How To Get Out Of Customer Service?


Customer Care/Service is regarded as the direct vis-a-vis interactivity between the employee and client. The employee works under a Company rendering goods and services in return for money. They have to call the customers and ask for their feedback and suggestions regarding the company and its functioning. People working in the customer service department are given a target of say 40,000 calls per month and are subsequently paid in cash equivalents. Over time workers get an additional amount of money for the extra number of calls they make. 

How To Get Out Of Customer Service?

How To Get Out Of Customer Service?

Successful businesses acknowledge the utility of providing hassle-free customer care services to people. For example, Amazon is one of those companies which provide 24*7  customer care services along with free live chats over the official website.  

Employees in this department are not required to have a very advanced level of educational qualification. They just require extraordinarily good communication skills and should have fluency in at least one language preferably English/ Hindi. Working under this head can be highly profitable for freshers with no or very little experience. Because the pay is quite decent. 

How Do People Drop Out?

Everyone in the corporate world looks for better strata of work than his present level of work and there is always a scope for improvement. It is on you how you perceive things and work accordingly. People tend to drop out of customer service work because it is very hectic and stressful. However, there are several ways through which you can drop out of the current work which has been discussed further. 

People can drop out after building a good CV, but they can try for better positions in the company (host) as well, Understand the market conditions and work accordingly. There are several ways through which they can drop out. But they drop out to earn more respect and money with their existing skills and nurture them. They also aim at maximum utilization of their energy in work.

Steps To Drop Out Of The Job

Here are some steps that are to be followed while dropping out:

  • Discovering transferable skills: Exploring the varied transferable skills in the job head. While applying for other job heads, searching for jobs that require the same skills is mandatory. 
  • Exploring new posts in the same company: While looking for new jobs and recruitment opportunities  the employees should consider choosing different positions in the existing company as well. This is the first step that is to be considered while dropping out of the business.
  • Attaining new qualifications: Improving your qualifications and getting new ones will enhance your resume and help you to achieve more in life. In case you do not find any relatable job position in the existing company the second step is to look for new qualifications so that you can apply to better organizations. 
  • Finding an advisory mentor: Finding someone who can give you justified advice and expose you to opportunities is necessary at the third stage. 
  • Take breaks: While shifting from one job to another it is advisable to take breaks and explore other opportunities. While not being able to find jobs even after following all the steps one must take a break and clear his mind.
  • Be attentive to new jobs: While dropping out from the job of a representative, dropouts should be very attentive to new jobs so that they can grab the best possible option. This is one of the most important steps that are to be followed while dropping out. So that you do not have to wait for another job.
  • Making networks: Forming new networks can be beneficial in the long run for the employee to drop out and find the best possible job.  For example, people looking to drop out of a job should have alternative sources ready so that their potential doesn’t get wasted. It is a must to have sources and connections over the web such as LinkedIn, Urpbanpro and other employment-generating apps and sites. 
  • Understand your interests: People find out after reconsidering that their interests are different and they had joined the job out of some pressure of earning a salary. It is of great importance to reconsider your interests on the verge of leaving a job and finding the best possible one.
  • Understanding your qualification: Understanding your qualifications and then dropping out from the job is advisable to find a good job. This is a step that is to be kept in mind while leaving a job.
  • Create a precise resume: While dropping out of the job you are advised to build a good resume so that other companies get attracted by your qualifications and hire you. Last but not least it is of greater importance to develop a CV that is bulky and filled with experience so that people easily hire you as a recruit. 

These are a few steps that should be followed while leaving a customer service job. Some of the USA’s highest-paying customer service representative companies are JP Morgan Chase and Co., Barclays and American Express, etc. To get entry into these organizations you have to be extremely good and skilled at the job. 

Disadvantages Of Leaving Customer Service Representative Jobs

The cons of leaving the job are stated below:

  • Entry-level jobs: Entry-level job opportunities. This field involves the availability of jobs with less and no experience at all. Not all jobs are available at entry levels. 
  • Interpersonal skills: Representatives job helps to develop interpersonal skills. It improves the ability to interact and communicate with customers. People that have good interpersonal skills might not find a job better than this to showcase their talents and skills.
  • Availability of work from home: Customer service representatives can work from home regularly. This becomes convenient for the employees to focus more on their work and work with utmost dedication and inspiration. People who drop out of these services miss out on the availability of work from home.
  • Earn bonuses: Many representatives can avail of dividends over the remuneration they receive by working overtime.  But working overtime might not be an option in other job types. 
  • Receive good pay: As per the experience level of the representatives, they can make a good living out of the money they are given.  But people that choose to drop out might not get the similar pay from any other job.

Advantages Of  Leaving Customer Service Representative Jobs

The pros of  not working as a representative are stated as follows: 

  • Inconsistency: Consumer needs and demands are not fixed it rapidly keep changing over time and it becomes hard to adapt to them. Consumer needs can be hard to understand and at points, it might even be saturating to work under the big changing demands day in and day out. Hence dropping out of this job and searching for a good one seems a good option.
  • Responsible for numerous things: The first and foremost responsibility of a representative is to meet the given targets of phone calls and interactions. On non-fulfilment of such goals, they have been fired or spoken about in the wrong way. They are responsible to bring in new customers and sustain old ones. It becomes hectic and tedious to work under such pressure.  After leaving this job one will not have the tension of meeting regular targets and won’t be held responsible for every small inconvenience.
  •  Work irregular schedules: They can avail the benefits of working from home but it no ain’t benefit. Irregular working hours and no certainty of time are faced regularly. Hence people will not have to work for irregular hours upon leaving this job

Why Do People Drop Out?

Despite having decent pay, why do people choose to drop out of this job? Let us know why people tend to drop out of this field and not continue to work here: 

  • Training: Training in this field is being neglected. So after reaching a stage the representatives enter stagnancy. Stagnancy in any form be it business or career is strictly prohibited and non-advisable. 
  • High Expectations: Superiors expect remarkably high results from the representatives irrespective of the negligence they have to face day in and day out. Sometimes it is not humanly possible to meet those expectations. Also, superiors don’t hesitate to fire them in one stroke. 
  • Demoralizing: They have to have telephonic conversations with customers. Most of the time customers talk inappropriately to the representatives and at times they do not even pick up the calls and cut calls on their faces. It gets very frustrating for the representatives to deal with all these daily. This constitutes the maximum percentage of employee dropouts in this field. 
  • No recognition: No prominent recognition is being given to them concerning the amount of work they are made to do every day. They keep working behind the veil.
  • No investment: Companies make no or the least possible investment possible into something as essential as this which needs to be corrected. Later they blame it on the representatives and claim their inefficiency. 
  • Not feeling to interact with customers: Customer service no doubt is a well-paid job. But the employees might not always have the will to interact and connect with the customers. They might experience immense stress and hence they tend to drop out.


Everything comes with pros and cons. Everything can be completely right and entirely correct. The job of a customer service representative can be both beneficial and disadvantageous. We have discussed both the faces of it. 

While the job can be highly paying it might be that some people do not even get the bare minimum salary to meet their basic expenses. This completely depends on the size and profitability of the company. That is why there is a high dropout rate of representatives and a shift in careers. Various measures for fixing these have been discussed in detail in the article. Everyone in today’s world demands stability so before leaving a job people try to find a secure and stable alternative. 

If the customers are satisfied they will recommend the products to further people and the chain will continue. Satisfying the customer is the most vital function of the customer service representative. 

How To Get Out Of Customer Service?

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