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Jealousy is simply explained as the fear of losing something in one’s possession to someone else. Jealousy by female Coworkers is almost inevitable. One might be going about their normal duties, not minding about the lady on the next desk; however, the same cannot be said about that Coworker. One’s female Coworker might secretly be jealous of them but that individual might not know because they are ignorant of the signs that a jealous coworker exhibits. If you are searching for the signs of a jealous female coworkers, you are at the right place this article will help you o know about it.

Jealous Female Coworkers Signs

One needs to be able to identify the signs of jealousy in their female coworkers to help them keep a distance from such persons to avoid any faceoff that might spring up as a result of jealousy.

A jealous female coworkers

The signs associated with a jealous female coworkers can hardly be missed. It is glaring and easy to detect as long as one can pay close attention to it.

The signs depicted by a jealous female coworkers

The signs depicted by a jealous female coworkers are discussed intensely below

1. They are often Chatty with others but when you appear they clam up.

Female coworkers are known to be very chatty at the workplace. No matter how serious the atmosphere is, they find a way to start up a conversation. One can use this attribute to identify a jealous female coworker. If the conversation is hearty and full of cheers but immediately one arrives they clam up and stop the hearty talk, this indicates that they are jealous of you or your achievements in the workplace.

2. When every other person in the office achieves a milestone they are quick to congratulate and share in their Joy, but when it has to do with the person they are jealous of, the table turns and instead of congratulation, one gets a long face and no congratulations.

3. A jealous female coworker will always be enthusiastic and willing to help every other coworker with a task, but when it has to do with that individual they’re jealous of, they suddenly become as busy as a bee with no time to give a helping hand.

4. Jealous female coworkers will do everything in their power to sabotage an individual’s effort and reputation among other coworkers. They do this often by spreading false information about an individual and their personality to anyone who cares to listen. 

If your female coworkers exhibit this sign, it points to the fact that they are jealous of you.

5. They make disparaging comments and jokes about you. Behind those jokes are seeds of jealousy.

When an individual’s female coworkers are jealous, they crack dry jokes and make wry comments about that individual. They do this as a means of bottling up their grievances toward that person.

6. They find it difficult to communicate their ideas at a general workers’ meeting.

Jealous female coworkers in some cases find it difficult to speak about their thoughts, and perspectives in general meetings because they are all out to counter you. They antagonize an individual at every given opportunity because they don’t want that person’s idea or perspective to see the light of day. 

7. Jealous Female Coworkers always have an issue with you getting a compliment or praise from the manager.

When the Manager compliments an individual on a job well done, jealous female coworkers will always keep a straight face without showing any emotion but the case is always different if one of them receives a compliment in your stead.

8. They talk behind your back.

Jealous female coworkers often show their jealousy by talking behind one’s backs. One gets to hear side talks about themselves but they hardly sum up the courage to repeat the same thing to your face. They derive pleasure in sabotaging an individual’s image when the person is not physically present.

9. They are usually very Competitive around you.

They always see you as a competitor. They are all out to prove a point even when there’s no need for that. Their insecurities take a greater hold of them to the point where they are constantly in competition with you.

10. They Cross their Arms whenever you are approaching them.

Crossing the arm is a subconscious body language humans do when they feel threatened by someone or something or when they want to get defensive. 

Whenever female Coworkers Cross their arms when one approaches, it simply means that they harbor some jealousy toward that person.

11. They resort to passing messages to you through other workers.

Jealous people would do everything in their power to avoid confrontations with the person they’re jealous of.

If your female Coworkers prefer sending a message to you through someone else, it is a clear indication of Jealousy. They avoid confrontation because they do not like you. 

Looking out for this sign will help a great deal in identifying a jealous coworker.

12. Their Conversations with you are usually straight and direct to the point.

Jealous female coworkers usually avoid conversions with someone they are jealous of like the plague. In the few instances where conversation happens, it is usually short, direct, and straight to the point. Pleasantries are greatly avoided.

13. Your instincts.

When one’s female coworkers are jealous of them, one’s instinct will give a clear sign.

One will start feeling some friction around them. They usually exude negative energy around, a funny and weird feeling that one can’t explain always dominates the air whenever they are around. 

That is your instinct telling you to watch out for them, it could be that they are jealous.

14. They Hoard Useful information from You.

If an individual’s female coworkers are Jealous of them, they tend to hoard useful work and career information from that person.

They prefer to keep the information a secret among themselves, even if it is meant to be passed to everyone in the office, one would surely not hear it from them.

15. They always find a fault or Loophole in your work.

No matter how excellent and outstanding an individual carries out activities at work, jealous female coworkers will always find a fault or loophole in that person’s work.

They are all out to point accusing fingers at an individual, and they seek every opportunity to do that even when it’s not necessary.

16. They disrespect you openly.

Outright disrespect is another sign that tells an individual that their female coworkers are jealous.

