How To Get Things Done When Depressed?


Depression is a condition that associates with the fluctuation of mood. It is not a dream of anyone to live with depression, but when depression comes your way, you will have no chance but to devise ways to live with it. Some people may end up losing their lives to depression. And this can be very heartbreaking to people who are close to them. Living with depression is not very easy to execute. But you can slowly learn some things to do when depressed then you might end up living a good life even when depressed. Showing some ways to follow to regulate depression is very important. This article will explain some strategies to get things done for you when living with depression. If you are looking for how to get things done when depressed keep on reading to know more about it.

How To Get Things Done When Depressed?

10 Strategies that will get things done for you when living with depression

Depression can make it impossible for you to perform simple tasks that you have. Some studies have shown that people with depression have hard times, going to work, parting with friends and family, and cleaning their houses. Because of these reasons, many people have come about with inspirational talks and writings that will encourage depressed people to see depression as a habit and not an illness to overcome these effects of depression. If you are one of the people living with depression, do not worry continue reading this article, as it contains ten strategies to get all your things done despite living with depression.

Some of the ten strategies

Here are some of the ten strategies you will need to follow to ensure you will not experience the adverse effects of the depression of not getting all your work and errands done. Follow these strategies.

1.You should avoid feeding your depression

When you continue feeding something or someone, they will continue coming to you again and again for what you are feeding them. You might be wondering how depression is fed. Or you might say that depression cannot be fed, but depression can be fed. Depression feeds on negative thoughts that you might have. You should learn and identify all the negative thoughts and worries which feed your depression and avoid them instead replace them with positive vibes and realistic thoughts.

This way, you will not be bothered by your depression, you can focus on more positive things and get your work done as usual.

2.Focus on whatever you are doing/focus

Depression will get you absorbed in your thoughts and remember that these will always be negative thoughts. The negative thoughts will increase your depression levels and make you even depressed more.

To counter this and avoid depression rising, you are advised to put more focus on whatever you are doing and avoid these negative thoughts. By giving all your attention to the outer world (putting all focus on what you are doing) you will let go of the inner feelings in your mind where your depressive thoughts lay, by doing this you can finish up what you are doing and all your depressive thoughts will vanish.

3.Always live in the moment

Depression is embedded in the events of the past. When you start regretting events you might find yourself falling into depression or your depression levels rising. Also, fixating on future events might increase your depression. To avoid this, you are supposed to give all full attention to what is happening in the present moment, this will help you get your things done.

4.Counter your depression with Exercise

People who take regular physical exercises are less likely to get depression, this is because physical exercise will make you get out of your inner thoughts and focus on the outside moments that are happening during these physical activities.

When you have depression, you are advised to take physical exercises at least 3-5 days per week. These exercises will get all your things done and reduce the level of depressive thoughts in your mind, therefore reducing depression.

5.Enjoy those small successes you win

Enjoying small successes will reduce the risk of getting depressed whenever you miss out on those big wins that you expected but missed out on. If you live with depression, you are therefore advised to enjoy each win you get, because you might land into depressive thoughts when you fail to win on the big price. You see it to be normal when you miss out on any big wins.

6.Maintain your relationships

If you live with depression, you should maintain relationships with people who are with you during your hard times. For example, you should count on those people that will help you do your tasks and step up with you whenever your depression levels rise. These good people should also be your advisors if they understand well depression.

7.Avoid perfectionism and do things to your ability

Avoiding being perfect in all that you do might help you counter depression. When we need perfect results, we might be disappointed when the results are not perfect. Disappointments will lead to a rise in depressive thoughts which in turn increase the levels of depression and you might not do anything productive when depressed.

8.Ensure you increase your energy

When you are doing your tasks when depressed you will realize that your energy levels will always be moving down and this increases your depression. Increasing your body’s energy is something important for your mental health. You can increase your energy by doing simple things and exercises, like dancing, jumping, and making garden walks.

9.Make sure you do something whenever you feel bored

Sitting down, doing nothing, and getting bored might lead to your depressive thoughts rising which makes you even more depressed. To avoid these problems, you are then advised to do something whenever you are bored. These things should not be large exercises or big things but they are the simple things that matter. You can take small tasks like washing the dishes, writing stories, or feeding the animals, these will ensure you are not bored hence reducing the chances of depression levels rising.

10.Get yourself a mental illness coach/counselor

Whenever you have tried all these strategies and find that you cannot withstand your depression and that you cannot do anything. Then this means that your depression level is very high and you might need to find a qualified mental health coach that will help you live and get your things done when you still living with depression.


Depression is a condition that associates with the fluctuation of a person’s mood. Living with depression can prove to be very tricky for many people but by learning some strategies people living with depression are now able to carry out their day-to-day activities. Some of these ways of countering depression include the following, doing daily exercises, avoiding perfectionism, living in the moment, improving one’s focus, avoiding feeding your depression, maintaining good relationships, and doing something whenever you feel bored. By following these strategies people living with depression can find it very simple to counter depression and therefore ensure that they lead happy lives regardless of living with depression.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can depression lead to death?

Yes, when depression is not controlled during its early stages, it might grow to a stage that brings death thoughts leading someone to commit suicide, victims are encouraged to take recovery steps earlier.

2.What leads to depression?

You might get depressed if you are always thinking about depressive thoughts, like regretting the events of the past.

3.How can one prevent thinking depressive thoughts?

You can prevent getting depressive thoughts by keeping yourself busy and thinking about the outside world while avoiding your inner thoughts.

How To Get Things Done When Depressed?

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