Living In A Bubble Meaning and How To Overcome?

There are billions of people on this planet, none of them are the same. Everyone looks different, acts differently, feels distinct, and much more. We are going to look at a common form of personality which is living in a bubble. Let us know more detail about ‘Living In A Bubble Meaning and How To Overcome?’.

Living In A Bubble Meaning and How To Overcome?

Living In A Bubble Meaning and How To Overcome?

When someone fears the outer world, its reality, circumstances they might face, and possibilities of situations, these types of people are known to live in their bubble. This type of person likes to be within their comfort zone which is referred to as a bubble. There are various steps to overcome it, which we will discuss in our article ‘Living In A Bubble Meaning and How To Overcome?’.

Meaning of “Living in a bubble”

Living in a bubble is a saying that points to the personality of a person who is unaffected, untouched, unbothered, and impervious of what is going outside of their bubble. In this term, bubble means the invisible wall they have created against society. These people feel fear, anxiety, awkwardness, shyness, and uncomfortable in social and public places. 

People who love to be in their comfort zone. It might be, being alone, or with just a person, or some countable ones, or just family or friends, or being with people online but hate to meet in real life. A bubble can be of any type. It represents your comfort zone and it can be whatever you are comfortable with.

Usually, introvert and shy peoples fall into this category. When you don’t like to make friends and interact with others. The reason for stepping out reduces. 

When people are uncomfortable with the factors of the outside world. For example, when someone doesn’t like the scenarios of the outer world. When they are not comfortable with the weather and prefer to stay in. 

The reason for someone staying inside their home or bubble can vary from person to person. Its definition is different for each individual. How people react in and outside their bubble is different. How people around them treat them is different. Therefore, the data and details available about this topic may miss something or they might not have the qualities every one of their kind has.

Unusual examples to know more about it

It’s not about some individuals who like to be on their own. There are currently 100 uncontacted tribes in this globe who are living in their bubble and being isolated. Let us look through some of them. There are various islands as well in Brazil, Peru, India, Indonesia, Bolivia, Paraguay, Philippines, Columbia, Ecuador, Papua New Guinea, and so on. They don’t like to interact with us. Can we say that they are living in their bubble?

We have some examples that might showcase what we need you to understand. 

  • Have you heard of a tribe living on an island without contacting the outer world since the beginning? Sentinelese people are a group of tribes living on an island known as North Sentinel Island in Andaman and Nicobar Island, India. These people don’t like the interference of an outsider.
  • Awa tribe living in the Amazon rain forest is a group of tribal people who are uncontacted and choose to live an isolated life. The area where these people live borders Peru and Brazil.
  • Lacandon people live in the rainforest south of Mexico and north of Guatemala. These people are said to run there because of foreign inventions. Till then they have not contacted the outer world and they prefer to stay like that.

Even a few countries don’t prefer to stay connected some examples of this may contain countries like- 

  • North Korea, a country that has been in a top spot in news channels. This country is known for being isolated. The citizens aren’t allowed to access the internet and international channels. The North Korean Government has put so many restrictions, the reason given by them is preserving the culture.
  • Have you visited Bhutan? TV and the Internet were banned in Bhutan before 1999 so that they aren’t affected by outer culture and their interference. People follow their tradition that is Buddhism and don’t want to mix it up with others cultures. Bhutan is known to preserve its essence.
  • Even China has restricted several sites and apps. YouTube and google are few examples of that.

Reasons people live in their bubble?

Reasons for someone being so self-centered and feels comfortable in their zone, are different for everyone. The past incidents can cause an effect on their personality. The family and surroundings may have affected their confidence and their willpower. They might have observed or faced something that made their mind that way. Or they might have been born that way. And the reasons continue with each individual. Now Let’s read further Living In A Bubble Meaning and How To Overcome?

How to overcome it?

You don’t need to rush and make wrong decisions while overcoming your bubble situation. Start with small steps, it will take time for you to expand your comfort zone. 

