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Jollibee is a popular fast food restaurant that comes from the Philippines founded by Tony Tan and his family in 1975 and is headquartered in Pasig City. This Filipino fast-food chain is known worldwide for serving dishes that give the finger-licking taste of American fast-foods. The chain has 36 locations in the United States itself. Jollibee’s menu has a variety of items, from endless types of beverages to a never-ending list of burgers and spaghetti. Jollibee captures the heart of all the generations. The unique flavor of tangy and sweetness in Jollibee’s food items has proven the sole reason for the downfall of many fast-food eating giants. Over the years it has overcome many obstacles in its macro environment to become one of the top fast-food serving chains in the world.  Here we will see about  Jollibee Pestle Analysis.

 Jollibee Pestle Analysis

What is PESTLE Analysis?

PESTLE or PEST analysis as some may say is nothing but the acronym for six macro or external factors that have an impact on the functioning of any given business of any industry. The six major factors are: –

  • Political Factor
  • Economic Factor
  • Social Factor
  • Technology Factor
  • Legal
  • Environmental

Every company performs an analysis of the above-mentioned factors to foresee the company’s future status.

Let us have a look at the PESTLE analysis of the Filipino-based Jollibee.

What is the Political environment of Jollibee?

The above mentioned are a few of the political factors that have a say in the manner in which business will be conducted. Jollibee is a Philippines-based eatery, hence Jollibee is greatly affected by the changes in the government policies regarding the food industry. Jollibee has to bear the repercussions of the relationship of the Philippines government with the government of other countries where Jollibee has launched its store.   

What are the economic factors affecting the business of Jollibee?

These factors absolutely have an impact on everything to do business. The economic crisis in the Philippines lead to a decrease in consumer spending, ultimately the revenue of Jollibee took a nosedive. Inflation made procuring Jollibee products difficult for many families and people preferred to eat at home. However, factors like exchange rate and currency fluctuation have a negligible impact on the business of this Filipino eating shop, as it not involved in the business of export and import of products to and fro the international market, rather it simply sells its product in the countries where it has set its foothold. 

How does Jollibee’s business get affected by social factors?

The social dimension is the dimension of the general environment. 

The Filipino company collects the social data like local consumer’s preferences, traditionally followed customs, what are the taste buds of the local customers like, followed by various other types of questions through various surveys to be able to cater to the local needs and wants. Jollibee has been funding various welfare organizations for the upliftment of the people of the Philippines. 

What is the Technological environment of Jollibee?

These factors pertain to innovations in technology and the regulation surrounding technology that may affect the operation of the company. These factors may influence the decision whether to enter a certain type of market or not

In order to make its service more convenient and accessible online, Jollibee has recently centralized its express delivery service through Global Telecom. Jollibee is also putting in efforts to increase its social media presence which is a must these days. New technology has been adopted by Jollibee to keep up with the pace of online orders. Besides, customers can now resort to online mode of payment to pay the bill amount at the counters of Jollibee.

What are Jollibee’s environmental factors?

Environmental concern has come to the forefront only recently when people became conscious about the well-being of the planet Earth. 

Since Jollibee has a business that involves no direct contact with the environmental factor, therefore the environmental factors like climate change, adherence to pollution control norm, etc. have a negligible impact on the Filipino eatery giant.

How does Jollibee’s business get affected by legal factors?

The legal regulation regarding the franchising and copyrights in any given country must be adhered to, to carry out a successful business operation. The employment regulation, labour laws, food, and drugs laws affect the business of Jollibee to a great extent. Jollibee is very prompt when it comes to acquiring it patents and copyrights. Moreover, the Philippines fast food giant has a stringent norm as far as giving franchisee right is concerned. 


Jollibee has been conducting its fast-food chain flawlessly not just in the Philippines but in numerous countries. The final result that Jollibee gets from various analyses and surveys ultimately shapes the decision-making of the company which contributes to making the company one of the invincible eating shops in the world. 

 Jollibee Pestle Analysis -Know More

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