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It is often confusing when applying for a job at a large conglomerate because you do not know the job title. You may have even used it for a job at a firm only to find that such a job is not present in that given syndicate.Let us know about what is NYS civil service job and here we give some civil service job titles for your reference.

NYS Civil Service Job Titles

The NYS service is a large logistics company that could get you confused while you apply for a job. This article aims to give you a basic knowledge of the NYS civil service job description.

NYS civil service job titles

The NYS Civil Service Job Title is a complete listing of all placements available in the Classified Civil Service (or Classified Service). The Job Titles are ordered consecutively by title for every Competitive, Exempt, and Labor Jurisdictional Class position. It contains information particular to the engagement listed in a separate column.

The NYS Civil Service Job Title gives inexhaustible insight to people who fashion and evaluate classification appeal and personnel performance. It is maintained and updated habitually. It is equally a requisite mechanism for locating and identifying a title, title code or manufacturing a catalogue of titles that falls into a particular parameter.

Job Titles

Accountant aide

The employment type for an accountant aide is a permanent budgeted item, a working period from Monday through Friday. 

The average salary grade for this job title per month is $2,470.

The minor requirement for this position is a high school diploma, but in recent times, a preferable qualification is an associate degree in any field in finance. Although this Job is an entry job to a higher finance career, the academic qualifications among the Job holders are different.

Aircraft mechanic

The job description of an aircraft mechanic is repair and maintenance of all categories of the air vehicle. You will do your job near major airports, with strict criteria for safety.

The average salary grade for an aircraft mechanic is $5,299 per month.

To become an aircraft mechanic, you must be at least 18 years old and be able to speak, read and write English. You must also have 18 months of experience working with power plants or airframes. Thirdly you will have to complete an eight-hour oral and practical exam covering 43 technical areas.


As a teacher, your job is to teach young people how to get the conversational skills they need. They usually work in a school or a tutoring centre. Teachers can go on to become principals, counselors or professors.

The average salary of a teacher is $2,452 per month.

To become a teacher in NYS civil service, you should begin by obtaining a bachelor’s degree. You need to sharpen your listening and communications skills and have an innate passion for learning. You will also need to get your license or be certified as a teacher to work in a school.

Police officer

As a police officer, you must protect lives and property, carry out law and order in New York, and investigate offences. You will also cite minor crimes like traffic defiance and give testimony in court cases. In the case of any emergency, you will have to provide first aid to the victim before the paramedics arrive.

The average salary for a police officer in the NYS Civil Service is $4,196 monthly.

To be a police officer in the NYS Civil Service, you must have been trained in a police academy and be at least 21 years old with US citizenship. As a candidate for this job, you have to be physically fit. Before accepting a job application, you must undergo a written test, background checks, psychological evaluation and drug test.

Social worker

Your duty as a social worker is to help people. A social worker carries out different activities to help people going through some unfavourable facet of life. So as a social worker, you will use every available resource to carry out your duties.

The average salary of a social worker is $4,874 monthly.

To have a job as a social worker, you have to have a degree in social work or any related field. You will need a master’s degree in social work for a clinical position. If you wish to work in NYS Civil Service, you must get certification as a non-clinical social worker from the state.

NYS civil service job titles and salary plan determination

A monthly report that summarizes all approved amendments of the Title and Salary Plan is issued monthly by the Classification and Compensation Division. You can find the present and the past reports on the Department of Civil Service website. These publications include:

i. Title added to or removed from NYS title plan.

ii. Revised or reallocated Job Titles.

iii. Titles fixed to or eradicated from the list of Decentralized titles.

iv. Approved Salary Differential.

Applying to NYC civil service

Most applications to the NYS Civil service are online. To get into the NYS Civil Service, you must take their exams.

Apply for an examination

To apply for the service exam, you will have to follow these steps:

i. Go through the assessment statement carefully.

ii. If you do not have an account with the service, create one from the state’s website.

iii. If you do not qualify for a fee waiver, submit the application fee or else submit application fee information about the release. Most competitive exams need a non-refundable fee to process your application. 

iv. Submit the assessment exercise by the listed deadline.


The NYS civil service is a large logistic with a specific engagement for each Job. It is indispensable to know who does what as a staff member of this syndicate. It is good to see the job description of a particular career if you want to apply for it in the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does civil service non-competitive mean?

Civil service non-competitive positions are positions in the service that certified people can apply for without having to complete the long aggressive service application process.

2. What is a civil service classification?

A civil service classification is a document explaining all the related jobs and the conditions needed.

3. What is a provisional Job?

A temporary job is a job you can fill without an appointment from the civil service list.

NYS Civil Service Job Titles – Check It Out!

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