How To Write Mailing Address?

The mailing address is the address at which a person or business receives information in the form of a letter or sealed envelope. Mailing address is the place through which the communication between sender and receiver is established. Many companies send their important decisions such as hiring, promotion, and rejection in the form of mail to the mailing address. Lets know How To Write Mailing Address.

How To Write Mailing Address

In the modern era, the mailing system is still applied in spite of digital technology. Therefore, it is very important that mails should be sent at the right mailing address for quick, proper, and continuous communication between the sender and receiver. Accurate mailing address is thus required for the delivery of mails to the correct mailing address.

Mails are sent and received only in some specific areas but in the whole word. Every country or state uses its own mail format to make the mailing system easy and quick. However, some requirements are common in all mailing addresses, and these are accepted internationally.

  • Complete name of the person (Including first, middle, and last name)
  • Name of the company/institute/department (if applicable)
  • Name and number of the street
  • Name of city, state/province/country with zip/postal code (necessary for international mail address)
  • Contact number/Email address (Good for fast and convenient delivery)

1. Person name:

Sender should write the complete name of the recipient. The person’s name order is different in different countries. For example, my name is Muhammad Awais Altaf. The mail senders of my country (Pakistan) write my name Muhammad Awais Altaf. But when I receive mails from Austria, my name sequence is always Altaf (family name), Muhammad Awais (Given name) used.

Sometimes, the title of recipient with abbreviations (Dr. Engr. Prof.) is also written in formal mails. In case of no specific title of recipient, the abbreviation Mr. or Mrs. can also be used before name.

2. Company name:

Formal and business mails not only contain the complete details of the company of recipient but also of the sender. When you send mail to the specific person in the company, you should not only mention the name of the company but also give the details of the department or institute of the person. The same details should also be written for the sender. When I received the mail address from a university in Austria, the sender did not only write the name of the university but also wrote the name of his department.

3. Name and number of street:

Street or road name and number are the essential part of the mail address. The sequence of names and numbers may be different in different regions. Some countries like in Pakistan, street number is written before street name e.g. 15, M.A. Jinnah Road. Other countries like Austria prefer to write street numbers after its name e.g. Sechshauser straße 31. Sometimes, in the mail address, details of sub streets are also required for the clarification. 

4. Name of city, province, and country:

The names of cities, provinces/states, and countries become important as the distance between the sender and recipient increases. In the local mail addresses, names of city, provinces/states, and countries are often omitted.

The city name should always be written in English and without abbreviation for internal recipients. Many cities are known with different names in the country. For example, Vienna is called and written Wien inside Austria. But for international mail delivery, the sender should use the English name Vienna. Some people use abbreviations for their local city names like LHR. (Lahore), New York (NY) etc.  It is always advisable to use city names without abbreviations.

Street or province name is the least written name in both local as well as international mails. In the local mails, only city or town name is considered sufficient for mail delivery. While, senders of international mails emphasize on the recipient’s country name and not mention province or state name.

Occasionally, it becomes vital to mention state names especially in the local mails. For instance, Springfield city is situated in both Oregon and Illinois. In parallel, both Florida and California have the same name, Orange County. Thus, in such a case, the state name is essential with the city name for mail.

5. Country name:

Country name is important for international mails. Mainly, countries full names are written such as Japan, India, China, Belgium, and so on. On the other hand, the countries having long names can be written in their abbreviations if their abbreviations are famous internationally. Examples of these countries are the United States of America and United Arab Emirates which can be written as the USA and UAE. For countries abbreviations, all letters will be written capital without any space and dot. 

6. Postal Codes:

Postal code is also called ZIP or PIN code. Postal codes normally contain only numbers like 54000 (Lahore, Pakistan). But these can also be both numbers and alphabets such as DK-1234 (Denmark). Postal code is specific for each region.

7. Contact number/Email address:

In the modern era of digital technology, now recipient’s contact numbers and email addresses are written in the mail, specifically in formal mails. Contact number details make the mail delivery fast and efficient. My senders often mention my contact number in my mails. In many cases, courier service companies contacted me on contact number before delivery. Country code should be written before contact number as for Pakistan (+92), and for Austria (+43).

Email addresses can be formal or informal. Formal email address is better if the mail is related to formal information. With the email address, recipient and sender can exchange information about mail with clarification.

8. Language:

Mailing address can be written in any language. Local mailing addresses are normally sent in the local languages. But, for international mailing addresses, Standard English language is always preferred.

9. Mails address order:

The order of the mail address varies from country to country. For example, in the USA, the order minor-to-major is followed. In this order, the names of person, department, city, state, and country are written in the descending order. This order can be different in other countries like Russia where major-to-minor sequence is preferred. For international mail addresses, the sender country mail address format is used because the mails are always first processed in the sender country.

10. Mail envelope:

Mail Envelope has two sides: front or opening side, and back side. The details of the recipient are written on the backside, while sender details are written on the front or opening side of the envelope. The details of senders and recipients can be printed on envelopes, or these can be written with permanent ink. 

The mail is kept in an envelope, and the envelope opening is sealed tightly with glue or gum. Lastly, courier companies attach stamps, tickets, or attach a token number with the mail envelope.


Mail is the communication method between sender and receiver. Correct mailing address is obligatory for effective and convenient communication.

How To Write Mailing Address?

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