How would you describe yourself as a Nanny Position? Know More

It is a known fact that nannies are employed to care for children; It could be in daycare, home, and the like. Employers find it hard to trust employees who apply for this role; because it involves their wards or children being put in their care. There are nannies out there, they are mean and have no professionalism to show for the job. So the question is how would you describe yourself for a nanny position?

How would you describe yourself as a Nanny Position

How to Describe Yourself for a Nanny Position?

There is no template for a nanny role. Employers tend to ask different questions concerning the job according to what they feel is ideal or what they expect from you as regards the discharge of your duty.

When asked to describe yourself for the nanny position, the interviewer expects you to give prior experiences as regards working as a nanny, how you have worked, and situations and experiences that have shaped your career. This would give your employer a broader picture of what you can offer and it could motivate them.

What do Employees expect From a Nanny?

An employer expects nothing but truthful answers based on this role. You should;

  • Calm your nerves even before the interview so you won’t sound untruthful or just desperate to get the role. 
  • Parents or employees want a nanny who is organized and would have an impact. 
  • They expect someone whose choices for their wards would be of good interest.
  • Giving them an insight into a peculiar or a similar role could convince them that you are who they want to employ. 
  • No one wants an inexperienced person most of the time, so you should be able to convince your employee that you are who they want.
  • If you have any education or training on the role they want to hear it.
  • They want a goal-oriented person, make employees understand that your goal as a nanny is to take care of children and it is something that interest you or you enjoy doing
  • Employees would like to know if you render additional services. If it is part of the services you render, you could tell them you can offer menial house chores that don’t exceed laundry, meal preparation, and housekeeping. It is important to state just what you can or would do. There is no point in misleading them.

Preparing for Your Interview

For an applicant for this position, you must have in mind that you can’t skip these phases of the job because your employers want to know who they are employing and what you can offer to them, and the impact you would have on their wards. Be ready to answer questions like;

  • Introduce Yourself and Describe Yourself as a Nanny

They are two different ball games. Introducing yourself has to do with telling them who you are; your name, age, and your marital status (they just want to know you.) It is imperative to make it very brief. 

Describing yourself as a nanny is telling them about your experiences, how many years you have worked for, the age range of children you have cared for, and every little detail that has to do with the profession that you have engaged in. just make it brief but you should be communicating what they want.

  • What Was Your Last Job Like? And Why You Stopped Working There

Employers want to have an idea of where you have worked and what it is that made you stop working there. If it was a contract you should let them know that if you moved away from where you used to stay, maybe your previous employee relocated, it could be anything. They just want to be sure you are of good conduct.

  • What You Enjoy In Your Previous Job

They want to gain an insight as to who you are and what could as well interest you. To make it easier for them to relate with you, you should tell them about your relationship with the children and the parent, how it has helped you, and probably how you have been rewarded on special occasions. 

  • What You Dislike About the Previous Job

The employers would like to know what must have always pissed you about your previous job to guide them in their relationship with them. If there is none, it is fine to say it. Try not to say something bad about your previous employer. If there was an underlying issue such as their lack of communication, and trivial issues that could result from their poor parenting. You could describe these issues without being disrespectful, and let them know how you have handled them and what you have learned.

  • What You Think Children Like About You

You should answer by telling them about your previous jobs and the things you do with children that make them like you. It could be sports, your sense of humor, how you communicate with them, your level of energy, or how patient you are in teaching the children.

In conclusion, while describing yourself as a nanny, employ adjectives such as hardworking, kind, experienced, patient, and the like to describe yourself and your abilities. You should also prepare to ask your employers certain questions ahead, so before the interview, you should prepare the questions and during the interview, their questions could also lead to another question from you. Do not interrupt; wait till they are done asking their questions.

How would you describe yourself as a Nanny Position? Know More

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