How To Quit a Retail Job?

How To Quit a Retail Job?


We all must have heard that “a job should not just fill our purse, it should fill our heart.” The topic is ‘How To Quit a Retail Job?’

Research says that 75% of people leave their employment because of their employers and not because of the position itself. Many believe that getting recruited is easier than quitting. Though we have grown through technology, just writing an email to your employer and quitting might not be the right way. Also, on the other hand, it doesn’t involve a lot of paperwork. No matter how forward we move, few ethics & principles about jobs live the same. In this article, we will subtly show you a few steps to heed respecting “how to quit the retail job.”

To resign from a retail job, first, communicate verbally with your manager/supervisor, then write a resignation letter to your manager and HR by putting it on a two days’ notice. Leave the office on the date cited in the letter.

This is not the only means to resign from retail employment. Continue reading to find the brief guide on resigning from a job. 

Different Adroit Ways To Resign From a Retail Job 

There are several aspects and multiple steps to resign from your current employment, amongst all the worst ways would be to quit without showing up. There might be many explanations why you hate your employment. It could be the work of civilization, workspace, your colleagues, the take at work could be monotonous, or you simply hated your employer. Whatever the reason prevails, still you can choose seamless ways to quit. 

Or Choosing to depart from your retail employment post over the phone or without notice is unethical and would portray the opposite of your true professionalism.

Below are immaculate ways to follow while resigning from your retail job.

  1. Resign With A Prior Notice

Steps to follow to resign with prior notice:

  • First, convey verbal notice of departure to your employer or human resource manager and also inform your team members to prevent spurious situations.
  • Do not communicate aggressively or angrily. When asked for reasons, you can say that you are looking for a unique role in a different department that this organization doesn’t offer.
  • Add fluttering positive remarks, for instance, say you gained ample experience and earned expert knowledge along with exposure at their office. 
  • If you don’t want to affirm that you are looking for a new job then, cite reasons like you wish to proceed with further studies and are applying for universities.
  • You should resign from the employment with a constructive impact, equivalent to what you had when you entered the place— Don’t put your reputation at stake for the last ticking time you have. 
  • Quote the date that you will resign from employment.
  • Outline a brief letter acknowledging that you gave verbal notice of departure on a certain date (Mention the verbal notice date) 

[Read on to find sample letters regarding resignation]

  • State your name, position in the company, company name, and your official last day in the company as an employee.
  • Verbal communication can take place 2 or more weeks beforehand. It is safe to have a buffer period to save yourself from the jerk employers.
  • Write the date and confirm the letter by signing.
  • Submit one letter to your employer, another one to HR, one to the supervisor if needed.
  • Quit your company on the same date stated on the resignation letter.

“Leave your company door as you are leaving the movie show door”. 

We can symbolize this the same as leaving the theater door after watching a movie. You get filled with a lot of emotions after watching a movie and attain a thrilling experience. 

Walk out from your company as if you are walking out of a movie and are enthusiastic regarding what your life holds ahead. 

“Some company’s policies differ from the above procedure. If it differs, follow that.”

“Some companies do not ratify verbal communication. Act accordingly as per your company policy and quit the employment .”

You can also email stating the same statements as above in the place of a resignation letter.

  • Can you resign from retail employment without coming to the office?

Don’t participate in the error of approaching the wrong way. No matter how much you hate waking up daily & going to your company to pull 9-5, the struggle prevails until you find the next fine employment.   

This can be overseen as a highly unprofessional act if followed.

This could lead to termination, as it is not even considered as on leave. The term ‘termination’ can shut down your commitment toward the work and sting chances for other employment. 

It is better to get ‘no reference’ rather than a ‘bad reference’ to sustain in the market. 

The label of “terminated” or “fired” could interrupt your professional career ahead.” 

A resume is an initial impression for the human resources crew and the team stress about your previous experience, along with the terms of the relationship you held with your former employer.

  1. Resign Over a Phone

Resigning from your job over a phone call might seem unprofessional. Go for a phone call only when you feel it is urgent or if you feel you can’t face your manager. 

Set a time frame you converse with your manager over the phone. Don’t go into deep conversation. Simply convey you are resigning from employment.

In the end, mention that you will email regarding the same for accountability.  

  • Is it allowed to resign from employment without notice?

This is another unethical way to approach. It doesn’t create a difference regarding how toxic your workplace is or how lame your employment is, don’t act unprofessionally. 

If you want to use your retail job as a referral for a future career, give at least 2 weeks’ notice. You have the option to resign immediately if you do not want to use it in the future. It’s not recommended.

  1. Resigning employment on Short Notice Period

An employee gives a short notice period to his employer when he plans to leave the employment less than or before the two weeks’ notice period. 

