Largest Aerospace Companies

Discovering aerospace that is the atmosphere as well as outer space, is one of the greatest achievements in human civilization. Be it the development of aircraft, airplanes, rockets, missiles, or any other object that has the potential to survive the atmosphere, everything is designed by aerospace companies. When the development of aerospace equipment started to come into existence, a lot of companies started developing technologies and tools around aerospace. The development is far-fetched and has led to great discoveries to date. 

Largest Aerospace Companies

As companies started to get into the concept of aerospace the demand, supply, and a lot of other requirements rapidly increased in the industry. Be it research or domestic use, the aerospace industry saw a huge enhancement. This development was caught on by several companies, which today stand as the largest aerospace companies in the world. 

The list includes huge names like Honeywell, SpaceX, Boeing, Airbus, and many more. Let us get into the list of top aerospace companies and know about them in detail. 

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What do aerospace companies deal with? 

Aerospace companies deal with the research, design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft. The concept of aerospace engineering dates way back to the 19th century, where several scientists and engineers developed the concept of aircraft, and other aeronautical sciences. Modern-day companies adopted these technological theories and converted them to full-fledged working models as we observe today. 

Being a vast field, the concepts that several companies use around aerospace are spread in a multitude of variables. That includes commercial, industrial, and military applications. The industry is not just limited to aircraft, and they rather expand their wings to several technologies that include unpowered gliders and airplanes, uncrewed aerial vehicles, lighter-than-air craft, heavier-than-air craft, and many more. 

Though some companies look exclusively forward to developing either commercial or military bases, they develop products that can serve both fields to generate a strong connection across multiple sections. 

Now that you have an idea about what aerospace companies do, let us see some of the largest aerospace companies present in the world. The list is in no particular order and involves the companies that have left a huge influence in the aerospace industry. The list involves companies that deal with the complete manufacturing of aerospace products, while some contribute towards parts of the product. 

Let us go through the list to know more about the individual companies and their contributions. 

1. Boeing 

Founder: William E. Boeing

Location: Chicago

The number of employees: 141,014

Annual Revenue: 58.16 billion

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company. Proudly standing as the producer of several products including; jetliners, commercial aircraft, defense, space and security systems, and many more. The company supplies its products to different organizations which include government sectors as well as domestic industries. The company works with renowned clients, a few notable names being NASA and ISS. 

Boeing has carried out hundreds of projects and developed products that are a great success in the world. A few of them include the electric flight system, Apache the defense helicopter, noise-reducing engines, and many more. Being a vast producer of streamlined aerospace products the company has expanded its product base to several places in the world serving as the top producer of products and services. 

2. Airbus

Founder: Roger Béteille, Felix Kracht, Henri Ziegler, Franz Josef Strauss

Location: Leiden, Netherlands

The number of employees: 130,000 

Annual Revenue: $56.9 billion

A multinational name in the list of the largest aerospace companies in the world is – Airbus. Airbus is the largest aerospace industry in Europe working with essentially three divisions: Aircraft manufacturing, Defence and Space, Helicopters. The company has mastered its work with the three sectors providing top-notch products to the domestic as well as the military aerospace industry. 

Airbus is considered to be the leading producer of military aircraft, competing neck to neck with its biggest rival Boeing. The company holds a special line of power that allows the manufacture of missiles and holds a share in MBDA missile producer. Being such a large producer of aircraft and helicopters the company has its finishing lines that are set across the globe with their access points in Asia, America, and Europe. 

Some of the major projects of the company include: Behemoth, the largest airplane      produced with a capacity of 800 people, Ariane 6 launcher, and many more. 

3. Lockheed Martin

Founder: Merger of Lockheed Corporation with Martin Marietta

Location: in North Bethesda, Maryland

The number of employees: 110,000

Annual Revenue: $65.4 billion

Lockheed Martin is one of the most heralded names in the history of the defense sector. The company develops all the military products and systems that can help the state achieve excellent aerospace defense. One of the biggest clients of Lockheed Martin in the United States Department of Defence. Most of the products that are served to the department are manufactured from the very company. 

Apart from being a great part of military product suppliers, it also has its hands deep down in services like aviation, information security, and technology corporations. The four main divisions of the company include Aeronautics, Missiles and Fire Control (MFC), Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS), Space.

Being a vast producer of military products and systems, it houses great projects under its wings. A few major projects carried out by the company are, Orion Capsule for NASA,  Blackbird craft, fighter aircraft F-22 Raptor, and many more.  

4. Northrop Grumman

Founder: Jack Northrop

Location: West Falls Church, Virginia, United States

The number of employees: 99,000

Annual Revenue: $30.1 billion

Northrop Grumman is best-known for its ventures in global aerospace and defense technology. The company, apart from dealing with aerospace products and technologies, is one of the largest suppliers of weapons for the military. The company handles the contract for US Navy aircraft, it is the sole owner of the contract and all the US Navy ships are ventured from the very spot.  

The company serves in four major divisions and works in collaboration to bring about technological advances. The four major divisions include Aerospace Systems, Innovation Systems, Mission Systems, Technology Services. Currently, the company is growing strong out of its comfort zone and is venturing into Cyber, Air, Space, Land, Sea, and more.

