Planet Fitness Headquarters And Locations 

Are you ready to get a perfect chiselled beach body this summer, or pump up your biceps so that your partner can do a few pull ups hanging there? Then, Planet Fitness chain of gyms is the best place for you. One of the largest chain of gyms in the U.S., they have a lot to offer to clients from around the world. The best place to get the physique you desire, Planet fitness gym is the best place you can think of. Lets know about Planet Fitness Headquarters And Locations .

Planet Fitness Headquarters And Locations 


The first Planet Fitness Gym was opened in 1992 in Dover, New Hampshire. Originally aimed to cater to the needs of the small population of people who went to the gym, it was an instant hit in the U.S. Before long, it opened its 100th branch at Logan in Utah in 2006 and its 500th branch in Morton Grove, Illinois in 2012. In 2014, they opened their first international branch at Toronto, Ontario, Canada and very soon enough, their 1000th branch at Washington D.C. in 2015. The chain of gyms is so popular in the US that in 2015, they became a publicly traded company on New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol PLNT.
Today, Planet Fitness is over the $10 million mark and is one of the largest chains of gyms in the world.

‘Judgement Free Philosophy’:

The special feature of Planet Fitness which separates them from all other gym chains is their “Judgement Free Philosophy”.

It has been observed in many cases that people are reluctant to go to the gyms in fear of being intimidated by the other members of the gym who are much advanced in terms of their physique. The gyms normally turn a deaf ear to such cases which leaves the beginner in a position which compels him to discontinue going to the gym.
Planet Fitness has a very stern stance on this matter. They had started the policy of non-judgement way back in 1997, a time when such a concept was incomprehensible to other gym owners. This policy helped the beginners to start their fitness journey without being intimidated.

The Judgement Free Generation- Planet Fitness’ own endeavour- was launched in 2016. It was aimed to create a safe, kind, compassionate and encouraging environment for today’s teenagers to help them combat the bullying and judgements that they face in everyday life. This has helped to make them stronger and much more stable both mentally and physically

PF Black Card:

This is a facility that is very essential to people who have to travel all across the country for their job or any other reasons. Introduced in 2005 for only $19.99 per month, this card ensures that the client can go to any Planet Fitness branch in the country and abroad. It also enables him/her to bring an additional guest at no extra cost and have access to all the amenities available, including HydroMassage, Massage Chairs, tanning and many more. It ensures that a true fitness lover never has to stay away from his workout regime, no matter in which part of the country he/she is.

Monthly Membership Details:

1. PF Black Card -Access to any club and all amenities

    Startup Fee – $1.00
    Monthly Dues – $22.99
    Annual Fee – $39.00

    Cancellation Fee – $0.00

2. Classic – Unlimited access to any one club only (12 Month Commitment)

    Startup Fee – $1.00
    Monthly Dues – $10.00
    Annual Fee – $39.00

    Cancellation Fee – $0.00

3. No Commitment – Unlimited access to one club; Cancel anytime
    Startup Fee – $15.00
    Monthly Dues – $15.00
    Annual Fee – $39.00

    Cancellation Fee – $0.00


The headquarter of Planet Fitness is located at-
4, Liberty Lane West,
New Hampshire- 03842,
United States.

The toll free Number is 1844-880-7180.

Locations Across U.S.A.:

There are a total of 2208 Planet Fitness locations across the USA as of May, 2022. The maximum number of them are in California, numbering to 176, which is 7% of all in the US. In total, the gym is found in 1,420 cities across 51 states and territories. Texas has the second highest number, with 156 of them and Florida has 144 locations. Only in the states and territories of Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin islands, American Samoa and Guam, there are no Planet Fitness facilities available.
The top 10 cities with the most number of Planet Fitness locations in the US are as follows:

Philadelphia – 16

Chicago – 14
Las Vegas – 14
Houston – 12
Brooklyn – 12
San Antonio – 12
Dallas – 11
New York – 11
Phoenix – 10
Indianapolis – 10
To find the nearest location, one can go to the Planet Fitness website, scroll down, and click on the ‘Find a Club’ option. Then, after providing the required locations, one can easily get to know the nearest Planet Fitness gym near them.

International Locations:

The Planet Fitness franchise has locations in Canada, Dominican Republic, Panama, Mexico and Australia. The Following are provided here:

  1. Canada-
    a)British Columbia – 10
    b)Manitoba – 4
    c) Ontario- 34
    d)Saskatchewan – 2
  2. Puerto Rico – 13
  3. Panama – 6
  4. Mexico – 12
  5. Australia – Currently 4, aiming to reach 35 soon.

To find the nearest location, one can go to the Planet Fitness website, scroll down, and click on the ‘Find a Club’ option. Then, after providing with the required locations, one can easily get to know the nearest Planet Fitness gym near them

Why Planet Fitness?

  1. Planet Fitness gym is the cheapest chain of gyms in the USA. So, it is always economical for students who want to start their bodybuilding career or stay fit.
  2. The chain of gyms is available all over the country, so anyone can avail their membership from any part of the country. 
  3. The gym provides world class amenities to all their clients and can satisfy all of their needs and desires.
  4. The gym provides “Judgement Free Philosophy” to all their clients so that they can start without being judged or intimidated.

Conclusion :

Planet Fitness gym is undoubtedly one of the best gym chains in the U.S.A. who aims to transform the 80% US population not involved in fitness. Every person should explore the amazing world of fitness through Planet Fitness Gym and experience a new active day through fitness. 

Planet Fitness Headquarters And Locations 

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