Not every company has this policy or accepts it as one. An employee should and must follow his company policy while resigning from employment.

Do some research beforehand on the notice period and terms & conditions. In some companies, the notice period is a month or even less than two weeks.

Direction on Preparation of a Resignation Letter

If you’re leaving your retail employment, leave obligatorily, and one way is to write a resignation letter to your employer. 

Leaving employment can be an emotional experience, and making a mistake in your resignation can lead to unforeseen problems down the road, such as missed benefits and bad references for future employers. A graceful resignation can help you succeed. 

Contents that need to be included in a resignation letter:

1. Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph in the letter comprises introducing yourself, followed by depicting your position at the company. The most important part of this paragraph is to mention the ultimate purpose of the overall letter by expressing your thought of resigning from the company politely, yet directly. 

For instance, don’t write in an impolite tone “I quit” or indirectly “I’m thinking of leaving the company” instead write directly and politely” I submit my resignation”.

—The first paragraph might look like this:

To let you comprehend, I am resigning my position as [Position Name], effective [Date] at [Company Name]. 

(You will be well versed with the full body of the letter by the end of this article)

2. End Date

The opening paragraph should include an end date to your term. This is the first thing your employer looks at.

You should provide a specific end date and adequate notice to your employer before you leave. A two-week notice period is a norm.

But if you’re at the top of the company’s hierarchy, you may need to give your employer even more advance notice than that.

Include the end date on your notice, no matter how long it is.

Don’t cite an inadequate amount in the notice by writing “today is my last date” or “my last day shall be in a couple of weeks” by not stating a specific date.

Quote specific and adequate end date—”My last date will be two weeks from today.”

3. Expression of Gratitude 

Do everything you can to leave your employment on a positive note, even if you’re unhappy about it.

Don’t write “I hate this employment, and you don’t pay me nearly enough,” is not an appropriate statement. 

Write something like, “I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to work with such a talented group of people on some very interesting and exciting projects.”

4. Display Your Record of Accomplishments 

An accomplishment you’re proud of can serve as a valuable reference for a potential new employer if your former company shares your resignation letter with them.

“I wish I could have finished the X project”, but that’s not what you’re going to write.

You can write “the A-work Team’s on the XYZ project was a fulfilling and rewarding accomplishment. I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

5. Closing Paragraph

In the last paragraph, you can address the transition period. 

You can jot down “I am delighted to train my replacement during the transition period 

(Mention this particularly if you’re working on a project that will need to be completed after your departure date, this is vital information to have at your fingertips)

Specimens of a Resignation Letter

Words have the power to change, influence, and intimidate people. Usage of the right words at the right place cannot leave the person untouched. 

In the same way, a good resignation letter should reflect the circumstance. We should not add all the fancy words to sound professional into the letter. Instead, the letter should do your task of communicating on your half about resignation subtly.

Few samples of a resignation letter:

  • Simple Resignation Letter

Your Name

Your Address


Company’s Name

Company’s Address

Dear (Manager’s name),

I am penning down to notify you about my resignation from the post [Mention Your Current Post Name] and my last day in this company would be [Mention The Last Date].

It was a great time which I spent with this company. Thank you very much for your valuable tips and co-operation. I have gained a lot of experience working here and I am sure this will be helpful for my entire career.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to [Mention The Name of Your Employer] for always pushing me forward and for helping me in opening my capabilities, and also for encouraging me to make mistakes and learn from them.

I am grateful for the opportunities that opened many doors further and will cherish the experience I got along the course. 

Thanks and Regards 

Your Signature


  • Professional Resignation Letter


Supervisor’s Name

Supervisor’s Title

Name of Company

Address of Company 

Please approve this letter as my formal notice of resignation from [Mention Your Company Name] as a [Mention Your Current Position].

The place has been filled with lessons, support, and growth and I can’t thank the management enough for their guidance throughout the course. I appreciate the management’s assistance.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you in finding and training my successor.

I expect to leave [Mention Your Company Name] on good terms. 


Your Signature


Note- Resignation letters can differ depending on the company policies, and they commonly adopt the above-outlined samples.


There are ‘n’ ways to resign from employment, as noted initially. After going through this piece of writing, you must have learned the ways to present yourself while resigning from your retail employment. Put them on the work and resign that employment you are not keen to toil for anymore!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it allowed to resign from employment without notice?

Yes, it is allowed but not advisable. Verbally communicate with your employer that you are “willing to quit” without addressing all the needless elements around. 

  1. What could happen if you resign from employment without giving notice?

You may not get a good reference from your current employer if you resign without giving notice.

  1. How to resign from retail employment that you just got on board?

Quit in person, followed by emailing or writing a resignation letter. 

How To Quit a Retail Job?

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