Northrop Grumman though is famous for its great military service, it is popularly known for its venture in Spirit Stealth Bomber, the most expensive airplane. Some of the other major contributions of the company included X-47B a carrier launcher for combat aircraft, RQ-4 also known as a global hawk, a powerful surveillance aircraft, and many more.  

5. Raytheon

Founder: Laurence K. Marshall, Vannevar Bush, and Charles G. Smith

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts, U.S.

The number of employees: 180,000

Annual Revenue: $56.58 billion

Raytheon is a well-established aerospace company that deals with variegated fields of aerospace products ranging from defense, cybersecurity, government, civil, and many more. The company is a compact field consisting of well-equipped employees and individuals that work together for the upliftment of the company. 

Raytheon is extremely skilled in producing Missile Systems (MS), Space and Airborne Systems (SAS), which make for 50% of their revenue. The company also is a large producer of Integrated defense systems. Being one of the largest equipped companies with leading technologies the development and the advances of the company are notable in several fields. The major contributions of these companies in missile innovations and defense have pushed the name to the largest aerospace companies known today to the world. 

With its upcoming advances, the company is sure to exceed In the aerospace industry surpassing the top names in a few decades. 

6. Safran

Founder: a merger of Snecma and Sagem

Location: Paris, France

The number of employees: 81,000

Annual Revenue: $16.6 billion

Safran is well known for its ventures in several aerospace divisions, this includes, Aircraft Equipment, Aircraft interiors. Aircraft propulsion, Defence, Space. The company is a French multinational company and is relatively new to the industry since its operation in 2005. The company contributes its projects on both governments as well as public scale, achieving a great hybrid of knowledge and partners. 

Apart from the major aerospace divisions the company also looks after the design, manufacture, and sale of aircraft. It also developed communication devices that can be effectively implemented in aircraft designs. The company also has developed several projects that revolve around aircraft engines and landing systems. All in all,  being a new company Safran has started making major contributions to the aerospace community. 

7. General Dynamics Corporation

Founder: John Philip Holland

Location: Reston, Virginia, United States

The number of employees: 104,000

Annual Revenue: $39.350 billion

General Dynamics is one of the oldest and the most divergent companies competing among the tip list. General Dynamics Corporations exclusively work with military products and services. One of the major investors of the company is Pentagon, which holds about the highest revenue generation for the company. Compared to all the companies on the list, General Dynamics has an upper hand in military products even with the involvement of top contenders. 

The company is well known for its venture in managing old aircraft and rebuilding them for the military. The services also include redesigning, restructuring, and much more. The coming also extended the venture to domestic industry, but it was more streamlined towards business modules. 

Most of the projects of the company are under strict surveillance due to military purposes, yet one notable project of the company involves Gulfstream, the most expensive business aircraft. 

8. United Technologies Corporation

Founder: Frederick Rentschler

Location: Farmington, Connecticut, United States

The number of employees: 41,000

Annual Revenue: $13.1 billion

In the list of largest aerospace companies, United Technologies Corporation stands as the fastest developing company. The company is well known for its jet engine manufacture and it also deals with several kinds of different aerospace products. Being a commercial company, United Technologies Corporation deals with multiple products apart from aerospace, but their main focus remains jet engines.

In recent years the company has diverged its interest to grow as the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, steadily working towards the development of the project. The company also has developed its services and extended hands with security devices that can be implemented in the aerospace industry. 

9. BAE Systems

Founder: acquisition of Marconi Electronic Systems (MES)

Location: London, England, UK

The number of employees:

Annual Revenue: $19.28 billion

BAE Systems is a well-known name when it comes to developing and manufacturing combat and defense products. Some of the major contributions of the BAE systems include fast jet trainer aircraft and other similar defense products. The company deals with design, construction, training, and maintenance of the aircraft for sturdy and flexible working. 

Apart from its contributions in the defense industry, BAE systems also look after security, electronics and systems integration, cyber and intelligence, military, IT, and information systems.

Some of the projects included in the BAE system involve BVS10 an armored vehicle for defense, AMPV, M777 both being well-known surveillance aircraft for military purposes. With its major contributions, the company is steadily plummeting the revenue generated, making it rise to the list of top aerospace companies in the world.

10. Rolls-Royce Holdings

Founder: Charles Rolls and Henry Royce

Location: Kings Place, London, England, United Kingdom

The number of employees: 50,000

Annual Revenue: $11,824 million

One name that many nations would be shocked to see on the listing aerospace companies would be Rolls Royce. Primarily known for its luxurious vehicles, Rolls Royce also has several ventures in civil and defense aerospace products. The company produces power-generating products for aircraft. The company is the leading generator of aircraft engines. Many aerospace industries use the technologies developed by Rolls Royce, like the engine and power generators to develop high-end aircraft that can beat work with eagle powers, to finish the final products.  

One of the leading clients that trades aircraft engine and power divisions are Boeing and Airbus. The company has taken the aerospace industry by storm with its advancements in the power division. This development called for more than 16000 military engine developments and services across 150 countries worldwide. 

