How the information you’ve obtained fits with your ideas?

How the information you've obtained fits with your ideas?

Have we all been confused as to what are those qualities are required to be a perfect fit for the company? What to do after conducting an interview? In this article, we will explore the hiring manager’s perspective. It will give us a great insight as to why and what is required. There are times when a company looks very alluring to a fresher and when they join in, everything seems different from what they had expected it to be. And when it keeps on continuing, this is when their resume looks like that of a job hopper. However, is it their mistake? How the information you’ve obtained fits with your ideas?

But now is the time to repair it all. The hiring managers or HR team take your interview and look for traits and personal characteristics that fit the vision of their company. 

What is the vision of the company? 

The aims and objectives are born out of the vision of the company. The vision of the company is the umbrella term that fuels the employers as well as employees. It is what determines whether they have a hire and fire policy or not. It is what will tell you whether they are conventional or flexible in their approach. By reading the vision of the company, you will understand whether the working environment is hierarchal or democratic. You can read the vision of the company on their websites. 

Now, if you are very bold and straightforward in your approach, it will clash with the company’s conventional approach. It is how you will be a misfit for the company. However, if you have a bold and straightforward approach in a flexible company, then you are a perfect fit. There are high chances of you being selected. 

Do grades or degrees matter? 

You might be wondering as to whether the grades or degrees matter to the HR personnel or not. Though the statement majorly focuses on the subtle, hidden personality traits, it does not mean that the grades or degrees don’t matter. If you don’t clear the interview due to your lack of qualification, then there will be no question of you being a fit or a misfit. 

Grades and degrees have the primary level of significance. Characteristics, behavior, thoughts, and other aspects of personality have a secondary level of importance. Both are crucial for you to get hired by the company. 

Should you act like a personality in alignment with their vision?

Now that you are aware of the vitality of the alignment between the applicant’s personality and the company’s vision, you might want to act like totally a different person just to get your dream job. But think, how long is it going to last? Won’t it be miserable for you to lead a double-faced life? 

Trust us; there are a lot of job opportunities out there for you. You don’t need to destroy your mental peace just for the sake of your dream job. Either way, you are losing your priceless well-being. So, we recommend you to not present yourself or fake yourself as a personality that is in alignment with their vision. 

Why is the alignment of the personality with the vision of the company so crucial? 

Throughout the article, you would have noticed the emphasis given to the alignment between the personality and the company. If it is so important, why is it not taught to us in our education? That is an entirely different story. Well, this alignment matters a lot to the company because they are looking for something long-term. They don’t want to keep firing and hiring people. The screening process, interview, and assessment of the interview are very tedious. 

When we say that they are looking at something long-term, we mean that they want the employees to last with them. If you, as an applicant, simply go and fake the opposite personality of who you are, eventually it will cause frustration to you. And someday or the other, that mask will fall off your real face. 

When there is alignment, your characteristics match with that of the company and this is what will make you very comfortable and will make you last in the same company for years together. Your productivity will flow effortlessly. It will feel like home. You will be internally motivated to serve your company. And this is why the alignment of the applicant’s personality with the vision of the company is so crucial. 

What is the meaning of the statement? 

What should an interviewer do during an interview? This is what the statement is conveyed through the statement.  The statement is suggesting that they should not be carried away by the interviewee’s qualifications, charming looks, intellect, job-relevant skills, or great communication skills. The things to consider during an interview are to understand whether the applicant has the thoughts, characteristics, traits, and other aspects that will add value to the company. It is the synthesis of the entire interview process. 

If interviewers can understand the shallow level information such as grades or qualifications, then they won’t be able to comprehend the fit between the applicant and the company’s ideas. So, their questions and tasks need to be framed in such a way that helps in showcasing their components. 


Are you prepared to break the loop of job-hopping? You are clearer as to what to do before, during, and after an interview. Now that you know the secret, make sure that you read the company’s vision on their websites properly. You might also have to read between the lines. You need to take advantage of the various employment opportunities in this open capitalist market and choose the best. Finally, you truly know as to what the interviewer is trying to comprehend in you, when asking the question, “Tell me your strengths and weaknesses.” Ensure to put this information during your job hunting. So, have you found a company that aligns with your personality? 

How the information you’ve obtained fits with your ideas?

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