How To Get A Job At Enterprise – Rent A Car?

When you have just gotten out of high school with a diploma, and have started to think about where to start your career, then a car rental agency could be your best option as they are reputed with the best training in management, manners, sales, communication, and other important things which could help you in your future. In-car rental agencies, there could be some amazing benefits that could make you want to continue your career there, but with the benefits, there are also many things that you should keep in your mind that will help you build your career for the future. Let us know ‘How To Get A Job At Enterprise – Rent A Car?’.

How To Get A Job At Enterprise - Rent A Car?

For getting a job at Enterprise-Rent a Car, there are not so many requirements or rules. You could easily get a job if you have a high school diploma or any other certification like GED (General Educational Development). There is a typical interview procedure. There could be some qualities that you should bring to the table for a job in Enterprise- Rent a Car-like positive attitude and good personality, calm behavior, excellent communication skills, and some other things. You also need to know that there will be some drawbacks like the salary is not as expected, you have to work on holidays, 10 to 12 hours of shifts and some other things. 

This article will provide detailed information on how to get a job at Enterprise-Rent a Car. Additional information like salary, benefits, requirements, and other details are also available. 

About Enterprise- Rent a Car

The largest car rental company in the United States is Enterprise- Rent a Car. It has Enterprise Holdings as its parent company. It was founded in 1957. It has its headquarters in Clayton, Missouri, United States of America. It has around 9,000 locations and also 419 airport locations. At present, they have the largest rental network in the world. They have more than 9,500 locations around the world in more than 100 countries and territories. 

What Are The Requirements and Qualifications That You Need For Getting A Job At Enterprise- Rent A Car?

There are not so many requirements that you need for the job at Enterprise- Rent a Car, but you still need to have some basic skills and knowledge that would make the company choose you for the job. 

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Firstly, the minimum age that a person should be off is 18 or older. So, you need to have a set of skills or qualities like excellent communication skills, a good personality, a positive attitude, some experience with sales, and basic knowledge of data entry. With these qualities and skills, you could get this job easily. If you are a student who has no experience in the field, then it is also possible that you can get this job if you have some of these skills and qualities. 

A person also needs some qualifications for getting a job at Enterprise- Rent a Car, the minimum qualification needed is a high school diploma or any other equivalent certification like GED (General Educational Development). Other than that, if the person has a higher educational background, then it will create more chances of getting the job. Also, they should have at least one year of experience in this field of work, like sales, management, and other professions. The person applying for these jobs needs to have a valid driving license with no or maximum of two rules violations or at-fault accidents. 

How To Apply For A Job At Enterprise- Rent A Car?

The steps to apply for a job at Enterprise- Rent a Car are listed below.

Finding the Job:-

  • First visit their website 
  • Search with keywords like driver, mechanic, or any other types of jobs.
  • Next fill the location option with city, state, or ZIP. 
  • The option of the radius is not compulsory. After filling in all the options, press search. 
  • After pressing the search button, all the available vacancies of the job mentioned in the mentioned location will appear. 
  • The applicant could also filter the jobs again like for the cities, state, categories like a driver for the airport, and job type.
  • Then choose the most preferred job or save them. 
  • After selecting the job, the next window will appear with the option to apply and with some information like Job Overview, Responsibilities, and Qualifications.

Applying for the Job:-

  • For applying for the job, the applicant needs to first make a profile. 
  • Click on Apply Now, and the applicant will get the window for filling in the basic information. 
  • The basic information will be the email address, name, login, and password.
  • The applicant can also upload their resume or copy and paste some important parts of the CV on the provided section on the left.
  • After filling the application form, submit it and the applicant will be in touch with the company.
  • There could be some questions asked. 
  • The whole application process will be done in around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The recruiter would get in touch with the applicant in 4 to 5 business days.

The Recruiter:-

  • The recruiter will contact the applicant after inspecting the application.
  • They will ask some questions to check if the applicant is eligible and meet the basic requirements to join.
  • Answer the questions honestly, and the applicant could get a date and time for an interview.

Interview Procedure

There is a simple three-level interview procedure at Enterprise- Rent a Car that you have to pass to get the job. It could be done in one day or it could take some days like the two interviews would be done in one day and for the last interview you will get another date. The main topic for the interviews would be your education and your experience in this field. So, if you have any one of them, then you should take advantage of them. More information about the interview is just down below.