Some of the leading projects of the company include Trent engines and electric aircraft. 

11. GE Aviation

Founder: Collaboration

Location: Evendale, Ohio, United States

The number of employees: 48,000

Annual Revenue: $ 30.566 billion

GE aviation is termed as the world’s leader in the production of avionics, aircraft engines, and aircraft systems. The major contributions of the company are held on both commercial and military scale bringing about revenue from both the divisions. GE Aviation has also expanded its ventures in business products and is looking forward to producing the leading aircraft for business purposes. 

Some of the major contributions of the company include F110-GE-129, with an eagle engine commuted to the sturdy aircraft structure, GE B-52, US Navy ready engine for military purposes, GE9X, and many more. The company also strives toward sustainable development unlike many other counterparts and looks forward to producing airplanes, and other aerospace products that do not affect the atmosphere.

12. SpaceX

Founder: Elon Musk

Location: Hawthorne, California, United States

The number of employees: 9500

Annual Revenue: $2 billion

Talking about one of the nascent companies that made it to the top list of largest companies in the world is SpaceX. Being a small ventured company with a less congestive environment, and more dedicated work the company easily overthrows a lot of high-end companies behind the list. SpaceX is one of the first companies that stood for sustainability along with technology, and this has led to the development of reusable shuttle and space launch vehicles.

SpaceX also deals with several Defense ventures. Being of a nominal size the company has made huge changes in fewer years. One reason for the huge development is highly developed world g conditions, and strict deadlines. 

Some of the notable projects of the company include Falcon 9 rocket, with a reusable shuttle, and a great payload capacity. The Falcon also received several modifications in the company that added to the life and credibility of the product. A few of the changes were improved payload and a newer version of the Big Falcon for colonization of Mars. 

13. Bombardier

Founder: Joseph-Armand Bombardier

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The number of employees: 49,180

Annual Revenue: $ 16.24 billion

Bombardier makes it to the list of largest companies dealing with aerospace with its expertise in commercial, business, and specialized aircraft. The company also majorly contributes towards aerospace structures and developments in engineering services for different aerospace industries. Being one of the largest Canadian Aerospace Industries, Bombardier stands its grounds with excellent aerospace services and developments. 

A few of the major contributions of the company can be highlighted with fuselages, engine nacelles, wings, bulkheads, doors, and stabilizers. The engineering services of the company are also of great importance and contain different services from ground tooling technology to component repair and breakthrough.

Bombardier with its excellent technological advances also makes major contributions in the development of ultra-long jets, Learjet, and Global supplier jets. A special branch of the company is dedicated to looking after the interiors and designing the aircraft to ensure flexibility of the services and comfort when it comes to commercial flying.

14. Leonardo

Founder: Partially owned by the government

Location: Rome, Italy

The number of employees: 49,800

Annual Revenue: $13.4 Billion

Leonardo is an Italian multinational company partially owned by the government that deals with aerospace products in the defense and security industry. The company is the largest producer of combat aircraft and complete tactical aircraft for military purposes. The company makes major contributions in both civil and commercial fields and ensures to produce all with high-end aircraft that are for all kinds of use. 

The major revenue contribution of the company is generated through the development of helicopters for commercial purposes. The company also provides several after-production services that ensure that the company’s product can withstand the heavy market for a longer period.

Some of the contributions are also made towards military applications. The company deals with five major divisions to ensure the proper development of the products. Each division contributes towards several product conglomerations making the product withstand high-end products of the aerospace industry. The five major divisions include Aircraft, Aerostructures, Cybersecurity, Electronics, Helicopters.

15. Honeywell

Founder: Mark C. Honeywell

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.

The number of employees: 103,000

Annual Revenue: $32.64 billion

Another well-known name in the aerospace industry is Honeywell. The company deals with multiple sources of the aerospace industry and contributes to the development of Aerospace, safety, and productivity solutions. The company also contributes to the development of performance materials for different aerospace products, dealing with sustainable development for aerospace, dealing with fuel-saving products.

Honeywell stands out in the crowd of most of the aerospace industry with its innovation in machine learning and artificial intelligence. It deals with generating products that are highly relied on self-learning systems, dealing with less human interference in machine development. The entire venture eliminated the failure percentages that are associated with aerospace products creating a customer-oriented and reliable source of products. 

Honeywell also contributes to the US military and exclusively incorporates the American Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG) for multiple products. 


The companies listed in the above sections are the best aerospace companies present in the world. Each company positively contributes towards aerospace developments that can be heralded by the people. Being the largest aerospace company, the research and the dedication behind the companies are huge. 

The concept of aerospace was developed way back in the 19th century, though modern technologies have developed the technologies and have created new and advanced aerospace options, we are still yet to discover a lot of advancements in the aerospace industry. These advancements would soon be accessible to us by the efforts of large companies. 

Apart from the list provided in the above section, there are hundreds of upcoming and nascent companies that couldn’t make it to the list, because the list is huge and never-ending. Unlike the top companies, these companies also contribute towards the development of aerospace technology. So, go ahead and read about the companies and their developments. 

Largest Aerospace Companies

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