed quiet time alone for various activities but never thought this kind of quietness could be so agonizing.

  20. Spider: Spider is another quiet and weirdly peaceful critter. It doesn’t make any sound; it just waits quietly for the prey to be trapped in its web. The same, however, cannot be said for the prey. I once quietly placed a spider on my sister and the sound that she made afterward… I’m pretty sure even a spider would have spewed verbal abuses at her or me for placing it on her.

  21. Rock: Rocks are very quiet too. I mean, they sit there do nothing… say nothing! The only time they actually make a noise is when someone or something forces it to do something, which I’m sure they don’t want to! Like when I throw it to my roommate’s face when he snorts in sleep.

  22. Snail: Snail is another example of a quiet creature. However, I did slip on its goo once and made a not so quiet sound.



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