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There are no two ways about it. Getting several emails daily is a genuine tragedy. In the end, people end up missing out on the important emails they need to check. Here’s the truth; people can organize both saved and incoming emails, in the same way, they plan out their day. Inbox Zero Outlook is the plug here and everyone that wants to have an organized email should read on. Let us know about “Inbox Zero Outlook”

Inbox Zero Outlook

The whole idea of inbox zero outlook means having an organized email collection. Such that only necessary and important incoming emails stay in the inbox. Therefore, people get the important messages they need to attend to on time. Also, visiting emails is no longer a tragedy or tedious task anymore.

Detailed Information On What Inbox Zero Outlook Means

Inbox zero outlook refers to the act of managing saved and incoming emails in an organized way. Whereby regardless of how many messages are received daily, the inbox is empty or almost empty every time. 

Inbox zero outlook didn’t start yesterday, it has been existing for ages and the brain behind it is Merlin Mann. This man created this phrase in 2004. 

He created the phrase in a bit to reduce people’s tragedy of clustered and many unnecessary emails. Merlin did this in a bit to reduce the time people spend on weekends or work breaks checking out their emails. 

Today, they have several options to pick from as regards having an organized, and well-labeled email. This article will explain a few of those inbox zero outlook options below. 

However, before explaining those options, Merlin Mann coined what he named the five chronicles of faith. They go thus;

Every Email Doesn’t Need Equal Attention 

This means that people receive thousands of emails daily. However, not every email received deserves the same attention and focus. 

Some emails don’t need a second glance, they need to become trash as soon as they arrive. Some emails deserve a few moments of our time for easy digestion and constructive responses.

 People Have Limited Time

With a demanding job or jobs, families to care for, and functions to attend as often as possible. People rarely have time to sit down all day and check their email.

Most refuse to accept this; they waste hours on email which they could spend on more important things. In the end, they become frustrated and angry.

Merlin Mann advised them to stop getting worked up all the time. They must accept that they do not have time to check email all day. Accepting one’s situation is the first step toward change.

Less Is More

To cut half of the time people have to spend on email so they can focus on other important things. Merlin advised they avoid sending back as responses wordy and too much unnecessary statements. 

He believes that less is more, therefore they should keep their responses precise, neat, and straight to the point. Mann says that sending precise responses means saving the time of the sender, and that of the receiver as well. 

You Are Not Alone

This refers to overcoming and eliminating the uneasiness and guilt associated with receiving large amounts of emails. Mann claims that most people feel the same way.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity and squandering valuable time, fretting over bulky emails. They should channel that energy into learning how to organize their email.

Maintain Integrity

There has never been a time when lying to oneself was beneficial. The same is true for dealing with emails. 

Merlin advises people to be honest and realistic about what they will prioritize in their emails. They must be realistic in their approach to each received email.

When they receive emails, they’ll always have a gut feeling about which emails to address and which to ignore. Knowing how and when not to respond to emails, according to the creator of zero inbox outlook. Is one of the most effective ways of achieving that organized email outlook.

Step By Step Guide On Creating The Desired Organized Email Outlook

Besides the information, Mann provided about what inbox Zero outlook entails. Here’s how people can enjoy a well-managed email. 

Simplify The Outlook Email Management 

First off, people should mark Spam for every email considered spam first before deleting them. This helps outlook recognize incoming emails, which are considered spam.

Instead of having to mark them for deletion. Outlook will mark them and save them in the Spam folder. So when the person wants to delete them, they’ll just visit the folder and delete them.

Secondly, people should check out every email they’re no longer interested in and unsubscribe from them. This will prevent them from getting emails from them in the future. 

They can get a clean email inbox management app. Instead of sending the unsubscribe request. The app helps unsubscribe from unwanted emails with just a click of the Unsubscribe icon in the app.


The first thing to do after reading a message is to decide what to do with the message. If it requires a response, people can respond immediately or leave it for later. If it doesn’t, they should either delete or archive it.


Perhaps it’s an email that someone else has to reply to. They should forward the email to the person responsible for giving the email a befitting reply. Then delete or archive the message immediately. 

Give A Response

When the message requires a reply and people can answer at that moment. They should respond immediately using precise words.


Let’s say the message sent to the email requires a long response. They should leave the message for later when they’re more composed to give the right response. Here, they can create another folder to keep those messages known as Deferred Messages


When the email demands a task that one can attend to immediately. They should attend to the task immediately and delete or archive it immediately after the discussion. 

Avoid Pointless Emails

Spending quality to analyze the email will make people realize and notice several email groups. Plus, email threads they should have no business with. These are always the emails that bulk up the inboxes. 

To change the narrative. The people should completely remove and unsubscribe from every group email and email thread that adds no value to them. 

Also, instead of helping in the bulking up of their email. By emailing across to the guy in the next room or the table. They should rather stand up from their seat and go interact with the person. 

Time Block Emails

Rather than becoming slavery to emails. Whereby one opens up the Gmail application anytime, there’s a newly sent email. People should rather delegate certain moments of the day to check out their emails. 

To avoid getting distracted by emails, they can turn off the sound notification for incoming emails. They can delegate certain times in the morning, afternoon, and before they retire to bed every night.

They can set aside half an hour to check their emails in the morning and afternoon. Then delegate an hour in the evening. 

They can make it during coffee time every night to respond to the ones that need responses. Then delete the unnecessary ones. 

Setting Up Inbox Zero In Gmail

To enjoy an organized email, one can create several inboxes in Gmail. That way the general email stays on the left. 

While the label inbox or inboxes stays on the right side of the Gmail app. Here’s how to achieve that;

  • Proceed to Settings and choose the Inbox icon.
  • Change the inbox description to Default then remove all icons except Primary.
  • Visit Settings again and proceed to the inbox icon. This time around select No Markers and Don’t Override Filters. After selecting the two, they should click on Save Changes.
  • Once again they should navigate to Settings and from there, go to the Labs tab
  • It’s in the Labs tab that they’ll input Multiple Inboxes in the search icon and select Enable.
  • Next, they should scroll down till they get to the Compose. Under the Compose icon, they should select the Create New Label icon.
  • The Create New Label is for creating different labels for grouping emails into several sections. 


If achieving an organized email outlook where people only get to see important messages is the goal. Everything explained in this inbox zero outlook post is the right plug to achieving that. Read up and share it with others as well.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Outlook Inbox Zero worthwhile?

Absolutely. It’s worthwhile because, as of this writing, inbox zero Outlook is the most effective and widely used method of message management.

2. Why do some people find it so difficult to delete emails?

People keep emails because they believe they will be able to read them later if they cannot read them right away.

3. Is it necessary to uninstall the previous email client?

Yes, deleting the old email account is required because it contains security flaws one needs to avoid.

#4. Is it possible to delete emails while leaving a job?

Yes. Before resigning, one should go through all of their work emails and remove them.

Inbox Zero Outlook -Learn More About It

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