Snappy Comebacks when Someone Calls You Short

It’s not wrong to be short just as it’s not right to be tall. We are all unique in our own ways. But many people don’t understand this. They (unfortunately) find cheap thrills in ridiculing others. So if you are one of those people who have been teased for being short and your patience is down to the last straw, here are some comebacks to make your teaser take a step back. Let us know Snappy Comebacks when Someone Calls You Short.

But how do you give a comeback when you are meek, timid or just an introvert? How do you stand up for yourself (and your height) when you are intimidated by the tall person standing in front of you? Do not worry. I will try my best to not just supply you with the tools you need but also provide a manual on using them.

I’ll start with the comebacks that are more on the humorous side and then slowly we’ll work our way up to the snappier comebacks. I sympathize more with people who are shy about confrontation. Let’s learn how to deal with such bullies step by step.

Thank you very much! I am honored to be recognized for this quality of mine!

This one will make the bully wonder if they made fun of you or not. Not only that, but this statement can boost your self-confidence and make you proud of your height. No one can pull the leg of someone confident in their skin.

Yes! And I can wear heels as often as I want with no problem!

Perhaps it is a slight rebuke, but this one depends on how the bully will take it. If they are already insecure about their height, they might take it as a personal attack. But it’s not your fault if they started the teasing war first. If they are unaffected, at least it will boost your self-esteem about what you want to wear.

There’s a reason why the giraffe isn’t the king of the jungle.

Casual reference to the animal kingdom. Man is a social animal. This might make the bully get shocked but it might be inevitable if you have reached your wit’s end. Show them that they cannot boss over you just because they tower over you in one physical attribute.

Isn’t it so nice that you have to bow down to me while I have to look up to you?

If you can’t convince them, confuse them. The person in front of you wouldn’t know if you are praising yourself or them. Their brain will have to rethink how to react to your statement and whether or not to spin the next level of conversation onto a positive route.

Yes, I can fit into and reach into places you probably wish you could!

Again, touching into their insecurities, if they have any. If not, well, they started the tease fight first! Some people need to be given a taste of their own bitter medicine back for them to understand.

You’re right! And now I challenge you to sit on this stool criss-cross applesauce!

Yes, I went there. Sometimes, you have to just take the bull by the horns. There’s just no other way to face them. I’m sure that now the number on the snappy scale is increasing! Let’s tear these bullies a new one!

Wow! You noticed!

There are alterations to this one that can be done in case you are teased in front of a crowd. You can clap loudly and look around at your “audience” and show gestures as if you are praising your bully. This is another way to both shield your self and (perhaps) make your bully cower in fear of being in the spotlight for the wrong reason.

Well, they do say that slow and steady (growth) wins the race…

Another one that can be done with a few modifications. You can scratch your skin like you are in deep thought. This one is more effective when you are a child in school, indicating that your bully has grown up too fast and furious. But it is not limited only to school. Growth can be in many forms, not just physical height. This statement might even indicate that the bully hasn’t “grown” mentally or in maturity and that you are the patient, slow one.


So much can be conveyed in this one word! The bully might fumble if that was the only thing they had to say. If you walk away, you can showcase that you are unaffected by their statement. If you stare at them intensely, waiting for a response, they might get intimidated by your glare and mumble something or even try to escape from your gaze. Stand your ground or walk away. It’s your choice. 

 I prefer quality over quantity

Directly to the point. Not only is your bully teased right back that they don’t have quality, but you have praised yourself by saying you have quality. A little self-esteem can go a long way in the long run.


And it’s a wrap! I have put only 10 comebacks here, but I’m sure that you can think of a million more. You do you. The best can only be found through instinct, experimentation and confidence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I can’t remember what to say or am too flustered at that moment?

Don’t fret too much! Just smile and walk away. If you feel like crying, go somewhere away from the bully and let your steam out. It’s not wrong. The important thing is that you didn’t hesitate and still showed a cheerful face even when you were teased.

  1. What if my rebuke starts a fight?

This is a risk that has to be taken. Play smart and safe. If you feel that the volley of words is too much, walking away might help. If you are smart enough to win it, stay for the win. Choose according to the opponent.

Snappy Comebacks when Someone Calls You Short

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