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How Much Does Ross Cost Per Hour?

Ross is a retail apparel store chain company. It is famous among the people because of its off-price retailing in the USA. Ross operates nearly 1,500 stores in 37 states across the USA. It is also known as Ross Dress For Less. 

Ross employees can earn an average of $14. The hourly pay at Ross for an employee depends on different factors such as entry-level or experience, working hours, and current position in Ross.

A cost range at Ross for a retail associate is $15 per hour, and a store manager earns $39 per hour.

A Ross cost per hour varies from state to state and the position at which you are working at Ross. For example, if you are working as a cashier at Ross, you can earn an average of $3,227 per year, and a store manager at Ross can get $81,330 per year.

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

How much does Ross cost per hour?

At Ross stores, there are different categories of work, like associate, cashier, store attendant, storekeeper, store manager, and a few more. All the posts have distinct cost ranges at Ross. The salary may depend on some factors, such as experience, the location of the store, and the working hours of the employees. 

Employee hourly wage at Ross store

Here is a list of some of the employees working at Ross Stores and their hourly pay range:

Salary for the position

$12.82/hour Retail Sales Associate

$13.26/hour Asset Protection Associate

$15.26/hour Stocking Associate

$14.59/hour Area Commander

$11.58/hour Sales Associate

In the above list, you can clearly understand the minimum pay range of different employees at Ross Store.

Minimum wage at Ross Store

The average minimum hourly rate is $10 per hour for posts like clerk and cashier, while customer service associates can earn $1,237 per hour at the Ross Store.

Ross Retail Associate Salary

The average salary of an associate is $11 per hour at Ross Stores. The minimum and maximum pay ranges are $5 to $17 per hour at Ross Stores.

Ross’s stores weekly Pay

According to the policy of the Ross stores, they pay their employees every Friday, and they also pay fortnightly. You can expect your weekly wages every 15 days at Ross stores, and it may be Friday of every other week. This weekly pay policy is the same for all employees.

California hourly wage

In California state, the wages of Ross Store employees vary, but they can earn a minimum of $13 per hour. It may increase by $2 every two days from the start of this year until 2022.

Orientation pay at Ross

Ross store pays candidates who participate in the orientation program at Ross. You will get your orientation payment with your first-time wages.

Employee benefits at Ross Store

Along with a good salary, employees want a few more benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, life insurance, and discounts. When you purchase some items from the Ross Store, you can avail yourself of a good discount as an employee of the Ross Store, and you can get some more benefits such as dental insurance, vision insurance, and investing in stocks of the Ross Store.

Is it worth working at Ross Store?

According to resources, Ross’s Dress for Less is a great place to work. The pay range is similar and competitive to other companies in the USA. The managers at the Ross store work efficiently with other employees. It makes the company’s environment very positive and work-friendly. It will be great to work with Ross Store, and the management team is the best part of Ross Store.

Eligibility to get job at Ross

The Ross Store looks for the following characteristics in its employees:

  1. Excellent customer service and customer support eligibility are preferred.
  2. The ability to organize goods decently, so that customers can easily see, and purchase them.
  3. If they have prior experience working in retail stores and the ability to display the best-selling items to the customers, then they will be eligible for jobs at Ross Stores.
  4. The candidate must be sociable, reliable, confident, and self-motivated.
  5. They must know how to work in a team. They should be able to establish good communication with the customers, and they should be multi-talented. It will help in their selection at Ross stores.

Everyone who works in any company wants to earn more and more, but they also want to work in a good environment and a well-established company. We get all these things at the Ross store. The wages at Ross Store are good enough like at some other multinational companies. We get them at the Ross Store. The stores of Ross offer many products at their stores and avail great discounts on these items.


1.Does Ross Store Pay for Overtime?

No, the Ross store does not pay for overtime, and if you work overtime, the Ross store will suggest you not come for the next few days because overtime affects the payroll of employees. The policy regarding overtime at Ross Store is that you will get a decent payment of holidays and paid time off from Roll Store.

2.Can you reapply for Rose?

Yes, you can reapply at Ross, and if you reapply within one year, you can reuse all the documents and files you used before to apply at Ross.

How Much Does Ross Cost Per Hour? – Know More!

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