How To Get W2 From Etsy ?

Etsy is an American multi-purpose company. It provides a platform for the locals to come and sell their handmade or vintage products or craft supplies. The items vary from literally everything, which is why Etsy. These items are sold by various local people, so the prices also vary according to the people around from the region and besides. The site has a variety of products such as home decor , furniture, bags, accessories, toys, and art. Etsy is an online marketplace that is present worldwide. How To Get W2 From Etsy ? let us know more about it.

How To Get W2 From Etsy ?

Etsy, in total, employs 874 employees with a wide range of buyers and sellers. As per payscale, the salary of the employees of Etsy on an average is 111k/year. The availability of the w2 statement is on the site.

What is w2?

W-2 stands for Wage and Tax Statement. It is a statement that the employer has to send the employee and the Internal Revenue Services at the end of the year to report what amount of annual wages have been handed out to the employees and the tax cut made from their paychecks.  

How Will You Get Hold Of The Etsy 1099-K Form? 

It is available on the site of Etsy. Visit the site, sign in and go shop Manager. And go to Finances. Go to Legal and Tax information. Select Download 1099 – K. Your e-form will download as a PDF file. Don’t leave the page until the download is complete. For more information that is only accessible to the employees, you can visit the Legal and Tax information page.

It is known as a place of side-hustles for people where they buy and sell material made from recycled and upcycled material.

Eligibility For The 1099-K

The 1099-K form will be sent out if certain sales and transactions thresholds are met. It also depends on the region you are in or the country you are in. it is only applicable if you are paid in USD or sell in USD; otherwise, you won’t receive one. It is also to be sent to the IRS department. It is based on the 20000 USD sales through Etsy Payments during the calendar. It has received 200 or more transactions through Etsy payments over the same period. 

If You Run More Than One Shop On Etsy

Also, if you run more than one shop at Etsy, it will all be summed up together, and a state of 1099-K form will be released under one statement. You will receive a statement if they are combined. It is important to understand the site is a drop ship site where they have to manage the delivery and pickup of the product through both the buyers and sellers.

If you are a seller, you can visit the Etsy help center to go through the process and visit the Legal information page for the tax-related information and filing. There is a certainly presented criterion for the eligibility of the 1099-K form. It is not universally applicable. The data can be accessed through your employee login and downloaded from there. It will be mailed to you. But only if you qualify for the eligibility that the form will be sent to you.

What Is The 1099-K Form?

A 1099-K form is a representation of the gross sales income you have received through the Etsy payment system. It does not include other transaction methods such as Money orders, bank transfers, checks, etc. It only taxes your profits and not the whole amount. They are moneyless online forms that are also sent to the IRS. The “gross Sales include the sales using the sales tax tool, canceled orders, and other processes involved such as shipping, refunds, and card processing fees. 

When Are 1099-K Sent Out?

The forms are sent out to the sellers by the end of January. They were previously sent on paper in the mail, but now the process has been digitized. Since Etsy is the medium of connection, it has to take the responsibility of tax payment on behalf of the sellers. It taxes the profits made by the sellers and not the whole amount.

How Do You Update The Taxpayer Information?

Etsy is no longer accepting changes to 2021 tax information as of March 14, 2022. If an update has been made between February 13 and March 14, then the form can be downloaded after March 24. You can visit the taxpayer information page to update your taxpayer information for next year and now later. The instruction on the page is thorough and will run you through the process. 

Talk To A Tax Professional

If you have any questions regarding your tax payment, you can always talk to a tax professional since it is not available on the website. This is something that you will have to take up on your own since Etsy does not provide professional advice. 


Etsy is a worldwide site that provides a platform for the local sellers to present their own products and the customers with various products to choose from. The prices also vary as per the regional differences of the seller and buyer. As per the use wages and taxes law, the Internal Revenue Department has to be sent the w2 document known as 1099-k on Etsy with a statement of the tax. The same document is provided to the seller so as to inform them of the tax cuts.

Frequently Asked questions

  1. How much do you have to make to get 1099 on Etsy? 

You either have to make 20000 USD sales through Etsy Payments during the calendar and have received 200 or more transactions through Etsy payments. The gross sales will also come under it if you have multiple stores on Etsy.  

2. What is Etsy 1099-K? 

It is a form that the seller gets on making a certain amount of sales through Etsy payment. It comes under the w2 and is a statement of tax cuts on profits made. 

How To Get W2 From Etsy ?

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