How To Say Thank You For Prompt Response At Work Exam?

There is a saying I really love, it goes thus: An attitude of gratitude. Not only does it come off as a tongue twister, a rhyme but there is truth in it; gratitude can definitely be an attitude, a lifestyle. Let us see how to say thank you for prompt response at Work Exam.

How To Say Thank You For Prompt Response At Work Exam?

Giving thanks ought to come from a place of sincerity, and even the smallest gesture is worthy of thanks giving. 

How then do we say thanks?

You go right ahead and say it. Not through body language (of course they know I’m grateful, it shows, right?), not by assuming it should be obvious (is that person whom you are to be grateful to a psychic, a mind reader? I don’t think so). Say it, let them hear you say it out loud.

Being thankful to anyone has always been a win-win enterprise, yes. When you show someone you are happy with what they did for you or to you, it makes them feel good that they have done something worthy, and it puts you in happy headspace.

Can giving thanks thus be classified as a recipe for happiness?

There are a whole lot of reasons to be happy, and I can say that giving thanks is one of them. You can’t go wrong with giving thanks, quote me anywhere. It is a mechanism for success, for heights to be reached, for growth.

In a blog article titled, “Giving thanks can make you happier” (November 2011), Harvard Health Publishing (Harvard Medical School) sums it up when she says, “In positive Psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness”

Now, to the crux of the matter, why we are here:

How, just how can one say Thank you for prompt response at work exam?

I will like to point out here that in the world we live in, these days, everybody is busy getting one or two things done, or a lot more. I pointed that out to show that questions or requests made at work can be legitimately forgotten to be addressed.

You can label a person bad or insensitive for not attending to your “needs” but that does not rule out the fact that the lack of promptness to their response to you or no response at all might not be due to some evil scheming on their part.

I put all that out there to show you that when you are promptly responded to for even the slightest, most minute, tiniest request, a thank you note or speech is necessary. In another world or time, it might not have been responded to.

To say thank you for your prompt response at work exam, do the following:

A Thank You Note/Email: 

In a situation where the person you are showing gratitude to is not one you are close to, in proximity and relationship alike, you can send a note or mail or even message of thanks to them to show them you acknowledge their response and are happy about it.

Via Words: 

Like I said earlier above, to say thank you, just say it! If I trade the ‘say’ for ‘do’ and add just a beautiful ‘check’ to it, I will be reliving Nike’s mantra. Say those words to the person that deserves it and let them know you are grateful.

Physically (Face-To-Face):

When you realize that the options I gave above are not possible but you have an opportunity to see the person, you can use option number two. Approach them in their office preferably and tell them how you feel about their kind gesture of promptness towards you or your exam.

Send a Gift:

Who is it that does not cherish a gift, a souvenir, an object to signify memories? Nobody. We all love surprises and gifts. A gift can sum all you have to say or text. Now, I will not tell you what to get them but you could paste a thank you card to whatever gift you choose to send. This is where “action speaks louder than words” come to play. Just seeing your gesture is enough to drive the message home.

Before Other people:

Do not get me wrong, you get to choose the one that works for you. For this option, you might be having a meeting or get together and you can have the floor and use that opportunity to show your gratitude to this person, before others. I do not think they will cut you short neither do I think they will sanction you for that.

Now, some people might not like a public appraisal, and also you cannot be sure who does or who doesn’t, so if you are like me, try it if it is what you will like to try and see what happens. I love surprises, I love their outcomes.

Do Not Exaggerate, Do Not Lie: 

It shows. When you lie about something you know you are not thankful for, why? I will never know, you make matters worse. People can see through your lies, especially when they come from a place of hyperactivity. So don’t, do not exaggerate and make it a point of duty to lie not. 

Let Them Know They Are Amazing: 

Not only are they amazing but their deed was amazing. Do not fail to let them know. Do not leave it to their senses to be able to tell that you feel thankful.

Do Not Postpone:

Since you know their response was not delayed, it was prompt. Your thanks should be prompt too. Do not postpone it to when you feel like it because if they had postponed their prompt response to when they felt like it, it would not have been what it was, prompt. Do the needful, at the right time, do not wait for a later time, do it now. 

How Then Do You Say The Words? What are The Right Words To Say?

Thank You:

Simple but effective. 

I Am Grateful:

Shows you are showing gratitude for the ‘kindness’ shown to you.

