How much does Baskin-Robbins pay?

Baskin and Robbins is an Ice-cream and cake specialty shop based in Canton, Massachusetts. It is an American multinational chain of ice cream and cake shop restaurants headed by Inspire Brands. Baskin and Robbins were introduced in 1945 in Glendale, California. It’s a self-acclaimed largest ice-cream and cake specialty restaurant all across the world. BR has its stores installed in almost 8000 different locations where 2500 stores are in the United States itself.  This “31 flavors” store sells ice cream in 50 different countries. Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins first introduced the concept of free samples. By this, they mean to let the customer decide their favorite combinations by tasting them rather than just looking at the names in the menu to make it appealing. Learn how much does Baskin-Robbins pay.

How much does Baskin-Robbins pay?

The 31 flavor slogan was raised to draw attention to their scheme that everyone can have 31 different flavors to munch on for a whole month. Baskin and Robbins currently have their brand headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts. Before 2004, it was headed in Randolph Massachusetts.

Due to its immense popularity and easy-to-go work profile, people don’t want to miss an opportunity to work with Baskin and Robbins. Therefore to help you out with the basic pay scale at Baskin and Robbins we have tried to list down all the important and popular roles available with their average payscale which might vary from location to location.

The most popular roles at Baskin and Robbins are:-

1.   Cake decorator– Usually deals with cake decoration to make it more appealing. A cake decorator’s work at Baskin and Robbins is to design cakes and pastries with decorative elements like icing, flowers, pictures, gems, chocolate, ice-creams, etc.

 Payscale: On average a cake decorator with versatile skills can earn between $14 to $16. The pay element depends upon your seniority and experience.

2.   Ice-cream scooper– Ice-cream scoopers are the frontman of the Baskins and Robbins store. The role of an ice-cream scooper is to greet the customer and provide samples. Other areas of the job require the scooper to keep a check on the display tubs and restock napkins, cups, and bowls for serving. They are also required to scoop ice-creams and toppings for the customer.

      Payscale: You can be paid anything between $ 9 to $11 per hour.

3.   Ice-cream maker-This is one of the most important positions at Baskins and Robbins. As an ice-cream maker, you have to be thorough with ingredients research about the same and device new flavors.  An ice cream maker is responsible for every step required to make the ice cream. From purchasing raw materials executing the right method of production which includes, churning, mixing, and pasteurizing.

      Payscale: As a brilliant ice cream maker you can earn between $10 to $12 per hour.

4.   Crew member: The major work description of a crew member at Baskin and Robbins is to keep the customers satisfied with the overall services at the store. This involves keeping a smart look at sanitary and hygiene, to make the customer’s trip to the store easy and flowing.

        Payscale:  On average, a crew member at Baskin and Robbin makes $ 10 to $11.58 per hour.

5.   Team member- The work profile of a team member at Baskin and Robbins is similar to that of a crew member. As a team member, you are required to greet the customer, present orders, and keep up with the sanitation and hygiene of your respective store.  Overall this job requires working with customers and making their purchases effortless.

       Payscale: You can earn between $ 14 to $16 per hour.

Roles related to management

a.   Assistant Store Manager: The job description of an assistant store manager is to work under and in accordance with the store manager. General tasks include supervising the employees, helping clients be updated with the employees.

       Payscale:  as an assistant store manager you can earn between $18 to $19.49 per hour.

b.  Store Manager: A store manager’s responsibility is to supervise the operation of the store and make sure everything around is working well and nicely. Another major role of a store manager is to motivate its team and work towards the promotion of upcoming events, creating different business strategies and training of the new staff.

      Payscale- As a store manager one can earn between $20 to $22 per hour.

c.   Cashier– The role of a cashier involves working with the cash registers/software, greeting the customers, and helping them with their respective queries. They also work towards payment processing and issuing receipts.

       Payscale- As a cashier, one can earn between $7 to $9.52 per hour.

Roles concerning sales objectives:

        i.            Brand representative- This is one of the most important roles in the present corporate scenario. A brand representative or brand ambassador is required to devise methods to portray Baskin and Robbins services and interests directly or indirectly to the customers. The basic requirement is to understand and interact with potential customers and develop ways to market a product that can be a new flavor in addition or a freshly baked cake.

              Payscale:  As a brand representative you can earn between $8 to $10 per hour.

      ii.            Sales representative- As a sales representative at Baskin and Robbins your responsibilities involve working on generating new ideas to attract leads. This could be carried through posters or banners, presentations, advertisements on social media, etc.

    Payscale: As a sales representative at Baskin and Robbins you can earn between $11 to  $13.43 per hour.

Roles relevant to customer service enthusiasts

1)  Customer Help- As a customer help executive you need to work with customers to take orders, help with the menu or their respective queries. The main profile involves helping customers understand the product available at Baskin and Robbins. You could also be exposed to dealing with refunds and payment processing.

      Payscale:  As a customer helps you can earn between $7 to $9.13 per hour at Baskin and Robbins.

2)  Customer Success Manager– A customer success manager is an important link between the sales department and customers. For this role, one needs to readily understand the behavior and psychology of a potential customer, construct reports and presentations and communicate the same with the sales executives to build new marketing schemes.

Payscale- As a customer success manager at Baskin and Robbins you can earn between $85,000 to $87,000 per annum.

3)  Guest Service agent- We are already quantified with the fact that Baskin and Robbins is one of the most celebrated ice cream parlor and cake specialty stores all across the USA. There are times when a particular store needs to welcome its VIP customers to not cause inconvenience to the existing customers or them. Here, guest service agents come to play. They are required to look after important customers and promote their services.

Payscale: As a guest service agent you can earn between $13 to $14.13 at Baskin and Robbins store.


Baskin and Robbins is a famed ice cream and cake specialty zone across the USA and for the 50 other countries too. Therefore, the pay scale may vary from location to location and sometimes stores too. On average a person working at Baskin and Robbins may earn between $7.25 to $15.26 per hour. This pay range may increase or decrease with the level of seniority and experience. For instance, an assistant manager can earn $15,900 per annum on average and this scale will increase for a Senior Director at Marketing with $196,000 per annum.

How much does Baskin-Robbins pay?

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