They openly disrespect a person by looking down on them. They seize every given opportunity to belittle that individual and make them feel less of a human with their remarks and coarse words. They do this not as a way of correction but to demean you.

17. They celebrate your failures. 

Jealous female coworkers derive pleasure in one’s failure. They eagerly look forward to it and when it happens they celebrate it greatly but the opposite is the case if one is successful.

18. They avoid eye contact with you.

One of the signs that jealous female coworkers exhibit is avoiding eye contact with you.

Psychologically having direct eye contact with someone signifies trust, friendship, and acceptance. 

For jealous female coworkers, this trait doesn’t exist so at any point they come in contact with an individual they are jealous of, they avoid having eye contact by all means.

Knowingly or unknowingly, their avoidance of eye contact can be treated as psychological and their jealousy is detected 

19. They give you a Backhanded compliment.

Jealousy from female Coworkers can be spotted when they constantly give one a backhanded compliment.

When an individual achieves success, they choose to diminish that success by pointing out past or present failures and loopholes surrounding the success.

At other times they may attribute one’s success to favoritism or bias. All these point to one fact; they are jealous

20. They Flaunt their success to your face

Jealous female coworkers always want to show one that they’re doing well and living better.

When they achieve any feat, they flaunt it to an individual’s face all in a bid to show the person that they can also achieve a similar feat. 

They sometimes go the extra mile by talking loudly about it to the hearing of other colleagues just to mock the person.

What Causes Jealousy by Female Coworkers?

Jealousy from female co-workers can be very draining. It tends to affect one’s productivity and input to work. It is very important to know what causes Jealousy in female coworkers in other to avoid it.

1. Speedy Growth

When one’s growth in an organization is speedy, it is usually baffling and it ends up resulting in jealousy.

2. Promotion

When an individual gets promoted consecutively within a short time frame, the next thing that might likely spring up is jealousy.

3. Blowing your Trumpet

When one blows their trumpet too much it becomes a major cause of jealousy.

Some female coworkers might feel intimidated by those achievements and the best way to show their sadness is by being jealous of that person.

4. Skills and expertise

Being too skillful and an expert in one’s field is enough reason to stir up envy. Some female coworkers might see one’s skill and expertise as a threat and as a way of massaging their inferiority complex, they get jealous.

5. Public Accolades and Preferential treatment

When one gets repeated public accolades from the manager or coworkers, it triggers jealousy in the heart of some female coworkers. 

Also when the manager of the organization treats an individual preferentially than others, they feel belittled and resort to jealousy.

How to Handle Jealous Female Coworkers?

Having the ability to handle jealousy is very important to maintain peace and decorum in the workplace.

Knowing the cause and avoiding it might be helpful but as much as one tries to avoid jealousy it still has a way of happening. Knowing how to handle it is a skill everyone should be equipped with.

The following steps will help in handling jealousy from female coworkers.

1. Give a blind eye to it

When one notices jealousy from female coworkers, one of the best ways to handle it is by ignoring it. 

An individual should continue being kind, professional, and respectful to the parties involved.

If one needs information and there are clear indications that they are hoarding it, one can source it from other colleagues.

2. Get a support system

Deciding to give a blind eye to jealousy from female coworkers can be such a heavy burden. It is important to get a support system.

The support system can be a friend, a therapist, or a mentor, so ensure you have someone to lean on and talk to when it becomes overwhelming.

The support system will help one plan their next move and take care of one’s mental health amidst the toxicities of jealous female coworkers

3. Document Everything

Jealous female coworkers can go to any length just to tarnish one’s image and reputation in the organization. It is very important to document projects, correspondence with clients, and other important organizational documents. This will be useful when jealous coworkers try to lie or tarnish your reputation before the manager.

4. Separate Worklife from personal Life

At all costs, avoid giving out personal information to jealous female coworkers. 

Your conversations and daily interactions should strictly be work-related. 

When they get access to your achievements, it tends to trigger or escalate the jealousy they already harbor against you.

5. Assess Yourself

Look inwardly and check for any attitude you exhibit that triggers jealousy towards you and cut them off. 


Jealousy in the workplace is somehow inevitable. 

Knowing the signs, causes, and how to manage jealous female coworkers is a necessity that should not be taken lightly.

Also, it is important to know that sometimes jealousy might come as a result of one’s actions and inactions, so occasionally one should carry out a personal assessment to wade it off.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I identify jealous female Coworkers?

Identifying jealous female coworkers is not difficult. 

They exhibit signs knowingly or unknowingly which point to the fact that they are jealous. One can identify them by learning and mastering the likely signs they might exhibit.

2. Why do Female coworkers get jealous?

Female coworkers get jealous for several reasons. 

One reason that stands out is that they feel threatened by one’s success and achievements and wish they were in that individual’s position. 

Since they haven’t been able to achieve that, they get jealous.

Jealous Female Coworkers Signs – Know More!

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