Many Thanks:

This is another way to begin. Drives the point home.

I Really Appreciate Your Kindness/Kind Gesture:

Shows them you are grateful for their kind deed and truly appreciate it.

I Cannot Express My Appreciation: 

Shows you don’t have the words to really show how grateful you are. It depends on what their action did to you and the feeling it spurs out of you. 

My Gratitude Is Endless:

Many words but still not enough so please accept the infinity thereof.

You Are Too Kind:

This can be used in a formal or informal setting. Remember that the words matter, but what matters also is how you say them. So it is not enough to say the words, but mean them, let them come alive. I am hungry and I am hungry!!! are different; same words, different ways of saying them, different meanings. You get the point.

You Will Not Understand How This Action of Yours Affects me:

Then, go right ahead to say how you feel.

Thanks, A Million:

Interprets that what was done to you, the prompt response given in work exam is worth a million thank you, countless thanks definitely and you would say them if it was possible. Sure, it is possible and the thanks won’t get anything on you, you can say them, but you won’t like to waste their precious time. They have done enough and stress is the last thing you want to give to them. The point is to give thanks, not stress. Disclaimer: Do not say all of the above words, ‘Thanks A Million” is just fine, thank you.

Like I said before, your gratitude should spring from a place of sincerity. Why will you want to fake thanks? If you are not thankful for a prompt response given to you, I don’t know what to say to you.

I Don’t Know What Else To Say But Thank You:

Shows that the singular action has rendered you speechless and thank you is the least word you can come up with, the others have escaped you.

I have A Lot To Say But Thank You:

The same as the one mentioned above. A lot of words but these are what you can construe. It goes a long way in showing how you feel.

I Can’t Thank You Enough:

These words right here show that you have more to say but they will still not be enough to express the depth of your gratitude.

You Made My Day:

This is the one-size-fits-all package. Their action brought sunshine to your previously clouded day. The news, email or message of their prompt response was just what you needed to set your day right. It is not an exaggeration, it is the icing on the cake.

When thank you comes from a place of sincerity, it sends out a message tagged humility. You just cannot give thanks in a haughty manner. I do not see how that can be done.

It actually does not take anything to say thank you. “Thank you” is an expression, and expressions or gestures are free, at least some of the time.

When you appreciate someone for what they have done for you, in other words, when you say thank you to them, it shows you acknowledge what has been done and are grateful that they had you in their thoughts.

If it is a note you choose to write or an email you choose to send, the street to appreciation is two-way. How is that? Stay with me, please.

Now, you got a prompt response at your work exam, and so you show your appreciation by giving thank you, right? That is one way.

When the receiver of your email or note gets it, they read it either with a smile (even the sternest person is human and the coldest heart bleeds too and can get warm when the occasion calls for it and this is a fine occasion) or no expression at all. I will not be able to tell but what I am sure of is that they will appreciate it; that is the other way.

Lest I forget, let whoever you are writing or saying thanks to, whichever the case may be, know why you are doing so. Do not just give them a thank you and leave it hanging there. Let them know you are thanking them for so and so.

When I said a simple thank you is as it is, simple but effective, I did not mean it for an occasion as this. You must realize that different occasions or circumstances call for different ways of saying thank you.

Yet again, do not assume they know why you are saying thank you. Do not leave anything to their imagination in this ‘scenario’. You know what they did, thank them for what they did.

When you say thank you, you could go this way:

“Thank you for… … …” In this case, you could say, “Thank you for your prompt response to…” It does not necessarily have to be the way I put it, any way you find appealing to present your thanks is awesome, I am just making sure you catch my drift.

Thank them for the time they spent reviewing your work as well as responding swiftly to it. Thank them for the help they rendered you, and assure them you will continue to give your best and then make sure you live up to your promise so they will find you trustworthy. Trust is earned, never forget that.

There is something about writing a thank you note or email if that is the path you choose to take. Writing gives off an air of reminder. It is something your reader can always go back to.

To make the above easier, I will put them in steps I have compressed into the mnemonics, AREA.

Steps To Take When Saying Thanks


Firstly, it is important that before you get right into thanking them, you regard the person you are saying thank you to. Greet them by their title or their name if that is what they prefer.

