Is ZipRecruiter legit?- Find Out

ZipRecruiter is an online platform that helps millions of job seekers to find jobs and employers to post open positions in their organizations. Job seekers might look for a stable income, change in organization or career, or only employment. Similarly, employers can inform about their vacancies and search for appropriate candidates. The site posts millions of jobs available across the country. Know if ZipRecruiter is legit.

Is ZipRecruiter legit?

This article not only answers the question but also elaborates on different aspects of ZipRecruiter. These aspects help the users decide whether they must or how to use ZipRecruiter according to their requirements.

ZipRecruiter For The Job Seekers

The salaries mentioned on the ZipRecruiter are generally not verified by the employers. However, if numerous job seekers request salary details, ZipRecruiter informs the employers to state or update the salary.

ZipRecruiter offers a Job Search Page where the job seekers can enter the job title and preferred location to search for a job. They can use this feature for free.

ZipRecruiter For The Employers

ZipRecruiter charges fees for the employers according to the features, number of jobs, and users. They might use Standard or Premium plans or the ZipRecruiter Employer App for easy hiring. The minimum price the employers must pay every month is $249. It is how the membership fees paid by the employers get added into the account of ZipRecruiter.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Working Of ZipRecruiter

The following points elaborate the working of ZipRecruiter, but not in order:

  • The job seekers must enter their details such as email id, phone number, and resume. When they apply for a job, only the employer can see all these details. It occurs only if the job seekers do not go for the resume database.
  • It provides a free trial period of only four days. Further, it keeps renewing the plans for the employers. So, the employers must keep an eye on it.
  • If the job seekers find one or more suspicious jobs, they can report the ZipRecruiter team stating an appropriate reason. Reason acts as the crucial part of the team to make decisions. After getting the reports, the team looks into the matter and might reach out to the job seeker to get more details.
  • This website offers both standard and premium accounts. The employers must pay more for the premium account. But, they can access the Resume Database, enjoy additional features, and get the job postings ranked above all other related postings.

Getting Out Of ZipRecruiter

The users cannot cancel, deactivate, or delete but only close their accounts on ZipRecruiter. However, they must make sure that they get unsubscribed from all types of notifications.

Generally, the team shares the details regarding the job seekers to the third parties according to the laws of California until they get out of ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter works much with third-party vendors. They notify the job seekers regarding different offers even if they visit other websites. Similarly, third-party vendors use cookies to know them more.

The job seekers can still stop the team from doing this while continuing the services from the website. They might not add their resumes in the Resume Database or unsubscribe from marketing email notifications, or both.

ZipRecruiter Scams

Scams start with suspicious emails offering higher salaries and an alternative position that does not provide all the required details related to work. Such fake employers do not share more information about their companies, offered jobs and salaries. Even their emails do not look legitimate or might charge the job seekers for the hiring process and ask them to share their confidential personal details by any means. They take advantage of desperate job seekers and promise to offer a handsome salary but never pay.

In these cases, the victims must trust their guts. Before proceeding further with a company, they must do enough research. It includes going through the official website, social media accounts, online, and personal reviews about the company.

The well-known fake job associated with ZipRecruiter is re-shipping. The fraud company using the website asks the applicants to re-ship the closed packages from one address to another. The applicants do not know what the company works for and what the package contains.

Is ZipRecruiter Legit?

ZipRecruiter does not get involved in the hiring in any way. The candidates can apply for appropriate jobs, and the employers can select the right ones. Some employers and job seekers have positive experiences with ZipRecruiter, while some do not. However, the company always claims to get available for its users.

It got listed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as a job listing service. It also presents the customer reviews, complaints, actions taken by the company, and other related details. It has been accredited A+ by BBB since 2012. So, ZipRecruiter is indeed legit, but it comes up with a few challenges, such as phishing. The users can solve them by taking appropriate steps while using the services of the company.

Advantages Of ZipRecruiter

The following are the advantages of ZipRecruiter:

  • Its User Interface is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and does not look stuffed.
  • It offers job postings and flexible plans with ease.
  • Job seekers get notified of various job titles related to their choice. Thus, they get to know about unknown jobs that might get better for them. They can even send their resumes to many employers and then get ready to manage all the responses.
Disadvantages Of ZipRecruiter

The following are the disadvantages of ZipRecruiter:

  • Highly educated and experienced people might not find relevant jobs.
  • It does not allow employers to offer domestic and veteran jobs.
  • Most employers might not get informed about some charges in advance. Also, they might not find relevant or local candidates.

Competitors Of ZipRecruiter

The following are some of the competitors of ZipRecruiter:

  • Indeed

It is an American website that specializes in job search and online recruiting. It was launched in 2004 with headquarters in Austin, Texas. It concentrates on belonging and inclusion. Its revenue was $2.4 billion in the second quarter of 2021.

  • Glassdoor

It is an American website founded in 2007. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and allows the workers to submit their reviews regarding their current and previous jobs anonymously. It offers interview questions, salaries, reviews, and more. Its revenue is said to be approximately $158.3 million per year.

  • LinkedIn

It is a publicly held American online service provider founded in 2003. It is headquartered in Sunnyvale in California and offers professional identity, job search, marketing solutions, and more. Its revenue was around $10 billion in 2021.

  • Monster

It is an employment website founded in 1999 by Jeff Taylor. It is headquartered in Weston, Massachusetts, and helps in job recruitment, online media solutions, and more. Its revenue was $4.6 billion in 2020.


ZipRecruiter made a revenue of $ 41.81 crores in 2020. This profitable company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. This website is better for employers that want to post multiple job openings and see the application status. On the one hand, job seekers can apply for many jobs, while on the other hand, the website is learning to use Artificial Intelligence in the website.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How Does Ziprecruiter Make Money?


The company charges the employers subscription fees, but not the job seekers. The charges depend on the number of users and job postings and other related features. A premium account will charge them more and put them at the top for job searching.

  1. What Is An Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?


Most companies use ATS before going through the thousands of resumes personally. ATS sorts out the resumes according to the keywords, long forms, chronological order, traditional resume font and headings, file extension, and more. So, the applicants get recommended to create their resumes accordingly.

  1. What Is TrafficBoost?


TrafficBoost is available exclusively under ZipRecruiter. The employers that want a high number of applicants within a short period use it. The ZipRecruiter team sends email notifications regarding job posting to millions of job seekers for 30 days. The Single Boost lasts only till 100 views. For more, they might choose Double or Triple Boost and pay a high amount accordingly.

  1. What Is Pereless?


Pereless is an ATS that helps in recruitment and hiring through SaaS infrastructure, integration, and security. It made a partnership with ZipRecruiter. Accordingly, Pereless users can use ZipRecruiter for free and directly post their job postings on the website.

Is ZipRecruiter legit?- Find Out

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