What Will Be The Interview Questions?

There could be many different types of questions asked at different branches from different interviewers, but here is a list down below with the most common interview questions that will give you an idea of how to answer those questions. Remember to always prepare yourself with some facts about the company and mention those facts in the interview. The questions are listed below with how to answer those questions:-

1. Tell me about yourself.

Answer-Explain about your interests and hobbies and with that, and if you have experience in the same field, mention that too, because it will increase your chances of getting the job. Don’t rush your answer.

2. Why should we hire you?

Answer-Tell them about your key goals and how you can help the company to become more efficient with your work and how you will be sincere with the work, and try not to sound arrogant. 

3. Why do you want to work for us?

Answer-With this question, you can impress them by mentioning some facts about the company like, how it will be great if you work with the biggest car rental company in the United States of America, and how working there will give you a good chance to use your skills and experience(if any) in sales and management. 

4. What will you be doing in five years? 

Answer-When answering this question, keep in mind that you have to say something similar to the job that you are applying for. You can say that you could be working in sales or retail management because it would send a sign that you are just applying for a short time. It would be a loss for the company because they will spend money and time to train the person for the job. And if you are a student with no experience, don’t hesitate to say that you could be doing something that you would like.

5. What are your strong and weak points?

Answer-Tell them about your basic skills considering your education and experience and how they will be helpful with the job. For the weak part, you should tell them about any weak points and what you are doing to improve them.

6. How will you deal with an angry customer?

Answer- Tell them how you will manage the situation calmly and if not then find someone who can handle the situation.

7. When are you available and which shift is comfortable for you?

Answer- You could say that you are flexible with the shifts and can start immediately.

8. Do you have any questions about this job?

Answer- It would be better if you answer this question with a “NO” because then the interviewers can think that you are not doubting this job in any way. But if you have a question that you think would be obvious, then you should ask about it. 

What Will Be The Working Conditions and Environment? 

As an employee of the Enterprise- Rent a Car, you need to work in a very fast-paced working environment and be very clear with the objective. You have to be calm in stressful situations and you also have to bring balance with the working shifts and your personal life which would be difficult. The rules are strict and need to be followed sincerely. You also need to be in formals for all of your duties like selling, showing cars, registering, and even cleaning.

The working environment could be pleasant in some places of Enterprise- Rent a Car, but some could be different as the area changes. The shops are well lit all the time so that everyone could see the shop, and the area is always busy because the stores are usually around public places like stations, airports, bus stops, etc. as the main motive of the company is to rent, wash, repair, and sell upgrades and insurance of cars, and these areas are full of people who need these services.


The salary that is given to the employee of Enterprise- Rent a Car, is different in every area of the United States of America. The salary ranges from around $9 to $25 per hour, and the average salary will be around $14 or $15 which is not enough or fair considering the work that you are supposed to do. With the salary, you also get benefits like insurance, dental, and medical help. Also, you get the commission on what you can sell to the customers like car upgrades, car insurance, and many more. 


After considering all the points given in this article, it is clear that people who are ready to work tirelessly and have no problem with long shifts, can do a job in Enterprise- Rent a Car. Also, the students who just got high school diplomas or any other equivalent certifications, doing these jobs will increase their experience in the fields of sales, marketing, management, retail management, and other areas. They can enhance their communication skills, learn to work in a fast-paced environment, learn about hardships and earn enough money for themselves. As the salary could not be enough for many individuals, many benefits are also rewarded to the employees. These jobs are great to start a career and gain experience, but it is not great to be in this career.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. I am a mechanic, can I get a job at Enterprise- Rent a Car?

Answer- Yes, you can get a job as a mechanic if you have experience with cars and business. 

2. I have graduated, but I have no experience in any field. Should I apply for a job at Enterprise- Rent a Car?

Answer- Yes, you can apply for a job at Enterprise- Rent a Car, even if you have no experience in any field.

3. I want a part-time job for at least six months, is part-time allowed there?

Answer-Yes, there is an option to apply for a part-time job.

4. I don’t know any branch of Enterprise- Rent a Car in my area, how should I apply?

Answer-You can easily register yourself on their website and look for any nearby branch around your place.

5. What will be the hourly salary at the start of the job?

Answer-The average salary is around $14 to $15 per hour but it depends on different areas and the position of the job.

How To Get A Job At Enterprise – Rent A Car?

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