After that, you can proceed to the reason you are “taking their time” (just kidding). This brings us to the next step:


Let your receiver (could be your boss, your subordinate, anybody) know why you approached them or why you are writing to them. Now you see why just saying thanks does not have such a cool ring to it in a situation as this.

Imagine greeting the person and the next thing you are saying is thank you, just thank you. Most times, the question you will be asked is “for what?” because I do not believe that such a busy person just wants to hang on to your every word.

Your boss or interviewer or whoever you are addressing obviously has so much to do and so much in their head they are thinking about, deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, a whole lot to do to remember that they once did you a favor even if it was the day before.

So, waiting for them to ask you for what is not nice. Go straight to the point, hit the nail on the head and let everybody get on with their business. Nobody has time for a game of Knock knock… when it is work time. It is eyes on the clock and targets to be met.


Be enthusiastic about the boost their response gave to you. Let them know you are encouraged to do better in the future but not in a tone or mood that shows you are under pressure.

It will weigh down on their soul if you make it look like their prompt response meant you had to give your best even if it meant dying on the job, in as much as the job gets done. Say it lightly, and do not over do it, it will show and that is not sincere; remember sincerity is one of the keywords in this content.

(Thank them) Again:

Make sure to say thank you again in conclusion. You might think it is not necessary or you might see it as unnecessary repetition but it is what is proper.

Also, express your appreciation in not-too-long sentences. Remember that you need to be time conscious. You have not been called upon to give a speech of appreciation or vote of thanks, so do not cause the person you are saying thank you to keep looking somewhere else or at their watch as a sign for you to stop talking. And I do not need to tell you how awkward it will look if you end your speech in the middle of your speech. Do not do that; in other words, make it short. 

This also goes with writing a note or email. You do not need to get overzealous about it because you are trying to make a point, life is not that hard. Make it striking, make it remarkable.

Keep whatever you are saying on a KISS level, that is Keep It Short and Simple. Ensure you do not KILL (Keep it Long and Lengthy).

You want to know what will be really cool when saying thank you for the prompt response given to you? Well, that will be to smile but if you feel like smiling is not your thing and you would rather not, or if you feel because smiling is not one of your priorities and so if you do smile, it will look fake, by all means do you, no pressure at all.

But ensure that you are sincere in your speech, if you are not, it will show. Maintain eye contact but not in a way that feels like you want to burn a hole into their eyes with your gaze; do not stare.

When I say maintain eye contact, I am not saying you should fix your eyes on them from the beginning to the end. Sure, your words of thanks will not be long but it is not a reason for you to turn the whole period into a starting competition. 

You can look away but give off an aura of engagement. It shows you are intentional about the moment and will not rather be somewhere else.

If you think you are not confident enough, or you are too nervous to maintain eye contact, I will suggest you send an email or write a note or message instead. But, you must know that another opportunity will definitely come your way someday, any day when you still have to look someone in the eyes and talk to them. You might not even be prepared.

To ensure you don’t fall flat on your face in shame or embarrassment when you are faced with such a situation, you have to work on yourself and your self-confidence. The time will definitely come, it is only a matter of time.

Read books on how to boost your confidence, watch videos and work the work on yourself. You know it is a setback, the best you can do is work on it until you see a change. Practice, and if it means trying with one person, striking and holding a conversation, do so. It will help you, I promise you.

That said, if you know you have a weeping willow down on the inside of you that tends to spring up in any or every emotional situation if it threatens to show up when you are talking to the person you are saying thanks to, so you will not be seen as strange and weird, check it. 

Be cute about it. Do not go all out bawling or ugly crying, that is so not cute. You are not grieving, you are happy, you are grateful, so watch it.

If their swift response brought out the emotional part of you, that is fine, it is not a crime to be emotional. Your eyes can be wet, you can be teary but that should be it because straight out crying does not fit the list. 

A Sample on How to write a Thank You note or Email for Prompt Response at Work Exam

Dear Ma/Sir/Jane/John,

Thank you for how swift your prompt response to my work exam was. I am really grateful for the time you put into ensuring that it came through positively.

Your response has given me the zeal to give my best and perform better in subsequent exams or tasks.

Thank you once again.


I have said it before and I will say it again, you cannot go wrong with showing gratitude. Let us face it, we are humans and we all love being appreciated, we love to be told we did or are doing a great job. So the least you can do when someone does you a favor, whatever kind, is to say thank you.

How To Say Thank You For Prompt Response At Work Exam?

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