  • To begin with, be social in social media. We can understand how tough it is to set up a conversation with someone. So, you can start by chatting with them through text. Use social media platforms to have a connection and bond with your friends or strangers. Follow the peoples who are extroverts and you look after. There are various social media platforms to help you like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and many more. Utilize these platforms and you will be able to open up a little more. And when your virtual friends will come in reality you will not feel anxious or shy with them.
  • Try reading books on how you can turn into an extrovert. There are so many books that revolve around the topic of introverts and extroverts. These might change your perspective.
  • Watching movies and series are helpful, as you get to know the real world without even stepping out. Seniors of movies and series can develop the intention to step out and observe it by themselves. You might discover an idol for yourself that can change your personality.
  • Don’t ignore the people who want to have a conversation with you. Be comfortable with your family and friends. This step can move you towards openness. If you are in school or university, you can share your seat with new people who are willing to have an interaction with you, you can even ask different individuals to have a seat beside you. That way you would be able to know more people and find the perfect person for yourself with whom you would be more open. 
  • Use public places as often as you can. Hang out in parks, picnic spots, tourism attractions, restaurants, or any other public places. You will find new and unique personalities. Everyone has their story dive into it and collect the best piece of advice for yourself. Travel through public transports, in this way you can find new people every day. 
  • Attend every function you are invited for, birthday parties, prom, or whatever the celebration is, you must need to concentrate on how you can overcome your zone.

If these mentioned steps make you uncomfortable you can abord it. But not forever try them again after a while. Keep trying until you are completely comfortable. These may bother you at first but you have to be patient and kept trying. To step out of the comfort zone is uncomfortable. 

Is it necessary to overcome it?

Being in your bubble is not a disease that must be cured. But this is a world filled with competition in every field. Wherever you go you need to be superior. A person is not considered superior because of their knowledge, they are because of how they utilize that knowledge. Doesn’t matter what you know, if you can’t use it. 

In job interviews and personality tests, you have to open up and interact with them. In any job, you will have to set a conversation you can’t work alone. 

In any situation of life, open people and extroverts are said to handle well while introverts can’t. If you continued to live in your bubble, you’d be unable to perfectly know about problem-solving because you never get to know the world. Therefore, step out and burst your bubble before the situation bursts you. Now we have learnt ‘Living In A Bubble Meaning and How To Overcome?’.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is living under a rock different from living in a bubble?

Both of these sayings are used for the same means. For a person who doesn’t like to get out of their comfort zone or personal space. Some people might consider the difference that a person living under a rock is unaffected from the outer world and doesn’t want to step out while a person living in a bubble can step out their bubble can burst.

  • How can the outer world help them to burst the bubble?

The outer world can help them in so many ways, whenever you notice a person who doesn’t like to socialize and lives on their own you can initiate the conversations. You can help them with their difficulties. You must need to be a good friend to them so that they can trust you with their problems.

  • Why do we need to change when there are so many others?

Changing yourself and busting your bubble isn’t necessary but it gives you advantages and staying in may disadvantage you. For example, the sentinels live an isolated life, they can’t eat whatever they want, they can’t travel, they can’t discover, they don’t have mediums of entertainment, they have limited needs and ways to fulfill them, they can’t earn, and feel the luxuries of life.

That is the reason you should get out of your comfort zone and discover the actual beauty this world holds.

  • What if I don’t like to interact with others?

It is more like people you ever met isn’t your type the vibe doesn’t match. There are billions of people on this planet and it is not possible that you don’t like to talk to that billion people. You just need to find the perfect match. Traveling can help you to find them. Set dates for yourself. If you can’t travel use social platforms to connect with this world.

  • Can’t I earn anything with fewer interactions?

You can, there are some work-from-home jobs and internships. You can freelance and earn by working on a system from home with fewer interactions. These jobs rely on texting, chatting, and mailing so you don’t directly speak to them which can reduce your anxiety.

Living In A Bubble Meaning and How To Overcome?

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