How Long Is An Orientation At Target?

Orientation means a short term training to introduce new employees with their co-workers, job policies, workspace, and responsibilities. Orientation doesn’t mean you got the job, it means you can be selected for it. Overall, orientation at target may take around 3-4 hrs daily for the two weeks. The orientation mainly used to be of 30-40 weeks training. The time of orientation at Target can also depend on the size of the group or individual being oriented at Target, “a bullseye view”. 

How Long Is An Orientation At Target?

What is the procedure of job orientation at Target? 

Job orientation is a process in which a new applicant is integrated into the organization by making aware of the workspace and team, their policies, and working criteria. Job orientation provides access to balanced performance which strengthens the employees to attain their corporate goals. Target is a fun and friendly corporation that focuses on its team members and making sure to make their members happy.

Target cares about their employees as team members and there are so many meaningful works and opportunities bound for you to build and develop the skills for your career. 

What is the aim of job orientation? 

The main aim of job orientation is to provide important information to the employees about their workspace and their policies, payment, and dress code. They also provide employees to be introduced to their co-workers and integrate them into the company culture.

Interview procedure at Target 

One can apply online or in-store. To begin, applicants must visit the target location in person and fill the hiring applicant form. One can find your applicant form at The managers also encourage applicants to sign up for email alerts.

Job application status 

Applicants receive confirmation emails after checking at the site. Managers can set up interviews within days after confirmation. Candidates can check the status of their application by logging in to the candidate home page of the official website.

Seasonal hiring process 

Target has been hiring 80,000 seasonal workers in recent years. Seasonal hiring begins in September and employees work until December. Mainly seasonal hiring continues till 90 days. 

  • Checking that you’ve got a good understanding of Target.
  • Take a look at our application and interview tips. 
  • Download the application form from the website and submit it.
  • Check the confirmation email in your inbox and an interview will be held. 

What courses does target orientation provide? 

There are so many courses that orientation depends on the employees’ qualification. Employees also can apply for diplomatic courses before joining the company. Some courses are listed below; 

  • Graphic Design courses
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO 
  • Business Accounting and Taxing 
  • Certified Financial Planner 
  • Data Visualization 
  • Java Developer 
  • PG Certification in Machine Learning 
  • Business Analytics 

How to Prepare for the Orientation?

Make sure you attend the orientation with a keen interest in knowing about the company, your position, and your roles and responsibilities. Review the prescribed document provided and use the link and email address at which one can receive an email for their profile and role. 

Follow your dress code and always carry a notepad and your ID.  Employees must bring their social security card/state ID/photo ID/driving license and a great attitude towards work.

The Process of Getting Hired at Target

When taking up a new job at Target, you would usually have to:

  • Submit the job application form to HR. 
  • Complete the background check.
  • Review your job position and schedule.
  • Review the job description and pay. 
  • Complete all the new hire papers.
  • Prepare for team introduction and in the working environment.
  • Prepare for your new training or job. 

Job benefits at Target 

Target provides many job benefits to their employees besides salary. There are some benefits that are listed below; 

  • Paid time off 
  • Health insurance
  • Target store discount
  • Retirement plan 
  • Life insurance 


At target orientation, it’s like you are getting present to a large family that works together, and by the end, you’ll also become a part of the family. The training sessions employees get there are designed in a manner by the organization’s teams. Your first week worked and the first payment is covered by orientation, so you’ll know when your first pay and day include. The target includes about 100,000 initiative programs and projects that include jobs, Internships, and training. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQS) 
  1. How long after orientation do you start a job? 

   Ans- Yes, after training, you can start work as soon as possible. They can wait up to two weeks before hiring. 

  1. Does Target give you a uniform? 

   Ans- Target employees aren’t given uniforms. But there is a list of off-limit looks, red and khaki are appropriate. 

  1. Do you get paid at orientation at Target? 

   Ans- Yes, employees get paid for orientation at target. Minimum hourly wages begin at $9/ hr.

  1. Do part-timers get benefits at target?

   Ans- Yes, employees can get a 10% discount on all target healthcare and daycare products at Also, employees can choose health insurance. 

How Long Is An Orientation At Target?

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